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Tech Bro CEO lays off 900 people in Zoom call and makes himself the victim


"The last time I did it I cried..."

Sooooo Matt Hancock

Microsoft called out as big malware hoster – thanks to OneDrive and Office 365 abuse


Warn sharing of potentially dangerous content?

What if every home Onedrive account requires 2FA to authorise the sharing of file types known to be potentially dangerous ie .iso, .dll, .exe, etc?

As a business user of Microsoft 365 sharing content, at least the URLs generated are specific to that tenant eg https://foo-my.sharepoint.com/.... which makes it easy to filter out the bad from the good.

Intel offers Loihi 2 to boffins: A 7nm chip with more than 1m programmable neurons


Will it mimic my desire to...

...run Crysis?

Japanese boffins say they've created plastic optical fibres to reach places that might break glass


But how cheap will it REALLY be?

I would hope for cheap and easy termination in the field, even for the relatively untrained individual. Beyond that, if they could just stretch the tech to a few hundred meters, could this make cheap installs for FTTH a reality?


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