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India threatens to block Google, Facebook and chums

Gordon Crawford

sopa countdown

we might get the test first

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a massive package

Gordon Crawford

1 milion pennies is only10thousand dollars

he will only be rich on his bonus if the company does good. if he loses patent lawsuits , or has to pay to use some , profits drop... so does his payout. if the market moves other then he does , he losses... if he pisses off to many other patent holders or drops off in the wrong direction, he losses. if america goes tits up with europe , expensive phones loss, so does apple...

then thier is china , no respector of patents and the next biggest group of consumers...loss loss loss of course then there are ppl like me who do not need such overly expensive ,over priced ,over hyped stuff.. my last apple wasn't , it was a 6502 copy tho...just my 2 shares worth [presently worth 2 cent per share][maybe] pss did you see the reports that apple i# is not bought much in africa and asia? androide is doing well? with out steve, it might be time to short

Microsoft loses NZ Windows government deal

Gordon Crawford



the IT dept already has linux in flavors running across its servers, and if the systems are already running and they only need a few specific extra comps to run a windows ap , then why should they [or you , or anybody ] pay to lock in and repay for all the systems ? let the old systems use the old windows [or whatever] . Let any one who wants a window system use an already loaded system . let the free os get the newer hardware . savings all around and no new training needed.....

M$ is the memememememememe and only me generatoin

Fox terminates The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Gordon Crawford


blame it on hd tv

locally , the tv station dropped analog and went to hd tv. ah well , no reason to get the converter now , how i met your mother is on hulu

SCO threatened with Chapter 7 destruction

Gordon Crawford


Needed , a smart Judge , who will Give any and all software over to the public domain

sell the assets and give the preceeds to itself to pay for the gov s expenses.....

1. this gives all companies affected by the illegal behavior of the SCO company a chance to move on with out going through this again with another troll

2. all users , the above plus , no worries , and a future

3. the lawyers , the chance to get better software in the future , with out undue pricing or lawsuits over use of their software . [like they just tried to do]

4.all of us , the smug satisfaction that the lawyers got no money , the legal system works [on occasion], software troll can not only lose ,but end up giving it all the way [ losing it all ] and a warning to all companies about lawsuits..and greed..

5. stock holders , a warning to stop exec greed [YOU OWN THE COMPANY NOT THE EXECS.}

6 . me , not get angry over this stupid crap..............

Brit software group swallows Borland for $67m

Gordon Crawford

america's firesale

america's fire sale is your gain. Or maybe management found a way to salvage some of their pay stubs by moving . good luck to all in this economy as we slowly raise our taxes here in usa,

Love on the buses: The S-100 and me

Gordon Crawford

that's the name

wumpus , could not remember that name

But I do remember trying to decide on the s100 or a heath kit .

And the winner from Japan , boot leg Apple 2 mother BD...

thanks for memory lane down the Byte way

Mozilla considers dumping Firefox support for Win2k, early XP

Gordon Crawford


does this mean I have to upgrade my win 98se?

nope, just like my precocious 98se , I will stop upgrading browsers across my systemi[at least the window ones ] [3- xp , 7= 98se , 3- PC linux] ]

moral ... use what works for you !!!

ethic ...or your boss trains and pays you to use .!!

browser - firefox

'Let me use poo-flinging Roman siege engine against burglars'

Gordon Crawford

here in the state

Here in the state of Maryland of usa , you are not allowed the right to defend your self . Seriously ! The coppers will [in groups] will say

copr1 " do defend yourself "

copr2 " do what it takes "

copr3 " We will sort it out when WE get there "

copr4 " just do not hurt the them "

coprs1-4 ' laffs"

we are not even legally allowed bullet proof vests ....

and personally I know they can and do refuse to take reports......twice now in my life...

