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JavaScript dev deliberately screws up own popular npm packages to make a point of some sort

Redact Ted

Maintain it unit you can't/ don't want to then stop?

I mean, no one is holding a gun to your head. Make a final commit that says "thats it I'm done good luck" and move on with your life.

Let people fork it who have the energy/ resource to continue. If a big company forks it, maybe you can bargain your way into a job with them?

Being bitter about not being able to monetize isn't going to help, you should have thought a bit harder about that when you decided to go open. Lesson learned for next time.

(Terribly easy for ne to say such things when I'm unlikely to ever be in a similar position...).

Google to revive RSS support in Chrome for Android

Redact Ted

Google Reader was a cut above

Was quite a blow when the goog pulled the cork on it.

Bit hard to monetise rss feeds though, ad's don't seem to make it through to the reader unless they are embedded. Which is generally why I use rss.

Though i do find it easy to get overwhelmed if I sub to too many or too active a site.

Using feedly now but never really been happy with it.


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