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Vista SP1 RC Refresh 2 tweak out now

Ian Thompson

@John Stag

So is that why they released it to the general public in January??? The December release was for business only and they don't normally worry about buying kit before christmas (although it could have coincided with many companies year ends).

IBM hopes open office is Symphony to your key-tapping fingers

Ian Thompson


Downloaded symphony yesterday. Download is painfully slow.

Application is painfully slow.

Using an outdated fork of the openoffice codebase.

Doesn't handle microsoft documents anywhere near as well as oo2.3 does.

The main reason for having ms apps is that third party big business software tends to integrate to these, if anything. Most users wouldn't need ms so could use oo but if some people have ms in a large organisation then the ability for oo to properly render the documents created from it is vital (and the fork used for symphony isn't good enough).

Maybe the next release based on a more up to date fork will give better results.

Left-handeders finally unlock the closet, researchers find

Ian Thompson

Loads of lefties

Well, statistically my family must be exceptional. Dad is left-handed but does virtually everything but write right-handed (due to upbringing probably). Mum is left handed and does most things that way. Then both my brothers and myself are all left handed as well (some things done right handed but that's because of availability of things, golf clubs are mostly right handed, scissors, etc, etc).

I do use a mouse right handed though but that's just because it's what I got used to when I first started using them.

So, all 5 members of the family are left handed, that's a massive statistically anomaly.


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