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First satellite to be launched from European soil leaves Cornwall tonight


Re: Marketing notwithstanding, it's not taking of from "European Soil".

To be more pendantic, French Guiana is part of France so part of the EU but is not in Europe so not European soil. Cornwall, however, is part of the UK so is not part of the EU but *is* in Europe so is European soil.

Chinese Tesla owners protest another round of price cuts


Re: Generally never a right time to buy for lots of stuff

I can kind of see their point if they've paid and Tesla havn't delivered their car yet. I'd be annoyed too - though likely not annoyed enough to actually go protest.

The house price example is an interesting one because in England both sides generally _can_ pull out of a property sale (or attempt to renegotiate) between accepting the sale price and actually handing over the money and getting the keys.

US sanctions drain Huawei of homegrown advanced chips


Re: American trade protection

yes, I said something similar in a comment on another story - that US policy doesn't have anything to do with human rights so even if China changed how it treated it's citizens the US policies wouldn't - and got heavily downvoted, then my comment was deleted by a moderator.

Latest US blacklist spells trouble for China’s biggest domestic 3D NAND supplier


"beating global rivals like Micron in the US as well"

Surely a completely unrelated factor in the action being taken against them.

Washington DC drags Amazon to court for 'yoinking' driver tips


Re: Tips?

I can see a reason why you'd give your local postie (or refuse collector, newspaper delivery person, etc, etc) an annual christmas tip as a way of being festive. I can't see tipping each delivery person for each and every delivery.



I admit to finding the American tipping culture strange, but tipping the delivery driver seems to me an extra level of bizarre. Where is the added service that you're rewarding - that the box wasn't used as a football and/or stolen?

Do you tip the FedEx person too? The UPS person delivering your letters?

‘Mother of Internet’ Radia Perlman argues for centralized infrastructure


"if there are 50 terrorists in the country it's no big deal"

Leaving aside if that many *is* a big deal, the real danger is easily connecting people who want terrorism with impressionable losers who can be radicalised into carrying out terrorist acts.

Twitter tries to lure brands back with spend-matching scheme


now with bonus 50% extra brand damage!

Sure, if I'm an brand who has pulled my advertising because I'm concerned it'll be next to Nazi memes, then I'll totally sign up for more of my brand next to Nazi memes!

Just 22% of techies in UK aged 50 or older, says Chartered Institute for IT


Re: What do we expect?

There's little chance most people will be retiring at 60 these days, but I thought a similar thing - that 22% doesn't seem far off what you'd see from a normal distribution. And that it's a little lower could be just be that 30 years ago there were less IT jobs around so less people started a career in IT.

Multi-tasker Musk expects to reduce time at Twitter, seek another leader


"making people walk is cheap."

Normally creating terrible workplace conditions so people just quit is much cheaper than paying redundancy, but genuis CEO Elon offered everyone at the company the option of taking the redunancy payment. And he made it an opt-out choice too (everyone who _didn't_ sign up got the payout to leave)

Amazon founder Bezos to donate 'majority' of $126bn fortune


"he could start by winning around critics"

Nonsense! It's much easier to impress people who hold a neutral position on you than your critics.

China's first domestic single-aisle jet, the C919, scores 300 orders


Re: Historically

Oh, where did you live in Beijing and Shanghai then? You must have some personal experience to back up your claim that they're unpleasant places to live in. Or some other objective score based on all the factors that make a place pleasant or unpleasant - air quality alone is not the universal criteria for desirably (nor is your dislike for the government).


Re: Historically

Comac seems to be headquarterd in Shanghai rather than Beijing.

DoJ charges pair over China-linked attempt to build semi-autonomous crypto haven on nuked Pacific atoll


Team America!

So... two Marshall Island citizens lobby to make changes in the Marshall Islands and they're arrested in Thailand and extradited to the US - if they committed a crime isn't that something for the Marshall Islands to prosecute? What right does the United States have to get involved?

If they going to repeat this action for every country there are plenty of MPs in the UK with "connections" to companies that received government contracts in the last few years I wouldn't object to joining Yan and Zhou.

