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Boeing announces 'Laser Gunship' completion

Leroy Fevrius

RE: So remind me, if this was Iran...?

You wouldn't be able to read this website, and your would live in fear of the secret police locking you up!

New BAE destroyer launches today on the Clyde

Leroy Fevrius

Jesus do some research!!

Seeing as the Silkworm was actually aimed at a US Battleship, whose CIWS had missed intercepting that Silkworm, then actually the Sea Dart performed damned well.

The sea wolf is by no means obsolete, seeing as its just been upgraded to a vertical launch system and provides principal air defense for the duke class frigates.

As for Britain not being able to produce missiles, what rubbish are you talking about? Skyflash? Alarm? seriously if you not even going to do a five minute google search on teh subject, don't report on it

The one thing you did seem to get right :

Yes the Type 45 are too expensive, but that what happens when you allow everyone to consolidate to survive your held over a barrel. But hey it means etc money can be made available for endless chav's to be bought up to mug pensioners.

Developer keeps software rights as implied term argument fails in court

Leroy Fevrius


You screm them out of their wages, then your screw them into giving you a higher percentage for doing jack, then you want to screw them out of the software!

As the previous poster said "Apparently there's justice in the world."

Finger-chopping jihadis derail MPs scanner system, claims MoS

Leroy Fevrius

Wait a minute

Surely someone would notice some with 11 fingers?? I mean its not Devon around here for the love of god!

Surely the cops would also spot a blond covered finger!!

Identity and Passport Service announces ID supplier shortlist

Leroy Fevrius

The same Usual Suspects

Considering the records of some of these companies with government contracts you'd think they'd be off the short list.

Ah well at least we know that with them in charge buggering the system up, our freedom is at least safe!

Nokia delivers huge profits hike

Leroy Fevrius

To Chris

Sorry but thats like laughing at someone because they only made 2 Billion clear profit instead of 3I

Thats spin worthy of NU Lab! Man up and admit, you wanted to say something too show them in a bad light, and this was the best you could come up with, you'll feel better.

Watchdog chucks life raft to White House backup tapes

Leroy Fevrius
Thumb Up

The Other Steve

Yep thats right, all wrong only began with the Bush Administration. If everyone is so hot about the Bush Emails, why stop with just them? Surely all crimes should be uncovered not just the ones that Stopped you from having your own real life West Wing, you pathetic Sad Sac :(

Fresh Xeon to rough up twittering Opteron

Leroy Fevrius

Hmmmm Let me get this straight

The Intel chip at 45nm just about matches and surpasses the AMD chip at 65nm? and this is something to be proud of?

Is it just me who has anyone else spotted that Intels design is therefore so bad that it requires a die shrink and speed upgrade to stay competitive with AMD??

Google gloats over ISO's OOXML rejection

Leroy Fevrius

Damn that brings back memories "Microsoft Structured Storage"

Jesus the sleepless nights I spent trying to get that piece

of dog excrement to work!

As for the poster pointing out peoples spelling mistakes,

seriously that is the ultimate in net Geekdom.

Make an English sentence out of the following words :

a Get Life :D


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