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Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 delayed


Uh, how is this news?

The RTM announcement for Vista's SP1 already said that there'd only be a few languages available at launch.

As it says in this article: http://windowsvistablog.com/blogs/windowsvista/archive/2008/02/04/announcing-the-rtm-of-windows-vista-sp1.aspx (posted in Feb, just after SP1 went RTM for the first 4 languages)

"The remaining languages will RTM in April." I fail to see how you can read in a "OMG DELAYED" statement into the post this article refers to. With this revelation, what exactly do you expect the service pack to do? Trash the system? Install anyway, Even though the user won't be able to use it anymore?

Watching a friend go through the translation process for a piece of software he wrote, It seems to me that it's fairly complex. Doing it for something the size of windows is probably a mammoth task. Why are you shocked when it takes time?

SCO files for US bankruptcy protection


New SCO or Old SCO?

"Yes, SCO have made some good products in their time, but they lost their way."

Are you possibly thinking of old SCO? Keep in mind that the old SCO, now known as Tarantella, is the original SCO from back in the day. Caldera bought sco's unixware business, and SCO's trademarked name, then rebranded itself back to SCO after Ransom Love dropped out of the equation, THEN went on a litigious spree of self destruction. New-SCO didn't really develop anything particularly special that I can think of.