India wants to quadruple electronics biz in just four years


Why India?

I can understand why the Indian government want to copy the success of the electronics manufacturing of their neighbours, but what is going to attract multinationals to choose India over other countries? And/or lead Indian companies to beat well established foreign competitors in global markets? Any current success seems to have been achieved by "encouraging" that electronics for domestic consumption are made in India (tariffs, subsidies, localization requirements, etc) - and attempting to push out foreign companies (tax affairs of Xiaomi, etc) - rather than any inherent advantages in Indian manufacturing. If you want to win at exports, rather than nationalism, you need to be a better choice than your neighbours.

FBI: Look out, crooks stole $1.3b in cryptocurrency in just three months this year


Funding North Korea's nuclear weapon programme

The FBI should have started charging the operators of these DeFi/craptocurrency outfits with aiding terrorism with their shitty coding back when this started happening, rather than years later, after North Korea has used the billions of dollars to fund their weapons programme. That would have given everyone to incentive to write better code, or even better, shut themselves down and saved a lot of idiots from getting scammed.

Meta picks India for WhatsApp's first e-commerce service


If Meta hadn't bought Whatsapp and effectively stopped it from innovating or adding any new features, it very likely would already be like WeChat (the Chinese app you're thinking of) or Line (the Japanese app that's also popular in other Asian countries). The takeover killed any chances of that so we in the west are left with apps that only know how to make money by selling our personal data, rather than making money on integrations and leaving your data alone. It's sad.

DeFi credit scores: Coming soon to a blockchain near you



A small amount of inflation is a *good thing* in an economy. Inflation discourages hoarding of cash assets (because they loose relative value) over investment in businesses; encourages buying today over the future (when prices will be higher); and reduces the absolute value of debt. An economy with no inflation - or even worse, deflation, which is what many cryptocurrencies are aiming for - is a dead economy.

Bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange Voyager to pay $1.6m bonus to key staff


they had collateral for the loaned funds... it's just the collateral was funny money and actually worth (near) nothing

China, US relations further soured by CHIPS Act


Re: Dictatorships sooner or later always invade their neighbours

Sure, I don't think even the previous US president would have launched a direct attack on the Chinese mainland - the kind of action that could lead to escalation involving nuclear weapons - but there a lot of disputed territories that can be entered and military activities that fall short of an invasion/missile strike, that can still significantly alter what a country can and can't do. Even pointless posturing can lead to a loss of reputation that can damage a country (at least internally).

I imagine China would like to get into the position where any military intervention by the US in the territories they consider theirs could be matched and retaliated against, so as to discourage them from trying.


Re: Dictatorships sooner or later always invade their neighbours

China may not be threatened by invasion by it's direct neighbours, but surely sees the US as an ongoing threat to it's ability to do whatever it wants to territory it sees as it's own. USA has a long track record of military intervention in other countries and it'd be naive to think they'd never attempt it with China, or anywhere China regards as part of China.

The US who continue to spend vast amounts more than China (and everyone else put together) and has no defensive need for that level of spending either (or even more so - China shares land borders with India, North Korea and Russia, among other less military inclined neighbours; USA shares land borders with Mexico and Canada).

The trade ban that wasn't: US allows 94% of restricted tech exports to China anyway


Re: rogue ???

Can you mention some examples of China veto'ing security council resolutions? I can remember many instances of Russia doing it to protect Syria, and US protecting Isreal, but China?

Apple tells suppliers to use 'Taiwan, China' or 'Chinese Taipei' to appease Beijing


No company ... should be allowed to prioritize profit over human rights and individuals' freedoms

Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha, what fantasy world is this person living in, where this doesn't happen all the time?

Bill Gates venture backs effort to bring aircon startup to market


Re: aircon

We know the best (and really the only effective) way of lowering birth rates is to increase the wealth of the population.

