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FBI abused spy law but only like 280,000 times in a year



Yeah guys we can't trust China it's a surveillance sta---- whuaaa?? The USA?! Well I never...

MariaDB cuts jobs, repeats 'going concern' warning to stock market


Re: Money

haters gonna hate Mr. Widenius.

China crisis is a TikToking time bomb


Hey could you tell me what you're entertained by when looking at the firmware of a Chinese phone? I own a Chinese phone, I have Linux, and I've looked at the firmware. What am I supposed to be entertained by?

Or is it that you're just making stuff up and trying to scare monger people into anti-Chinese opinion like the rest of your article? Does the State Dept pay the Reg per article or is it like a package deal?

Should open source sniff the geopolitical wind and ban itself in China and Russia?


Re: The issue with 'free speech' is ...

Responsibility should come with the code one designs and programs to ensure it's secure and stable.

Open source is a relatively simple concept. Trying to do what this article is doing, attaching it to global politics, is silly. The only countries that have signed up to a sanctions regime against Russia are the EU, Canada, Australia/NZ, and Japan. South Korea and Singapore have enacted lighter sanctions.

You have the entire middle east, all of south America, Mexico, the continent of Africa, central Asia, southeast Asia, and India that perceive the war as an Atlantic regional conflict and don't care to participate.

All of the world contributes to FOSS development, and to say that because America and the UK shouldn't have it's developers contribute to open source that a south African is contributing to, or a Malaysian, etc. Is super euro-centric and super chauvanistic.

The reason codes of conduct or mission statements or other governance principles are attached to Open source as add-ons, is because if someone tries to change the concept of open source, it's no longer open source, its some warped political thing that will never survive.


Re: Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine

The problem with the ICJ is that the USA won't abide by its rulings if they ruled against the USA. The illegal invasion of Iraq for example, is something the ICJ couldn't prosecute because the USA is not a state member.

IOW it's a another tool of imperialism for the USA to go after nations it's in competition with that it wants to convince the international community it has moral superiority over.


Simon spent an entire week writing an article and putting it on full blast that he doesn't understand what open source is, and that he has a rudimentary understanding of geopolitics. I expected something insightful and I got a warhawk writing fear-mongering drivel.

Deepin prepares to leave Debian base and move to fully independent distro


Re: Disappointing news

"America firced to switch all of their internet infrastructure to Windows Server because of commits from China to Linux. America forces Europe to do the same. Western economy collapses. Microsoft the most valuable company in history."


Disappointing news

I was really excited that if China, with all its manpower, decided to adopt Linux desktop as a mainstream, they would commit upstream to a global distribution like Debian. These increased resources would make Debian improve a lot quicker and maybe this would make is the OS of choice for people who didn't want to pay for Windows or Apple. Sort of how like China investing in Riscv is leading to it becoming the CPU design of choice for the future.

Instead they fell into the NIH syndrome and linux distros remain heavily fragmented. :(

Get over it: Microsoft is a Linux and open source company these days


The Register purchased by Microsoft?

2 opinion articles in the last 3 days defending Microsoft on The Register. What's going on here?

Even robots have the right to learn from open source


I'm a bit more concerned about Microsoft monetizing intellectual property that is intended as a public (or common) good than them innovating with AI.

You're framing this as a luddites vs. progress debate when the issue I think for many (if not most) is the largest for profit corporation in the world is making money off the goodwill and hard work of people labouring on code to better the human condition. At minimum they should be compensating FOSS developers for the data they're pulling from their codebases to train tne AI model. If not, I think coders should leave the github platform and go to the co-operative platform Codeberg where the membership have a say in how the profits are distributed.

It's almost insulting for you to frame it as them fighting yesterday's war.

Nextcloud boss: You gotta fight … for your right … to 'plug into Windows and offer the exact same service'


There's no consumer service

It's pretty rich for Nextcloud to be claiming they offer a competing service when Nextcloud doesn't actually have a consumer arm. If a regular user wanted to use Nextcloud they'd be directed to a partner website with multiple different hosting providers providing inconsistent services and features. Even if they succeeded non-technical users would default to Microsoft because of the ease of use and consistency. Nextcloud's hubris prevents it's ability to be a major player, not anti-trust.

Beijing wants to level up China's software industry, with an emphasis on FOSS



I suspect this will lead to the promotion of Deepin OS as well as one of those communities. Looking at the Deepin Linux Chinese forums, there are about 30 new topics being posted a day. I just hope they upstream any improvements into Linux proper.

Worldwide adoption of open source software for everyone's benefit could really be helped by Chinese developers adding hundreds of thousands of more minds to it. The west just need to be accepting of the incoming translation issues and patience with cultural differences.