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Just because on-prem is cheaper doesn’t make the cloud a money pit


Brought to you today by <insert datacenter company name here>...

No, I will not pay the bill. Why? Because we pay you to fix things, not break them


"Thanksgiving" isn't just a US thing...It's celebrated (in such that folks get the day off) in other countries as well, parts of Canada etc.

Also (apologies i was triggered)...Just because a user touches a computer doesn't mean they've screwed something up (to paraphrase)? It doesn't mean they haven't either...And you know its the truth so don't bother arguing. 15 or so years ago i upgraded a person's .net as required for some software upgrade and a virus popped up...the virus required a newer version of .net to run properly, so had just been waiting around. She also had more than half her screen populated with search bars on whatever version of ie we were running at the time (5? ...or was it netscape?). I can also recall users unplugging computers and not being able to figure out how to turn it on the next morning (director level position...happened twice)...Did you know, that you can force an old style usb in to an ethernet jack at a 45 degree angle with very little pushing (oh and it turns out the mouse you're plugging in *still* doesn't work). Once i was teaching a bunch of slackers (professors) at a one Ball State University between semesters as requested by leadership there, microsoft office class (back in the late 90s), and a prof there raised her hand and requested some help. I wandered over and took a quick look at her screen, she wanted to know how to open word or excel or something, so i said "ok, take the mouse, and double click on this icon here, this is word...she picks the mouse up and clinks it against the cvt. One time, head of sales at a small company years ago said the update i pushed out earlier in the week was causing his pc to work properly. I came over a bit later, spent 10 min unplugging and plugging in his pc, plugging and unplugging various components. It was just doing weird stuff...then i noticed there was water under the keyboard, then he looked in just as i picked up the keyboard and an eighth of a cup of water came pouring out.

Dude...users...they're the worst. Except for maybe it managers... "Hey are the vmware servers shut off yet? <yank> 'No don't...f*ck' <ZZZZzzzzzz go the fans>..."

Human-replacing AI startups reach $1bn unicorn status


You say that like this article (or my post) weren't already written by bots...

Also.../cough...Videocardz.com =)

Logging and monitoring can be a form of bullying, and make for lousy infosec


"Logging and monitoring could* be a form of bullying"...

Yikes...then filling out forms could be a form* of bullying too. Or anything any individual doesn't like is a form of bullying, like you wearing a yellow shirt for instance. Yea those instances are even further out there then the previous mentions, but they're on that same line of thought (if you can call it that). There definitely are lines we shouldn't cross, and finding those lines and setting those lines should happen (and they will change over time based on our current relative culture etc...). But we may have better things to do then trying to please every person on earth, then again, maybe we don't.

IT blamed after HR forgets to install sockets in new office


That [4 letter expiative] needs fired and publically. And i mean the HR guy. That shouldn't be passed with casual dislike, he needs to be publicly shamed and never allowed back in the HR world and should be paying out double what he took from the IT guy. The IT manager should be fired as well for not bringing up what he knew and never allowed back in to a management position. People need to stand up to this kind of crap. Folks need to learn a little respect for their fellow human and someone in HR who acts like that has no business there.

CIA illegally harvested US citizens' data, senators assert


Really? "We're" shocked about this? It's barely worth notice at this point. The word that best comes to mind is "Duh", imo. Does it bother me that they may have pulled info about me personally? Not terribly...i've got more important things to worry about frankly.

Japan's aerospace agency hooks up with Boeing to make planes quieter when they land


Japan has a space agency? Next thing you know you'll tell me Canada has a navy... ;-)