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EU companies claim Google still abusing its Shopping power


Google are guilty of a lot of shady stuff but their shopping site is way down the list of offenders.

Surely they should be going for Amazon, Ebay, Ali Express etc than for Google.

Apple have pretty much cleaned up for music purchases.

Even ASOS has more presence in my searches for stuff to buy than Google.

I don't think I've knowingly bought anything via a Google search other than actual Google stuff.

User locked out of Microsoft account by MFA bug, complains of customer-hostile support


Had a vaguely similar problem with a client who lost access to a Google Workspace account.

Getting in touch with them is practically impossible. In fact I would say actually impossible for a normal soul.

If it weren't for the fact that I had access to an unrelated reseller account where I could actually contact a human being, I doubt I would have been able to get the issue fixed.

There's many things Google do better than Microsoft but support isn't one of them.