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Virgin Mobile coughs to choking its customers

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They starting blocking tethering on my account earlier this year. It's been working fine for the past 3 years but according to Virgin's support team they "don't allow tethering". Unfortunately I can't find my 3 year old contract to see what it says about tethering.

Looks like I'll have to jump ship when my contract comes up for renewal. The annoying thing is that I only tether once every few months and NEVER use much data, in fact my plan is capped at 1GB.

Ford unwraps '2013 Mondeo'

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There's something very American looking about this otherwise rather beautiful car. I imagine that front end will change before it reaches Europe.

Samsung gets a few days of Christmas

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If Samsung win

If Samsung win this in the end, can they sue Apple for lost profits?

BBC bigs up iPlayer for TVs and consoles

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Am I missing something?

My ps3 is just giving me the old style browser based iplayer...

Apple wades in to defend developers

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...why didn't I patent "buying stuff"?

Toshiba reveals iPad 2 rival

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They've undercut the iPad 16GB by $19? When you're paying $500 for a gadget I don't think saving $19 is going to sway the consumer much. Having said that, it looks like a better product so I really hope it catches on.


David Wood

How many mobile devices?

Spotify premium can be used on 3 mobile devices (although not at the same time if you're in online mode). How many mobile devices does Napster allow?

Brits won't get PSP price cut, says Sony

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Importing from euro zone

So if I order one from amazon.fr to the UK, do I have to pay UK VAT in the import? Otherwise by my estimates you could buy one for approx £115 + P&P.

Nintendo 3DS smashes advance order record

David Wood

Amazon is cheapest

A quick search shows that Amazon is the cheapest retailer by at least a fiver. Perhaps this is why they have massive pre-orders?

BBC iPlayer iPad app out this week

David Wood

BBC Trust says no to kit-specific iPlayer apps

I thought the BBC Trust said they wouldn't write kit-specific iPlayer apps?

Sony Ericsson LiveView remote phone viewer

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Exercise app

If this would work with an exercise app like endomondo i would consider buying it - provided they fix all of the issues! It would be great to have a speed read out on my wrist.

T-Mobile imposes swingeing cuts on fair use data limits

David Wood

Fingers crossed

They haven't changed the website yet, it still says 3GB if you signed up with an andriod phone. I haven't had a text so perhaps i'll be ok. Fingers crossed!


David Wood


I took out a 24 month contract 1 month ago because they had a 3GB fair usage policy on Android phones (1GB on other phones)!

That's an 83% reduction!

Twitter joke martyr loses appeal

David Wood

European Court of Human rights

I'm sure the European Court of Human rights will defend his right to freedom of speech - oh no, they only defend criminals.

This might be my last day as a commentard... bit worried about losing my job and getting a criminal record.

Visual Studio suits up for business apps

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"Under the covers it's Visual Studio, so hand-off to Visual Studio developers is simple, because it's a well-architected Visual Studio application," Mendlen said

Oh good God. It's bad enough picking up applications written by fellow developers, but picking up applications written by management!

Nokia switches direction and gives away maps

David Wood

RE: 5800 Firmware

You can always "Debrand" your phone (using a free app) so that you can download the latest version of the firmware from Nokia. In my experience this works perfectly - although it probably invalidates your warranty and 3 will probably get annoyed if you start using 2G networks in preference to their 3G network.

Apple adds Tesco as iPhone partner

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Tesco mobile

Tesco mobile are already partnered with O2, because they run on O2's network. It will be interesting to see what happens with price because tesco have a very different pricing policy to the big 4. They seem to make you buy the phone whether you take out a contract or use pay as you go.

I'm sure Apple have come to some agreement to stifle the competition though.

Asus' Eee keyboard out next month - official

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A nice idea but...

Does this mean that rather than having one (or zero) cables running from my keyboard to my PC and the rest tucked away under/behind the desk I now have: Speaker cable, mic cable, Ethernet, webcam, etc. all running across my desk?

Wii web update wallops BBC iPlayer

David Wood

All new iPlayer designed specifically for Wii

I found this quote in the FAQ interesting:

"We are currently investigating and hope to resolve the issues with the BBC iPlayer website. Later this year we will be launching all-new BBC iPlayer designed specifically for the Wii."

Wonder whether this "all-new BBC iPlayer" will be web based or in its own channel on the Wii. It will be interesting to see if the quality of the streams will go up when they get the iPlayer working on the Wii again.

AT&T's iPhone MMS to be free

David Wood

£6 per megabyte!!!?

... enough said! I'm speechless!

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

David Wood

No IE, no problem...

I'll just go to the mozilla/microsoft/opera/google website and download their browser... just fire up my browser first... D'oh!

Microsoft's idea of Family Protection? Block Google

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Won't let you access your own router either

I installed this a couple of months ago.

The idea is that each user has a live.com account and they use this to login to the familty safety filter.

My router occasionally plays up and loses my internet connection so I login to the router through a web browser and reboot the router. When this first happened after installing the Family Safety Filter I couldn't authenticate to live.com (because my net connection was down) and because I wasn't authenticated to live.com I couldn't access anything using a web browser - including my own router!

Needless to say I uninstalled the Family Safety Filter fairly promptly.

Leaving PCs on costing UK business millions

David Wood

Leaving machines on is cheap!

I am a software developer and generally have my IDE and a couple of virtual machines running on my work PC. Starting it up and shutting it down again every day would take at least 20 minutes. That's going to cost my company at least £10 a day in lost productivity.

Third-gen Apple iPhone in development?

David Wood


> The firmware revelation is exciting though, so we’ll keep you posted

Very exciting, I almosy jizzed in my pants.

Seriously though - this is not a story!

Acer raises UK prices

David Wood
Gates Halo

At least...

... Apple and Microsoft having used a 1:1 exchange rate in recent years won't have to adjust their prices.. or will they?

Mobile phones cause bad behaviour in kids - report

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Where do they get funding for this sort of rubbish? Were they specifically looking for bad behaviour in kids or did they just look at a bunch of statistics until they found something they could publish?

Sony pooh-poohs Amazon PS3 PlayTV pre-order posting

David Wood

They might be telling the truth for once

I pre-ordered Mario Kart from them a couple of months ago and they had the release date down as 31st July 2008 (even though the release date had already been announced). Perhaps that's some sort of default on their system.

Intempo Rebel DJ and ad-zapping FM radio

David Wood


If you're going to commit copyright theft why wouldn't you just steal them from the internet rather than going through all this hassle?

BBC to launch iPlayer for Wii

David Wood

A nice gimmic

You have to go through the internet channel to get to iplayer, there's no dedicated channel. It runs through the flash player - all the BBC have really done is encoded the programs using a codec which works on flash 7. Because the codec is old they have to use a bit rate of 820kbps rather than the 500kbps which the original iplayer uses - and the quality is lower.

I haven't been able to get it to run smoothly on my wii, but that's probably because my bandwidth is throttled at this time of day.


Microsoft vs European Commission: the verdict

David Wood

Rip off Britain

And we wonder why they charge use twice as much for Vista!


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