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BOFH: I get locked out, but I get in again

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Re: ChatGPT

Have I missed the part of The Register that is badly written erotica?

Scientists trace tiny moonquakes to Apollo 17 lander – left over from 1972


One that causes confusion with the use of ~ and - to make it initially look like there was only a 10 degree change...

Bizarre backup taught techie to dumb things down for the boss


Re: You wouldn't file your important papers in the wheelie bin

I went away overnight, came back to a red royal mail branded slip saying parcel in the blue bin... Which had been emptied that morning.

Royal mail still claimed it can't have been them and must have been some other courier, despite it being a royal mail branded slip...


"I refuse to believe that..."

Don't take it so litterally

Forget these apps and AI, where's my flying car? Ah, here's one with an FAA license


Range of 150 miles

Range of 150 miles - or 75 there and back when picking up someone ... I can see how it'll be helpful in a few scenarios, but it'll need further to be a general purpose vehicle

Parts of UK booted offline as Virgin Media suffers massive broadband outage


Re: Fare thee (not so) well, Virgin

Had a similar experience trying to leave Virgin. Next time I'll try to shortcut the process by saying customer is dead. The fact that they're still talking to me hopefully will be ignored

BOFH: Selling the boss on a crypto startup


Re: Proof of Cash

I think that's the story of OneCoin... The podcast "the missing crypto queen" is worth a listen on this. But I feel so bad for so many people scammed out of their life savings, many of them in poorer countries.

Fake it until you make it: Can synthetic data help train your AI model?


Re: I know its not what the article is about

I was interested to see more on these "keys and chests" videos, but my googling hasn't been able to find it - are you able to provide a link?

When product names go bad: Microsoft's Raymond Chen on the cringe behind WinCE


Re: Low quality

While in the USA I found a shop advertising "Brand New Antique Furniture"

Wifinity hands customers bills for Wi-Fi services they didn't want but used by accident after software 'glitch' let 'fixed term' subs continue


gambling on people not taking them to court?

I imagine that if you're not in complete control of where you'll live, it becomes harder to use the small claims court etc as you could be in another country when your court date comes up

What a cluster fsck: New scheduling code plus Intel's Alder Lake CPU mix equals a slower Linux kernel 5.16

Paris Hilton

With processor specific tweaks like this, in what I assume is code run regularly and therefore performance sensitive, do people without these fancy processors see a performance drop because of the redundant code, or is there some cunning boot time optimisation (since I don't think anyone supports hot swapping the CPU)

Thousands of Firefox users accidentally commit login cookies on GitHub


Re: If you want to be safe.

If you dig into the Firefox code (I did) you'll see they are careful to ensure everything is encrypted before it leaves your machine. It's even possible (although not easy and poorly documented) to run your own sync server if you don't trust theirs.

That said, I don't think cookies are synced. Passwords and settings are.

No return of the JEDI: Supreme Court declines to hear Oracle's challenge to now-dead cloud deal

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Re: Wars vs Trek

You must be new here...

UK altnet CityFibre's boss on its hopes to capitalise on market churn as fibre broadband rolls out


Re: Cityfibre ... arghhhh

Contractor in Cambridge caused no end of havoc here, digging trenches in front of front doors with no notice, and going round knocking on doors asking for people to move the cars in front of the house, and getting aggressive when the people in the house said it wasn't their car. (no, parking hadn't been suspended because that would require them to have paid the council).

Work is shoddy, blocking drains and ruining the look of the road. Next to me they've put an access panel under a parking space then get annoyed when someone parks on it, leading to them trying to lever it up with a car above...

Never going to use them on a point of principle.

Imagine a fiber optic cable that can sense it's about to be dug up and send a warning

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Re: London, Englund

I did a double take at that, but Englund is his surname

Forget that Loon's balloon burst, we just fired 700TB of laser broadband between two cities, says Alphabet


Re: Standards of measure

Using the engineering method of π being "a bit more than 3", πr²=5 gives r of 1cm and a little bit... Doesn't seem that off for a quarter? It's been a while since I've been in the USA mind...

UK funds hydrogen-powered cargo submarine to torpedo maritime emissions by 2050


Why a submarine?

I don't fully understand what the benefits of it being a submarine, rather than a surface vessel, are? Does it go deep enough that it doesn't really need to worry about other traffic? Or is it all about the sea state and being less affected?