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'Silent majority' is content with elderly Java, says startup

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Java EE 6 & Java 6 are different beasts. The This article conflates the 2 and is misleading.

Octacore AMD Bulldozers exposed by Turks

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Would these be the benchmarks that are reported as fake over at SemiAccurate's forum? Appears to be a case of photoshopping: http://semiaccurate.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5071

SpringSource flips JBoss Pizza giant

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Shurely shome mistake?

Tc Server is apache's Tomcat + Spring stuff (management, monitoring, instrumentation, ...) - it's not an OSGi-based product. Spring did have an OSGi server (Spring DM Server), which they've now donated to Eclipse.

Windows 7, Bing and mobile will determine Ballmer's future

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Wallstreet Sucks

Much as I don't think Ballmer is the right guy for the job, this is Wallstreet we're talking about. They only care about having higher numbers quarter-on-quarter and do not have a f**king clue about anything long-term. They are the reason the world economy is in the toilet!

Ballmer has done well to last 9 years in the role considering the average tenure is something like 18 months to 2 years. He was the third billionaire that MS created - he should save himself the stress and retire.

The HTML that says no - Joi Ito's pitch for a theft-free web

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It automatically manages what rights you have in manipulating a digital resource? How is that not DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

Am I missing something obvious?

Palm's new OS finds the sweetest spot

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OSGi is, today, one of those trendy acronyms that no longer stands for anything. It's just OSGi.

OSGi did start in the embedded Java space, but if you write any plug-ins for the Eclipse development environment, then you're writing OSGi bundles as Eclipse is built upon OSGi.

All of the Java application servers are now talking about OSGi, with many of them using it under the hood in their latest versions.

As a server-side Java developer (myself and my team are using it), I see OSGi in the early stages of adoption with more developers talking about it rather than using it. Only time will tell if it will become mainstream for Java.

SpringSource makes OSGi components pledge

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a title is compulsory

This has been around for a good few months now - I should know, I use it.

It is incorrect to say it mainly has Spring and Apache OSGi bundles in it - it has OSGi versions of all the mainstream open source libraries that I've search for (so far).

You have to much time on your hands as a developer if you want to roll your own OSGi versions as it's an issue of creating the correct metadata and it's a bloody tedious and error-prone job.

I get the feeling that the writers of stories similar to this don't have any first-hand experience of the stuff they are writing about. It always comes across slightly off/wrong/weird.

Dell's dinky designer desktop

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Video Playback

Seriously, if you want video playback, get one of these: http://www.popcornhour.com/onlinestore/

Its cheap, plays back all the video standards, networked, HDMI, ... The list goes on.

Oh, and no f****** DRM.

Ubuntu to get open-source Java heart implant

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the 2 products are not really comparable

I do Spring and OSGi development and the two products you are talking about (Glassfish and Spring's App Platform) are not directly comparable.

Glassfish does Java EE and App Platform does web + OSGi-based stuff. The App Plaform will probably get some EE support with the next revision of the EE spec, but not full support.

I'd say Glassfish is more likely as it's less bleeding-edge and more what people expect from a Java app server (that's not necessarily a good thing).

I personally think Spring's App Platform is where we should be going, but we'll have to wait and see if the market agrees.

OSGi is cool, but the tooling and libraries around it need more development to make it simpler for day-to-day development.

Maven founder proposes Eclipse marriage

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It's a flipping build system!

This story reads as a piece of crud. Maven's a build system (on steroids)!

Eclipse works with all the other popular build systems, so, wow, it's going to get better Maven support. About time, because the current level of integration is crap.

From the unscientific sample of the open source frameworks I use, they're almost 100% maven-based.

It's interesting that M2Eclipse is going to be included with Eclipse 3.5 because the Google-backed q4e was recently chosen as the official Maven plugin for Eclipse! Maybe they are merging?

I do plugin development, so I wouldn't mind seeing some better build tools for PDE (Eclipse's plugin bit). Anyone who's needed to automate a build of Eclipse plugins knows what I'm talking about. It's painful.

