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Toyota servers ran out of storage, crashed production at 14 plants in Japan

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Its a pretty lengthy subject, you should defo read up on it, but basically you save money by reducing inventory waiting to be processed/shipped, eliminate waste (quality problems, time stock is sat waiting, over production) and get an overall more productive manufacturing system.

Its how Toyota beat US car makers back in the day, and has been applied to many other sectors, heavily influencing software development (e.g. moving from big batch development deployed once every 6 months, to single piece flow deployed multiple times a day)

"Making your process as flimsy and unresilliant as possible"

It does quite the opposite, it enables and encourages workers to make processes less flimsy and more resilient..

Tesla steering problems attract regulator eyes for second time this year

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Multiple reports indicate the affected vehicles had been driven less than 1,000 miles, and several users mention having to reboot the vehicle's electronic systems to purge error messages and restore steering, which in some cases was only a temporary fix until the next failure

Who the fook is rebooting their cars and carrying on driving it? Can windows sysadmins afford Tesla's?

Software developer cracks Hyundai car security with Google search

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Re: I think we know how this happened!

This is not solved by googling, searching for a key literally gives you nothing. It's solved by an upfront x-functional discussion of risk and (as boring as this sounds) a robust policy and technical controls to protect secrets.

Rejoice! System Administrator Appreciation Day (SAAD) is nigh

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Re: The Internet... turn it off and on again.

We turned the internet off for a day, that'll learn you ya bastards!

Hi I'm from HR, unfortunately the economic shock from the internet outage, yesterday, means we have to reduce opex. We are therefore placing 80% of sysadmins at risk of redundancy

Atlassian reveals critical flaws in almost everything it makes and touches

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I promise to lower taxes, cut inflation.....and ban, by penalty of death, hardcoded passwords.

Vote for me friends

At last, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 slips out

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I still get an angry feeling, deep deep in my stomach, every time I see "Centos Stream" mentioned.

Happy birthday Windows 3.1, aka 'the one that Visual Basic kept crashing on'

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Time sink

*bummer* How did this article not mention the true time overhead of windows 3.1.... It came with Chips Challenge, if you were fortunate enough to have the entertainment pack, oh the hours wasted!

How not to attract a WSL (or any) engineer

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Re: high school

I guess the point I was trying to make is just because you don't see a reason for the question, doesn't mean one doesn't exist. But fair point!

The reason I ask that is to assess a person's self awareness. We all do things that annoy people**. for a great team dynamic, it's important we can recognise these traits in ourselves, can admit them, be challenged on them, can openly discuss them in a team.

** Mine seem to be asking annoying interview questions :)

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Re: high school

Sure! That sounds like a good question to asses function skillset. But I'm sure you will agree, "soft" skills or personal qualities are equally as important as tech skills.

When it comes to assessing culture fit... What's really quite important to me, is that someone can recognise their flaws or things they do that would get people's backs up. We all have them right? Basically I'm looking for self awareness... Would this person cause havoc in the team without realising it?

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Re: high school

Of course it has a right answer... Its just harder to understand the hiring managers reason for asking it, which is often the case with personal values questions.

I'm not saying it's a good question or that it is well thought out, but I can think if a number of reasons for asking such questions.

If I were interviewing candidates I would have questions like "what would your close friends/family say is your most annoying trait". There is a very specific reason I would ask that and it's nothing to do with me wanting to know their annoying traits are

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Re: high school

Can you not think of any legitimate reason for them asking that question? The question could simply be to establish an individuals hunger/work ethic; habits and values are often instilled at a young age.

Just because you left School 30+ years ago, does not mean that every candidate did.

£42k for a top-class software engineer? It's no wonder uni research teams can't recruit

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Re: IT person

"yet haven't learnt or progressed their skills during those years"

Odd isn't it... not just developers but the whole spectrum of "IT workers" (knowledge workers), who don't think continual skills improvement both inside and outside of work is important.

Managing various knowledge workers over the years, you can REALLY tell who is investing in themselves outside of work.

"when it's the results and - ability to work with other people effectively - that actually matters"


Technology has the potential to close the education divide. Key word: Potential

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Having engaged parents who take part in the learning journey is a key contributing factor to the success of a child's play education, however, IMO not as important as the Schools leadership and the teachers.

Systems exist to try and connect teachers to parents and allow parents to engage in the curriculum, however, it's only used by parents who are already engaged. No amount of tech is gonna convince a parent with the mindset of "teaching my kid is your job, that's why I pay taxes" to help teach them new skills.

Having great teachers makes a huge difference, problem is they are more expensive. So if you have a School who can bring in more income (PTA, grants,pupil premium, letting premises e.t.c), they can get the better teachers too.... So money does play a part (which is sad)