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FAST cracks down on pirates near Penzance

David Robinson
Paris Hilton

Obviously a muppet

"We entered into correspondence with Rogers, informing him of our discoveries and letting him know that all our member wanted was for him to destroy the unlawful stock of copied software he had manufactured, acknowledge that he had breached copyright, and enter into discussions regarding compensation."

Surely an email stating "OK!, Done" would have sufficed and then just carry on as normal, thats what Paris would have done! *nods*

SMS-enabled solar parking meters for Eastbourne

David Robinson


Surely it would be wiser to use the text system to pay for parking, Thus meaning there is no cash in the machine. Maybe then the machine could text the person who has parked and then warn them of

the impending running out of their parking time.

Then if the payment hasn't been made within 15 minutes then issue a fine. Meaning we can rid ourselves of jobs worth traffic wardens.

The machines could also have lazers installed to annilihate any said traffic wardens whilst providing a secondary function of heating the kebab you just bought.

But then bored ticket vending machines my start communicating, work out that the human race is a threat to their peace an tranquility , especially the male form, being reason why they stink of p1ss on a saturday and the sexy bit of hardware down the road isnt interested in them. Start an uprising and kill all the humans in Eastbuorne!

ROTM <fear> just give free parking and use the money to oooh i dunno not introduce meaningless £40 refuse collection taxes.

Great British fry-up under threat

David Robinson


At last a reason to be proud of my dairy allergy !! :D Eggs, HA! cant afford to buy em but hey if i could they'd kill me :)


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