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Plastic surgery patients face extortion in wake of clinic data breach

John Lawton

Headline opportunity

Surely you missed a headline opportunity here: Clinic security goes tits-up ?

Fixing your oven can cook your computer

John Lawton

Re: Driers that don't catch fire


Digital minister Matt Hancock promises 'full fibre' eating plan for Blighty

John Lawton


"I am not going to comment. Technology natural is my middle name," he said.

Did he say "neutral", or is that bare-faced cheek showing?

UK Home Office is creating mega database by stitching together ALL its gov records

John Lawton
Thumb Down


Tuttle / Buttle what could possibly go wrong?

North Wales Police outsourcing deal results in massive overspend

John Lawton

A large new bill for the Old Bill

Windows XP spotted on Royal Navy's spanking new aircraft carrier

John Lawton


Their in-house missile firing application probably requires IE6 and Active-X

Why can’t I walk past Maplin without buying stuff I don’t need?

John Lawton

Re: Overpriced and no longer over here.

I remember buying bags of transistors by mail order in the '70's from BI-PAK Semiconductors.

In Cambridge we are lucky to still have H Gee in Mill Road, a local electronics emporium still stacked with component drawers. See here: http://we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/2009/09/parrworld-the-collection-of-ma.php#.Uxo8Kt95S5M (scroll down to the bottom). I have been shopping here for forty years, in that time Tandy has been and gone. We still have two Maplin shops here.

Hey Linux newbie: If you've never had a taste, try perfect Petra ... mmm, smells like Mint 16

John Lawton

Mint sucks.

I'll get my coat.

Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'

John Lawton

According to a live interview with the council on BBC Radio 4 The World at One, the ban has been rescinded.

Great HR mistakes of our time - Aviva fires 1300 by email

John Lawton

Who recruits the recruiters?

It's an appalling way to treat employees by sack them using email.

BTW, who appoints HR staff? We need to know!

WD lets loose ferocious 1TB VelociRaptor

John Lawton

Nice, but what about production of other WD drives?

Nice drives, but I've been trying to get hold of some larger WD2002DAEX 2TB drives for a reasonable price for ages now, I wish they'd fix the production of these to bring down the price a bit.

Microsoft to bake Windows 8 in three flavours

John Lawton

Re: Windows 8 RT

Nah, it's Windows ReTread



It's all in the wrist: E-ink smartwatch Pebble bags $2m

John Lawton

As an oldie...

Stylewise, shades of the 1970's Sinclair Black Watch doncha think?

Dyson sinks £1.4m into Cambridge engineering chair

John Lawton


Cambridge University know a sucker when they see one.

I'll get my coat

Hydrogen-powered two-seater car unveiled

John Lawton

Green Hydrogen

No, hydrogen doesn't necessarily come from fossil fuels...

See http://www.green-h2.com

Their hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, and the electricity is produced by generators running on landfill methane.

Ubuntu gets pre-Koala cloud love

John Lawton

Wireless networking?

What's the problem, this now works fine for me with Ubuntu 8.10 on my Acer laptop?

Lights out, Britons told - we're running out of power

John Lawton

What about during the summer

When the weather is warmer, we certainly don't need the heat gain offered by incandescent lighting, so the energy saving from using efficient lighting is real.

Microsoft sneaks out Silverlight 2

John Lawton

Don't go there!

Can you trust Microsoft?

Until they support Linux OS with their plug-in then using Silverlight is supporting Microsoft's attempts to perpetuate their domination of the desktop OS market. They are doing this by deliberately marketing products that aren't truly cross-platform, i.e. at least work on Windows, OSX and Linux, and of course by creating a non standards-compliant browser (IE). At least Flash works in Linux, better to stick with that for now.


US mercenary outfit shoots 11 Iraqis - and self in foot

John Lawton

And the relevance to IT is?

Interesting article, although covered by BBC etc. The article does not mention IT contractors, so what is its relevance on El Reg?



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