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Ex-Coinbase manager charged in first-ever crypto insider trading case


Illegal when others do it

Certain US senators get away with this s**t everyday of the week.. yet nothing

Twitter claims Elon Musk bailed from sale with 'invalid and wrongful' reasons


Re: can only hope

You seem angry. Why are you angry ?

Maybe you should not take it too seriously


Twitter in the s**ter

This is joyful to watch.

Regardless whether musk has to pay the severance fee the sheer destruction of share price is worth it.

Banning Peterson was a bit of a game changer that I don’t think they’ll come back from…

Boris Johnson set to step down with tech legacy in tatters


Boris Johnson period the worst ?

The framing that the BJ period was terrible is amusing; Whitehall just cannot do IT projects at all, the level of competency in civil service seems to be awful. Ironic really as Boris promised Cummins free range to actually overhaul the civil service …

Florida man accused of selling fake, broken Cisco devices from China to hospitals, schools, military


Fine American name that

That’s all. Almost like ripping off people is part of the culture

Health trusts swapped patient data for shares in an AI firm. They may have lost millions


Unfit for purpose

The nhs is barely able to run itself as a health provider let alone as an investor (with other peoples data) in startup high risk companies.

Everyone who had any hand in this disaster should be facing the sack for gross incompetence, but I suspect they’ll instead get bonuses and a knighthood.

SpaceX: 5G expansion could kill US Starlink broadband


They really hate musk

To the point they’ll cripple his business venture.

Broadcom sketches out VMware ambitions that stretch from mainframe to cloud



Broadcomm is the very definition of vulture capitalism. A horrid company that now exists only to swallow other businesses and drag them down to their incredibly low level.

Amazon fears it could run out of US warehouse workers by 2024


Eventually ran out

Of slaves

SpaceX reportedly fires staffers behind open letter criticising Elon Musk


Good riddance

I’ve never known any company to tolerate it’s employees demanding that the CEO changes his behaviour. Normally if you don’t agree that strongly with the politics or personality of the person tasked with leading the company YOU resign.

It’s not a f**king collective.


US must adopt USB-C charging standard like EU, senators urge


Absolute bollocks

Considering the amount of perfectly working windows pcs that end up in landfill ever year due to sloppy lazy coding, spiralling memory usage, horrific patches from Microsoft crippling performance… a mess of cables seems very small fry..

OneWeb inks deal to launch its LEO satellites from India



Seems to me that allowing only European white skinned people without a visa was pretty racist

Big Apple Apple Store workers hope to form union


Re: $30/hr?? Seriously?

This - if they force the hand the hand will happily move all sales away from the stores.

Any worker in the fruit basket should approach this false promise very carefully.

Atlassian comes clean on what data-deleting script behind outage actually did



“We know incidents like this can erode trust”

- ahem; yeah you’re screwed. Incompetence personified

First Light says it's hit nuclear fusion breakthrough with no fancy lasers, magnets


Re: Tokamak, or not tokamak, that is the question...


Fusion was never meant to create usable power for the masses; that was the goal that they used to get traction so money could be thrown at it. No, fusion in essence was a game that physicists like to play with; fancy toys, cutting edge tech, a positive rubriks cube of fun stuff.

The tech needed to make the system match expectations isn’t available and is literally hundreds of years in the future at current rate.

It’s a scam; a pile of unicorns and rainbows for politicians, the great and good to fawn over.

The billions wasted could of built fission reactors, dams and hydro electric schemes to store all that power we could over produce, research facilities, refinement centres, storage and reenrichment.

Wake-up and smell the waste


Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia are top sources of online misinformation


Re: The problem isn't "misinformation".....

The cracks in the left wing media collective are appearing. Bidens laptop finally labelled as legit by certain organisations..


This is not the misinformation you’re looking for

Oh really ?? More likely these sources don’t fit with the narrative our oh so trustworthy western overlords want to push..

Help, my IT team has no admin access to their own systems


Drag it out

Personally I would of enjoyed a very nice week long exercise at 1k a day to fix this issue.

Big Tech revenues under threat from EU law proposals


The socialist stench is strong in this domain

Don’t kid yourselves brownshirt commentards; this is all about the eu attempting to scrape as much taxes as they can to prop up their ridiculous kingdom of self gratification.

Quite how the youth of today are now cheering for government to have ever more control - I just don’t know.

Personally I hope the big bad corporations give the middle finger to these corrupt socialist bastards.

Working in Arm's engineering team? You're probably happy with your pay rise


The beginning of the end

A true act of self mutilation; the beginning of the end really

It's more than 20 years since Steps topped the charts. It could be less than that for STEP's first fusion energy


Re: To be Prufrockian

Main uses - something for phd wielding institutionalised dolts to waste time and money on…


All aboard the next part of the gravy train trip


Are we still deluding ourselves that fusion is anything other than a joyful toy for bored physicists to play with ?

Vast swathes of key building blocks for meaningful, useful and viable fusion power are still missing, not researched.

All the gleeful phd dolts who get all fired up for plasma containment seem unconcerned about how we produce fuel, how we extract useable heat…. And all that money could of been actually used to produce real world fission electrical generation.

Mark my words in 40 years time we’ll still be 20 years away..

'Please download in Microsoft Excel': Meet the tech set to monitor IT performance across central UK government


A bonfire of intelligence

Dominic Cummins whole aim was to get people who have the knowledge and experience into the civil service in order to stop this kind of r’tarded shit from happening.. but obviously the status quo would never allow that and so they kicked him out eventually.

It’s pathetic and sad to see this nonsensical garbage being pushed by the same old set of talentless friends of friends.

Microsoft poaches Apple chip expert for custom silicon


Re: Industrial Espionage is Alive and Well and Kicking in Multi $Trillion Corporations/Corpses. *

Hot psychopath take right here boys


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