@CTG: why would better integration between Maven and Eclipse bother users of IntelliJ or Netbeans? Currently IntelliJ has better support for Groovy (a Java-based scripting language), but I don't go in the huff and avoid Groovy use in Eclipse.

The previous report on Eclipse and Maven was also a pile of rubbish: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/06/26/eclipse_maven_plugin/

Eclipse and Maven striving for the power of Visual Studio! Don't make me laugh. Visual Studio has long been surpassed as the best example of a developer's IDE.

Daily Mail loses employee info

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We take this so seriously...

Yeah, they take data security so seriously that unlocked, unencrypted data containing sensitive financial details is left on a laptop that also has no security measures to stop it being nicked.

Maven and Eclipse strive for Visual Studio 'power'

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usual rubbish

At the time of Visual Studio 6, I can't think of any comparable IDE for Java. I don't know much about Visual Studio 2008, but the first 2 versions of Visual Studio .NET were left in the dust by the equivalent releases of Eclipse.

Does the writer actually use these tools?

The time of Microsoft dominance in developer IDEs is over.

Pirate Bay bitchslaps Swedish law with SSL

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the usual strawman

Someone breaks into my house and nicks my TV. Now I have no television and I can't watch Big Brother.

Someone infringes my copyright and copies a computer program I've written. I still have my computer program, but I've lost a potential sale.

Nope, I don't see the similarities.

Gates threatens to buy millions and millions of servers for Microsoft

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Gates Horns

bill is technically irrelevant

To the commenter who talked about billg's influence, I'd say his influence on the IT world has long diminished. He's big in the non-IT world because of his immense wealth and charity work (look at Gordon Brown fawning over him when given the opportunity).

When was the last time Microsoft was a the forefront of something new in IT? I can't think of any at the moment. They follow the trend after it has been established by someone else. As has been stated, a large percentage of the products we think of as Microsoft's were originally written by others and then bought by Microsoft.

I will always remember billg for his terrible book, The Road Ahead, and his inability (at the time) to see the significance of the Internet.

The words Microsoft and innovation are an oxymoron. Mind you, I almost want to vomit when I hear anyone talking about innovation - usually pure bollocks

RIAA abandons iTuneski suit

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Why no competition?

So far, we don't have the usual troll replies on, 'why would anyone use dodgy Russian websites when you can use the wonderful iTunes?'

I'll tell you why: choice

I've used allofmp3 and mp3sparks. I can get the music I want in any format I want. FLAC, OGG Vorbis, MP3, WMA, ... The list goes on. Oh, and no DRM.

Do any of the 'legitimate' sites offer this flexability? No they bloody don't. How pathetic.

Cloud computing hysteria paralyzed by bolt of reality

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Don't comment if you don't know what you're talking about

How many people are commenting from a personal point-of-view compared to a business point-of-view?

I used to run my own mail server so that the multiple PCs I have can all access the same email. After a recent mail server issue I migrated my mail setup to Gmail. I want centralised email but running my own mail server is a pain-in-the-arse. Gmail solves the problem.

It's the same for the small company I work for: we're software developers and we don't want to manage the IT infrastructure, nor is it economically feasible for us to hire a sys admin to do it for us.

And what do we do when we want to test the scaling of our software? Buy 10 additional servers? That doesn't make financial sense, either. That's where the promise of cloud computing's elasticity in provisioning comes into play.

People who talk about the bandwidth cost have a point, but that's why the big bank I used to work at was developing their own cloud.

In short, I think the really big players such as banks will build their own clouds and the small/medium guys will buy from the cloud vendors.

If you think it's still all bollocks, Amazon say that their biggest customers for EC2 (their cloud) are the banks and telcos.

Four 1TB hard drives on test

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Who wants high performance?

I've given up on lusting after high performance in computing as all it leads to are high prices, high temperatures and too much noise.

I've traded some HD performance for a quieter and cooler drive (the WD's 500GB little brother to be exact).