Increased wealth pretty much straight away leads to better spending on maternal and infant healthcare, which means lower maternal and infant mortality and less babies need to be born (families don't over-procreate to cover some of their children dying before adulthood). And richer populations mean more middle class service workers, which means a reversal in the cost-benefit of having more children (when you're a poor subsistence farmer, more children means more help in the family business so you have more; now more children means more cost in providing for them and their education).

So by helping the poor be not poor you reduce birth rates so fight climate change. It's a win win.

Now another Meta acquisition in jeopardy: VR biz Within


"the FTC is sending a chilling message to anyone who wishes to innovate in VR"

I must have missed when "innovation" was redefined to mean "spending millions to buy up smaller companies", rather than, you know, actual innovative research, or design, or products.

Charter told to pay $7.3b in damages after cable installer murders grandmother


Re: $7.3 billion for one murder

It's only fair. They should have checked for the red flags before providing them means to mass murder.


$7.3 billion for one murder

I'm looking forward to this same level of compensation being awarded for all murders in the US, and I trust the government will step in to pay when the person/company at fault can't pay, because that's only fair to the victim's family.


Re: $7.3 billion for a murder ?


What were supposed to be the "red flags" that would have led to the company terminating his employment anyway - getting fired from your previous job? Or does complaining about having no money for a divorce mean that the employees access card should be suspended in case they decide to go rob and kill an old lady?

There is certainly some compensation due from the company as he gained access due to his work, and some tightening of their HR procedures, but $7.3 billion is massively out of proportion to their culpability.

Crypto exchange Kraken reportedly hunted by the Feds for alleged sanctions busting


Re: "Kraken has robust compliance measures in place"

Their exist strategy probably isn't as robust as that guy who "died in India" after all the money was looted from his crypto exchange.

China seeks global leadership for home-grown fast charging standards


Re: So, use USB?

Every device manufactor, apart from Apple, has standardized on USB-C already so that the charging standard will be USB-C based is implied? Assuming that "China would be shooting itself in the foot" by it not being USB-C seems an odd assumption to make.

FDA clears way for an AI stethoscope to detect heart disease


Re: Hurrah!

With the current trend in goverments you'll be in luck for the NHS being dismantled. But I'd assume the only liberating of your taxes you'll see will be into the pockets of the owners of "heathcare providers" (that have suspiciously close ties to the ministers in charge of commisioning the services)

Crypto lender Celsius in Chapter 11 deep freeze


"the lender was unable to return the company’s collateral on a timely basis"

Welcome to cryptoland, where you borrow some money from another lender with collateral, and then that lender goes and spends your collateral!

Can you imagine taking out a mortgage on a house from a bank and when you try to repay it the bank goes "actually, we sold your house, sorry, lolz, but we'll repay you at 1% a month"

Florida man accused of selling fake, broken Cisco devices from China to hospitals, schools, military


" fail completely or not work correctly"

If his scam ran for that many years I wonder if the counterfeits were actually that bad compared to genuine Cisco.

Indian tax authorities raid offices of Chinese smartphone maker Vivo


Petty cash?

Next time they'll be quicker in gifting those gold bars to friendly Department of Revenue officials, like the locals.

UK signs deal to share police biometric database with US border guards


I dunno, there are plenty of politicians over the age of 50 where aborting them would be in the best interests of the mother(country).

Is computer vision the cure for school shootings? Likely not


"That. Will. Not. Work."

It. Works. In. Every. Other. Country.

More than $100m in cryptocurrency stolen from blockchain biz


Some people paid in some part of that money, but how much those people actually paid in is difficult to know. If you buy $100 at $1 of some funny money and then the price in $ rises to $2 then you've still only paid in $100; yet if (when) someone steals it you've "lost" $200 worth of the funny money.

TikTok US traffic defaults to Oracle Cloud, Beijing can (allegedly) still have a look


Mainland China has an entirely seperate app called Douyin, using the same tech as TikTok, and all of that user data will be stored in China. TikTok isn't available in mainland China, so there aren't any Chinese Tiktok users (other than those who are outside of China or decide to use a VPN).