[and you wonder why we act like the wild wild west here ]

to disgusted to even post more on this subject here in the Ultra Servitude of Affluence

Hair-stripping fungus threatens future of judo and sumo

Gordon Crawford

foot aids

buy your footsies here

and prevent baldness

Texas senator wants to ban Vista purchases

Gordon Crawford

IT always cost$

and an OS is a program.

as for April 1st , it must be .

Since when do politicians make such an acute and accurate call on savings ?on IT costs , Equipment , and retraining . Not to mention the headaches of learning Vista to be retrained on WIN7 in 2 months [95,98,2000,2003,now2007[2years late?]me,nt,xp,vista,?]

As for M$ leaving Texas over this . hahahaha no way. M$ have other BIG clients there . M$ has newer software they can push . [w7] . And if M$ did leave , who's to say the BIG T would not only succeed with out M$ , but show the BIG clients can too. Don't messy with the Texans..... I'm surprised the Rangers have not lassoed this big bull[y] already .

US states may seek Microsoft anti-trust extension

Gordon Crawford

Some US states

Can they not complain and just go back to the lawsuits . Some lawyers need the stimulus !

Failed Nork rocket bits straddle Japan

Gordon Crawford

in space , you can not hear

in space , you can not hear me scream , NOT THAT SONG

coming soon to a store near you ,

RR , yes Revolution Radio .

get it ! hear it !

And get free Real Radio News .

Learn how your government is hurting and lieing to you . Buy the nk radio now! Hear what we are broadcasting now !

Workers take Caterpillar Inc managers hostage

Gordon Crawford

no Dave

if it's legal to kidnap people in France for planning to lay people off, can I go to France and kidnap some executives because they won't HIRE me?

no Dave !

But it may be legal to go to France and kidnap a manager from a company that laid you off else where in the world . [now you know the benefits of globalization]

Windows 7 RC download page reveals May ship date

Gordon Crawford

another mess up!

they should just drop 32 bit support . continue xp for that . Then maybe drivers would get support.

Leaving PCs on costing UK business millions

Gordon Crawford

this is why i like the reg

it's the readers who comment !

my computers die more during power changes [off and on]

it generates heat [where i am and need it [true for me 8 of 12 months] the other 4 i us a dif computer

remote data access [hard to do if it is off ]

remote updates and timed updates in off hours

of course , if our comps last longer , no hardware is bought and software is not needed to be up graded due to new OS on new hardware. We are to blame for the dying economy , we did not buy buy buy .

well la te da and bye buy for now .....

EU: Our Members need 'increased wood'

Gordon Crawford

plant trees to contribute to globel warming

saw two years [or so] ago that forest hold in heat... there fore they promote global warming.

and read else where an acre of grass produces more oxygen then an acre of trees .

So I guess the best forest would be an orchard, trees spaced with grass in between .

Michael Dell licks chops over Bigger Indigo

Gordon Crawford

up the price

dell should bide just to up the price for big blue

TomTom countersues Microsoft

Gordon Crawford
Thumb Up


I'm doing the "go-go Tom -Tom" dance.

can i patent this dance?

ps whats happening with the EU vs. M$ suit?

Sun and IBM - What price Bigger Indigo?

Gordon Crawford

could be good

Sun chips seem to be better servers and internet connected hardware then others. Maybe IBM can take some of the hardware components and implement it in a server power pc , separate from say a desktop power pc , and more usable , upgradeable , and programmable then the itaniam . Some less business suited representatives would be nice also ! Then of course the R&D of Sun might have a few gems. And the patents, oh lordy the potential . ALL this at fair price , which they will write off some how...

Now the software. Each have strengths in over all management of system"S hardware and software . This more advanced big system software would be customized for the new hardware coming out.

This could even threaten software company s who have hodgepodge [big ?]system software on multiple small system hardware, and put them back onto the desktop [if they can get them running smoothly] !

Recession victims big on Linux, IDC says

Gordon Crawford


soon you will be able to run what you want on what you have, [just some os will still have to be paid for]

Microsoft dumped after India PM's emails go AWOL

Gordon Crawford

tech suport

I'm sorry , I can't understand you , do you have somebody who talks in understandable English , or can we invent a word in Indian that will convey what it is that i can do to fix this.

lol probably figured out the same answer as me , Indian tech support sucks !

