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Belgian defence ministry admits attackers accessed its computer network by exploiting Log4j vulnerability



Kudos to Belgian Defense Ministry! They know that they have been hacked. For many ignorance is bliss :)

AWS power failure in US-EAST-1 region killed some hardware and instances


Re: Elastic

You are right! There are enough configurations, tools, and capacity to provide full redundancy. But, if you follow that religiously the cost advantage of cloud is gone. Vendors sell Cloud as a cheap and yet reliable alternative. But, in reality, making it reliable is not cheap for many companies. A lot of customers are frustrated with the hidden costs. Cloud bill shock is not a news anymore.

Think small, score big: India details subsidies for chipmakers


Great Beginning!

I understand Taiwan, China, Malaysia, etc are way ahead. Current 300mm requirement and 40K monthly requirement look meager when compared to these countries. Remember all these current leading countries started the same way, very small. I applaud India for making an attempt to become a chip manufacturing hub. If India is successful in this endeavor, world would welcome it with open arms, because the world needs an alternative!

Tech bro CEOs claim their crowns because they fix problems. Why shirk the biggest one?


Are you serious about Android phones need to be replaced often? I am using Samsung S7 Edge from 2016 that is more than five years. Works perfectly fine. Survived several "drop tests". It is the iPhone that needs to be replaced every other year for more or less the "same" iPhone with a bumped up iOS version number. And on top of it, Apple won't even allows recycling the old iPhones. They pay you the money only to have it dismantled, so that no body will be able to refurbish it.

Facebook ditches its creepy, controversial robot – yes, its facial-recognition AI


Didn't they delete all the data after sharing it with Cambridge Analytica and it's ilks?

India's Supreme Court starts probe into use of Pegasus spyware


Considering the star power of the ruling party's leader, considering the activism of the ruling party, I am not sure if an unbiased investigation is possible and considering the timeline of such earlier investigations, I am not sure when such report can come out.