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InPhase finally to phase in holographic disk


Re: 50 year lifespan

Surely just by taking it to the Local NHS hospital where they will think 50 year old hardware is state of the art?

The Christmas Console Wars: round one to Xbox?


Re: Wii all the way

Can you explain if their so fun why are all the games apart from Wiisports and Rayman all steaming piles of turd?

I brought my g/f one on day of release she played it non stop for a week, then went back to Animal Crossing on her DS. She then gave the Wii to her mum who played it for two nights... I still get a bit peeved when we go over and see it coated in dust, but as I've finished Rayman and Wiisports gets tedious what is there to do with it?


Gaming machine

the Xbox is the only contender this Christmas for a serious gamer, the PS3 still has no true killer apps, and Wii will only be offering Metroid and Mario, big names indeed but will they appeal to Nintendo's current market of wiimote waving sports enthusiasts?