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Nothing's working, and I've checked everything, so it must be YOUR fault


Re: Too Many...

"things rarely go wrong for no reason, it's nearly always something that's been changed"

My ex would so often complain that the computer had "just stopped working" or "just started doing this" and swear blind that she hadn't done anything. Invariably I found that some new piece of software had been installed... which she'd deny installing (despite the fact that I'd set it up so that to install anything needed the admin password to be entered, so couldn't have "just installed itself" as was so often claimed).

GPU makers promise relief is at hand over chip shortages, prices expected to fall in second half of the year


Re: I, for one, shall remain patient.

I got a GTX960 six years ago when I built my current PC (the photo of the pile of boxes for my build showed up in my Facebook memories yesterday). Over Christmas I bought a second hand RTX2060 (as well as a few other upgrades... a friend has referred to my PC as "Trigger's broom") and sold my GTX960 for only £20 less than I bought it for SIX YEARS AGO!!!