Microsoft can pound sand with its IP - my grandma runs Ubuntu

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Yeah, sound quality was a bit off, otherwise an interesting show as always.

I was at QCon 2008 in London last week and we had James Govenor of Redmonk open the "Architectures You've Always Wondered About" track - what a tosser (another british-english phrase beloved of Reg users).

That was a universal opinion of my unscientific poll of 3 other people attending.

Legal, major label DRM-free MP3s hit UK (at last)

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Why don't these services offer easy cross-encoding that AllOfMP3 had? Pick your songs and then choose which format you wanted. Most songs had FLAC, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WM9, ... And you could choose the encoding quality.

I find it hilarious that AllOfMP3 is/was considered illegal by the record companies and various western governments, but they provided a better class of service than the legal alternatives.

Fatten or strip - the great Java debate

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The first poster's comment says more about the professor than Java. I'm a java developer in the real-world and we do care about performance here.

I like the dynamic languages like Python and Ruby too, but I don't see them being able to replace Java in the enterprise area. For one, many companies have a huge investment in Java already.

Security minister defends ID cards, longer detention

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Please, No!

Please, tell me you're making up the "giga-terror bits" quote. It's depressing when we have people talking about stuff that is completely outside their knowledge and experience and then trying to guide policy and laws based on it.

Where do we get these morons?

Reality distortion for Java on Leopard?

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Java 6 is used/needed

I'm a Java developer and I need Java 6. This means if I was looking for a new PC, then Macs would be out of the question.

It's bollocks to say that no-one uses Java versions above 1.4.2 (it holds more water for web-based Java and J2EE stuff), as my last major project had everything running on 5.0 and was looking to move to version 6.

You don't need to change any code to use the newer versions and the move from versions 1.4.2 to 5.0 to 6 provided measurable performance improvements.

And lastly, Java 6 has been out for almost a year! Apple need to stop being control freaks and let Sun do the Mac JDK, since Apple don't seem to see it as too important.

Record labels to ditch CD singles for USB Flash drives

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I won't, the kids might

It doesn't appeal to me, but then I'm not the target audience (being 35 years old).

As today's teenagers buy mobile ring tones that are shorter, sound worse and cost more than the original song, they very well might buy all these USB sticks.

Doesn't sound good for the environment, though. A big pile of USB sticks for landfill in the next few years?

Japanese Wii sales rain on PS3 parade

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It's economics, stupid!

It doesn't matter whether you are a gamer that prefers the PS3 or the Wii, what will drive overall success are economic factors.

As of now, the PS3 is screwed: both the Xbox360 and Wii have much larger user-bases. The PS3 is losing every month to the Wii by a factor of 3 or 4, and is close to the Xbox360.

If you're a games company accountant, which platform looks appealing? Hint: the biggest and lowest-cost-to-develop-for.

The PS3 is now stuck in a vicious-circle of low-sales, leading to less game development, leading to low-sales.

The only reason I see to get a PS3 is if you want Blue Ray with a few games and internet connectivity in one box. I've no idea if the PS3 is a good BD player - I'm assuming real AV geeks would prefer something different. That's not a compelling product from my point-of-view. Time will tell.

Halo 3 UK launch fails to fire

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People are Sheep

I don't understand why people would queue up for any consumer gadget (iPhone) or console/computer game. I'd really like to see a write-up on this type of phenomena from a physiologist, because I find it bizarre.

It's not like these things are rare or rationed.

Microsoft: no plan to appeal EC verdict for now

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I don't know

€780 million is a fair chunk of money. Since Microsoft do now pay a dividend, just how much of a cash mountain do they have? I remember that is was around $40 billion a few years ago, but that was before the dividend.

Microsoft sets spinners on court verdict

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The Consumer Pays?

So the buyer of software will have to pay more for Microsoft products? Does that mean that Vista Ultimate will cost even more that the stupifying amount of £399 (that's the RRP, though Amazon UK are selling for £320)?