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Virgin Media email customers enter third day of inbox infuriation


Re: May contain highly technical content

This one is being called a "technical issue"!! Watch out, boffins, you're exploding my brains!

Goddard Space Flight Center's new boss swears in on holy Pale Blue Dot


Nice to see someone toss the "good book" for something worth reading.

Southwest Airlines sued for failing to give prompt refunds after IT meltdown


To be fair, bulk-reversing the transactions by flight number sounds like a risky move

Perseverance rover drops off first sample tube on surface of Mars


What if Perseverance loses power and the backup tube slips out of new lander's grip and rolls down the ridge?

Those low-code tools devs love so much? They'll grow 20% in 2023, says Gartner


"Devs don't love them" - I'm 100% sure the Reg headline writers were being sarcastic

Microsoft leaves the Office, rebrands everything as 365


Re: Möbius strip

Not sure if they are aware of this, but it takes twice as long to navigate a Möbius strip as it does a normal strip. – BWHAHAHAHAHAHA - that's awesome.

VMware confirms Carbon Black causes BSODs, boot loops on Windows


Re: Huh?

Endpoint sensors are for threat hunting /security monitoring - you install them on all your client servers, PCs etc. Kaspersky also has something like this. I see they've updated the piece to add info.

NASA to commission independent UFO study


Ronald Moultrie, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, sounds like a fun guy, "Yes, I have followed science fiction. I have gone to conventions, even, I'll say it on the record.

"I don't necessarily dress up." C'mon Ronald... let your nerd flag fly!

EU makes USB-C common charging port for most electronic devices


Re: Micro USB

It's not just the charger - it's the charging PORT. They can't get around it now. one charger to rule them all!

OneWeb inks deal to launch its LEO satellites from India


Re: Inks Deal?

Errr... they've always used "inks deal". Uses of the phrase on the site date back over twenty years to 2001, see https://search.theregister.com/?q=%22inks+deal%22

UK spy agencies sharing bulk personal data with foreign allies was legal, says court


The article does refer to the bulk data illegality judgements - which occurred i the UK as well as in the EU - this is about the UK sharing that data with five eyes/foreign allies. It should stick in UK taxpayers' craw not just to get snooped on for supposed domestic security, but also having their data shared with other countries. And all of this being overseen by a secret court!

IBM US staff must be fully vaccinated by December – or go back to bed without pay


Not true.

"vaccinated people are less likely to spread the virus if they catch Delta: their levels of nasal virus drop faster than do those of unvaccinated infected people, and their nasal swabs contain smaller amounts of infectious virus."

Crank up the volume on that Pixies album: Time to exercise your Raspberry Pi with an... alternative browser


Re: Pixies

They are a quite representative band in a genre of music in the 1990s that was known as "Alternative" music (as in the alternative to the mainstream).

They sound very punk rockish, and many of the songs are led by bassist Kim Deal (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPgf_btTFlc).

Confessions of a ransomware negotiator: Well, somebody's got to talk to the criminals holding data hostage


Good for him moving off dealing with human hostages to data though - 20 years hobnobbing with kidnappers has got to take its toll