The long slog to multicore land

Gordon Crawford


internet was still wearing nappies and crying for its DARPA.


Obama CIO's 'youthful indiscretion': shirt thieving

Gordon Crawford


the only losers are the commoners, no matter who holds office.. please JESUS , come soon

Inside the world's greatest TV remote

Gordon Crawford


if you do , you remember that it is illegal to turn off the tele !!!

Zhao 'C' - Chinese police computer says no

Gordon Crawford

hello my name is


or if you prefer

x times x



or you could call me

C , [since this = 100 like all the above ]

The PSB's representative, Liu Xiqiu, countered that

"X is used to represent the number 10 as a single digit, but it is not part of a name"

"no , but C = 100 and is used as a name" says me." and is part of a name"!

Seagate swings hefty axe at execs

Gordon Crawford


there opens another GOLDEN parachute ,

and another

and another

and etc.


Enormous pain-ray patio heater towers erected in California

Gordon Crawford

they were

they were right here , I turned on the heat and now the





are gone

hmmmm can I set up a few in Washington?

AMD teams with Intel chum on 40nm GPU shrink

Gordon Crawford


i still need drivers for 98 second edition

and linux

Neil Young posts angry YouTube missive

Gordon Crawford


awhhh , is it not trickling down to him . He supported the dup who broke the unoins and he wonders why ppl do not buy his stuff and want to watch it free? I thought the same price for all was a monopoly or price fixing !

well gotta go , my boot is done cooking , time to eat

MS warns testers to activate Windows 7 beta

Gordon Crawford

its a long way from 98

but behind a smoothwall ,my 98 is still running , seems safe , easy to reload

, any one got some old hardware thats supported by this software ? mail to... oops another comp in the trash , gotta check it out. c u later

Microsoft U-turns on overpaid redundo packages

Gordon Crawford

Dear tom tom

we are raising the royalty payments we are suing you for by $125, 000 due to your delay.

Bill Gates bans progeny from iPhone Nation

Gordon Crawford

They are PC

so may I recommend PC Linux ! IT works and is not um , fruity .

Melting flash-mem giant Spansion files for Chapter 11

Gordon Crawford

failure of bankruptcies

the failure of bankruptcies is that although the judges have the right to break ALL contracts. they seem to only break the common worker and the unions . NOT the golden parachutes and overly paid execs.... And even if they do , the big boy network will re-institute these extravagances at the expense of the stock holders..win win for the rich , suck on any thing else you can if not.............!

Hertfordshire drivers endure 200-year roadworks

Gordon Crawford

more delays

It might take longer. They probably will need to lend back money to a bank .

AMD lifts veil on six-core Constantinople Istanbul

Gordon Crawford


is that the F socket?

what about AM3 socket

AM2 ?

to many sockets

Red Dwarf touches down in Coronation Street

Gordon Crawford


DvD s when?

Intel axes five plants, 5,000 workers

Gordon Crawford

success =

success equals the knowledge to move on before the job moves out. That does not bother me..

But the million dollar salaries the top gets off of our backs , that's a disgrace . AT least Bill Gates started his own business to get rich. [then did questionable business practices ]. Shame on public corporation heads who think the SHAREHOLDERS companies is theirs..

Ubuntu's Shuttleworth praises Windows 7, welcomes fight

Gordon Crawford

good for him

open competition would be nice ! But MS open?

that is sorta like open competition with banks, the Governments around the world are propping up the crooked and/or poorly run ones instead of prosecuting them. [go EU]

How ever , no U here.. I will sell him tree machines that do not load U here . they run 98SE fantastic. and one runs XP and PC Linux okay. IF he can get them to run , he will have increased the possibilities of more people being less frustrated and wanting U. And me , well maybe the new hardware will run U..

as for W7, I built the last computer 4 years ago for a win that was [at that time] 6 months late. Vista sucked, so win7 is really late.