I don't know how they decide where to store rest-of-world users though - I'd guess it was based on where the account was created because otherwise that'd get messy for travellers.

Bill Gates says NFTs '100% based on greater fool theory' amid crypto cataclysm


Re: NFTs have no intrinsic value whatsoever, but have sold for multiple millions.

The Mona Lisa in the Louvre is a physical item of historical significance. If you painted a copy (even one that was visually identical) of the Mona Lisa it'd be worth a small fraction of the value. A receipt that says you own that copy, a significant amount less still. That's what your NFT is.

US Supreme Court puts Texas social media law on hold


preclearance for unconstituional state laws?

"Texas should not be required to seek preclearance from the federal courts before its laws go into effect"

INAL (and not an American) but I find this reasoning bizarre - of course a state doesn't need to seek clearance before they write their own laws, but if you write a law that is unconstitutional then surely you should expect it to be challenged before it goes into effect. If New York state wrote a law that banned all private firearm ownership I'd expect that law would be challenged before the guns were confiscated too.

Airbnb will let staff work from anywhere without a pay cut


Pay Bay Area salaries everywhere or don't have any Bay Area employees

That's the basic flaw with location neutral salaries - you either end up somewhat|significantly increasing your salary costs (for people who would have worked for less money), or excluding people who are already settled in an area with a very high cost of living.

I suspect that after the initial hype the salaries will drift downwards, meaning new hires just won't be from expensive locations like the Bay Area. Or the salary bands will massively expand so that recruits from the Bay Area will be hired at the top end of the "single" salary band and other places lower down.

Feds offer $5m reward for info on North Korean cyber crooks


It needs plentiful cheap power (electicity supply is not particuarly stable in North Korean, so I doubt they have lots of spare capacity) and warehouses full of computer hardware that they can't buy due to sanctions?

Twitter preps poison pill to preclude Elon Musk's purchase plan


> If you're in that position you're left with a choice between selling (at an undervalued prices), or holding out and hoping that not enough other shareholders sell to leave you holding the baby.

I don't follow this logic - if you hold out and the hostile buyer *does* find enough other buyers to gain control and force the company private then all that means is you are forced to sell your shares to them at that point - you don't just lose your shares.

Elon Musk's latest launch: An unsolicited Twitter takeover


Re: Funds?

Whoops. $300b even.



I wonder how's he going to pay for it. He may be "worth" $300m but almost all of that value is in shares of companies - mainly Telsa - he's not going to have $40m sitting in a bank account. Sell some of his Telsa shares? (Would he risk becoming the non-top shareholder in the company he's most associated with?)

Wing launches drone deliveries in the US where people actually live


Re: "Texas seems an odd launch region though"

I would think they were looking for a large city/metro area that is also low density enough for everyone to have front and back yards to drop the deliveries in. For example, you wouldn't be able to operate the same in somewhere like San Francisco/New York where almost everyone lives in apartments, and even places with more sprawl like the Bay Area or LA there tend to be a lot of low rise condos rather than houses. Or maybe Texas just has lax regulations.

Web3 'contains the seeds of a dystopian nightmare' says analyst firm


"Web 3.0" is better than that - you get to buy content from commercial channels and then you advertise for them in your name on Web 2.0 channels claiming how great the content is, in the attempt to pump up the value of the (worthless) content you bought. And there is no legal responsibility or recourse because smart contracts or whatever.

Goldman Sachs reportedly set to head up $60bn Arm IPO


Re: How about ARM China?

afaik ARM China is a joint venture, where ARM UK own a bit less than 50%. So after the IPO ARM UK would still own slightly less than 50% of the ARM China. (Though they don't seem have much control over it)

China thrilled it captured already-leaked NSA cyber-weapon


Taken to the logical conclusion...

> Taken to the logical conclusion, it's OK for the USA to commit genocide but not for anyone else.

The USA was literally formed by the genocide of the native peoples of north America and it was justified as OK by calling it their Manifest Destiny.

China's top tech city Shenzhen locks down completely for at least a week


Re: Send help

Deploying Dido Hardling is surely a war crime