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Shocking: UK electricity tariffs are among world's most expensive


Price fixing, anyone?

With so many smaller energy providers going bust in the UK because of the steep increase in wholesale gas prices and because they kept prices down by not taking out insurance to protect them in such an eventuality, only the big 5 or 6 are left in business. We were switched from a provider who went bust over to Brutish Gas and I'm now paying more for electricity alone than I was paying for dual fuel before. I have no idea how much I will be charged for gas because of "technical difficulties" getting account details transferred to BG from the failed provider.

Not a good situation.

Zoom agrees to pay subscribers $25 to put its security SNAFUs behind it


Re: Sure you do

I agree. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Promising to improve privacy does not make them trustworthy all of a sudden. Someone over at Zoom thought it was a good idea to sell their users' personal details without disclosing it. How do we know that person and mindset are no longer there?


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