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth

Gordon Crawford

put it on DvD

put it on DvD and I will buy it . [or send round trip airfare from BA MD usa to nearest dave repository for me ] yeah I am in usa , but I love sci-fi and British humor ! Red Dwarf is both ! I hope they do as good as Serenity .

Ballmer resets recession, preps for 100,000 troops

Gordon Crawford

use what works

98 SE behind a firewall on the home network , older games and dos games , wp5.1, mathmatica ,

xp for more advanced gaming and networked games with 98SE on the home network ,only because new video cards do not support 98...[IL2]

Vista , does not run older programs why do I have to buy new stuff to do old stuff ?

Linux , tired of trying , relearn every release . don't like it with Windows , won't do it for others [although PC Linux is close, 98 is just intuitive and easy to use, SE made it stable ]

I guess MS hates me, not spending any money on them, ,and charge extra to even work on hardware with that crude vista

AMD claims Intel sowing 'uncertainty' over fab spin-off

Gordon Crawford

veeeeeeerrry interesting

good point

US couple leg it with 'gift from God' bank error

Gordon Crawford

I would invest it

obviously I would and could not trust the account , somebody can get money in, they can get it out ! I would invest the money [in the bank. if I knew] , that way I could say I would get the extra , for the due diligence in protecting their money. of course if I had it in the "08 CRASH " , I might have shorted them and now be rich !! As for notifying them , have you ever been stuck in a voice mail loop? I like the suggestion that they have to prove it is theirs.

Wrath of Spielberg smites Welsh uni leaflet

Gordon Crawford

lies lies and more lies

typical college lies or usual bad wording from the press

"Although of course as soon as we heard from Mr Spielberg's lawyers we destroyed all the leaflets and sent Mr Spielberg a personal letter of apology."

all the leaflets? what about this one in my hands? the Lawyers? the other students?the one every one saved when they were told to hand them in?

how about, "we destroyed all the ones in our possession "

ok , rant done

Beeb names new Doctor Who

Gordon Crawford

new face

New face

same DR.

Who better to play someone old [ who knows a lot ]

then a youngster who knows everything !

But I would like to see a Dr ,

last a while ,

before he regenerates into a baby.

I did not expect him to reach the diaper age

before me.

MS calls time on Black Friday cashback debacle

Gordon Crawford

microsoft = fail


maybe this is why kids fail with word doc

teacher got ripped

and is out to teach thew

US prosthetic todger pair plead guilty to conspiracy

Gordon Crawford

it is all in

it is all in the advertising


:prosthetics's , laughs/gages , sex toy , fetish


real look and feel and use

options :

motors, colors , sizes ,


synthetic ,real and flavored piss

or various lotions for the motion



use of this product is [ fill in legalize here ]

it is all in how they advertised , they advertised circumventing the [drug ] laws , instead of advertising the pursuit of happiness [ an usa civil right ]

Intel prices up first Core i7 four-core CPUs

Gordon Crawford


4K for a 386Dx in 1987 , I woulda taken this deal .{ of course this included a $400 vid card ]

Microsoft readies XP for One Laptop Per Child computer

Gordon Crawford

i will bite

i will buy a cheap xo comp and donate it to any Linux company that will develop a free os for these poor kids and support it.. why should these kids be stuck on an os that is not sold any more ... or i will donate my 5 copies of win 98 SE if others agree to same..

Dell hits all the wrong keys – again

Gordon Crawford
IT Angle

and the other 2 years

If we are upgrading our computer every three years , what are you doing the other 2 years with you computer budgets?, Me , a new high back office chair , better mouse [ logitec trackman wheel ] , hi def monitor, AND a keyboard i like [ type matrix EZR-2080- dvorak ] I mean really , why buy comps and put them in closets to justify your it budget? Do your staff a favor and buy some productivity comforts .