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The all liquid-cooled colo facility rush has begun


If this means there will be a datacenter that is not loud and windy, I'd call it a win.

The next deep magic Linux program to change the world? Io_uring


Re: Missed opportunity !!! :)

Darkness = kernel space


Ad blockers struggle under Chrome's new rules


*throws Vivaldi into the ring*

what else?

FauxPilot: It's like GitHub Copilot but doesn't phone home to Microsoft



Surely the code snippets are small enough so that they can't be copyrightable?

Why the end of Optane is bad news for all IT


Article says there are only two types of memory, but imo its sortof ignoring that processors themselves have multilayered caches and registers. Each faster than the other. Its a granular pyramid with each layer compromising between performance and price.

Big Tech begs Congress to pass $52bn chip subsidies bill


Re: Why Always Subsidies?

in china, you can produce cheaper. owning parts of the company doesn't solve the issue, that you won't be able to make and sell chips, that you can push down to market prices. only with subsidies can you do that and they will have to be renewed frequently too. a high price to pay for independence.

Woman accused of killing boyfriend after tracking him down with Apple AirTag


not sure of the gadget enabled the killing or just accelerated it

Revealed: The semi-secret list of techs Beijing really really wishes it didn't have to import



Since "intellectual property" was mentioned, which includes patents, how can you get rid of the dependence on patents without waiting for 20 years or exiting the WTO agreement?

Beijing needs the ability to 'destroy' Starlink, say Chinese researchers


what's the polar coverage for?


Gotta fight satellites with satellites here. Could be the next arms race. Fingers not crossed.

Intel forms graphics lab to make games look more real


Re: Tetris comes to mind...

Sorry, but splitting Crysis trees is about physics, not graphics. We don't do that here. Photorealism in this lab only - spell pho-to.


Thanks, but graphics are already as realistic as wanted

Game CGI is on purpose shinier-than-real-life. Making it more realistic would be a downgrade.

Google tests battery backups, aims to ditch emergency datacenter diesel


Can someone do the math for me please?

I don't see how batteries are more carbon efficient. I presume you have to replace batteries more often than a diesel generator.

Research finds data poisoning can't defeat facial recognition


Arguably, swapping pixels won't be enough, but changing facial features digitally would

Brain won't notice anyway.

France says Google Analytics breaches GDPR when it sends data to US


Hello El Reg, Google Analytics is loaded long before any cookies are accepted, if at all. As you noted, GA doesn't qualify as necessary.

Your data centre UPS could feed power to the smart grid, suggests research


how come the grid operators don't invest in some batteries themselves?

HP's solution to running GPU-accelerated Linux apps on high-end Z workstations: Rely on Microsoft's WSL2


didn't microsoft disable gpu passthrough on hyper-v for security reasons?

What if Chrome broke features of the web and Google forgot to tell anyone? Oh wait, that's exactly what happened


Re: The choice of available browsers is lame

Am sitting here with Vivaldi.

But tbh, the kind of browser you want would probably be Otter. Its also ol' Opera-inspired, but FOSS.

Netflix sued by South Korean ISP after Squid Game fans swell traffic to '1.2Tbps'


Re: Looks like the ISP wants 2 bites of the cherry

the ISP is paying of course. they gonna save bandwidth and with that they save money.

Anonymous: We've leaked disk images stolen from far-right-friendly web host Epik


Re: anon who?

so i guess what happened, is that the idea got hijacked and now its a mess?