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BOFH: Get me a new data file or your manager finds out exactly what you think of him

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This is why...

I don't want to work in sales. Just had an interview yesterday where I had to do both development and sales, and the pay is not enough for either of those jobs.

On top of this, I might end up dealing with someone like Simon. Fuck that. A hard pass from me.

Twitter savaged by former security boss Mudge in whistleblower complaint

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Mudge the otter

His name reminded me of Spellsinger series by Alan Dean Foster, where there was an otter named Mudge.

BOFH: HR's gold mine gambit – they get the gold and we get the shaft

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Out of all these...

I would have hired that x-baker. At least he made some effort with real pies.

Internet Explorer 11 limps to the end of Windows 10 road

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Re: It's a shame, actually.

Feel you brother. When it comes to accessibility, nothing comes anything near the IE. I remember how when I learned to use computer back in 2014, blind people were unwilling to switch to anything else, because the shear amount of headaches other browsers and technologies cause us.

The problem is also spreading, since most browsers do use chrome engine, meaning if one site has some accessibility problem, then it will be useless to switch the browser, and try to access it that way. Because the browsers are using the same engines, the problem is carried over to them.

This is why I actually don't like what is happening with Firefox recently. Once it goes out, what we're left with? Nothing. IE is already gone, and once Firefox and its engine are gone, we'll be out of options. Linux doesn't offer anything better for us, the accessibility is bad there.

And even if someone tries to fix that, the folks yell at them. I know a guy who tried to develop an alternative screen reader to Orca, and a lot of the Linux folks yelled at him for that, telling him to focus on Orca instead. Never mind it is badly documented, and has some other issues, including badly designed, and poorly documented accessibility interfaces.

Avira also mines imaginary internet money on customers' PCs

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Re: Tried Avira...

Mere presence of Norton inspire such rage within me.

Also, blind here as well. Though I do like to consider myself reasonably tech savvy. The fancy apps probably were the reason why the neighbor could use that computer.

The Ghost of Windows Past haunts a street corner in Bermondsey

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Re: easy fix:

And given my generation of developers deriding the hardware and assembly, chances of that happening are very slim.

India makes $10B bid to grow local semiconductor industry to serve – and challenge – the world

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Re: Well, good luck to them

As someone who lives here, I can tell you: don't believe it.

Chances are high that this will be forgotten in few years, only brought up with some honest journalists every now and then.

In short, it probably won't get off the ground.

In case I'm proven wrong, I will be delighted.

Better CEO is 'taking time off' after firing 900 staff on Zoom

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Re: Well he deservers it!

Please don't insult snakes like that. In all the business deals I have with those reptiles, they've been classy. Nothing like this guy.

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Re: engaged an independent 3rd party firm to do a leadership and cultural assessment

As an Indian, I can totally confirm this. People are just treated like the parts of a machine, easily switchable.

BOFH: Time to put the Pretty Dumb F in PDF reader

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I fucking hate those.

Reg debate asks readers about their post pandemic status. Half ask, 'What status?'

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Re: "management never forgives and never forgets"

But that is the case all the time, doesn't matter whether there is a pandemic or not.

Indian government promises One Portal To Rule Them all in support of colossal infrastructure build

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Years later...

The entire thing panns out as nothing more than a money sinkhole. That is, if it ever expands beyond the paper.

Microsoft turns Windows Subsystem for Linux into an app for Windows

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Re: Found a shortcut

I would love to do that. Unfortunately, screenreaders on the linux are nowhere near good enough compare to windows. And me being a blind user and all, can't do without them.

The problem is further compounded by the fact that Orca, the screen reader which comes with linux, is maintained by just one guy last I checked. I'm sure that experienced users would be able to recount better stories of open source failure. But in my opinion, this one is the worse, given the impact on me and users like me.

Nearly 140 nations – from US and UK to EU, China and India – back 15% minimum corporate tax rate

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Double Irish Dutch Sandwich

Sounds like a sex position to me.

'Quantum computer algorithms are linear algebra, probabilities. This is not something that we do a good job of teaching our kids'

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Re: Wish you luck

In short, India.

We have some sad news about Facebook. It has returned to the internet after six-hour mega outage

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I really don't have much sympathy.

Just like every socially rejected kid out there, I started a blog. It was going fine, I created a page for promoting my post.

Then those morons marked my links as spam. When I requested that spam tag be removed, they disabled my account.

Yeah, I know it better now. It was a foolish idea to use facebook in the first place, but alas, you have to get burned once in a while to learn the lessons.

Indian state cuts off internet for millions to stop cheating in exams

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Pretty pathetic

If you ask me. There's a reason why I despise government exams.

BOFH: You'll find there's a company asset tag right here, underneath the monstrously heavy arcade machine

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I sometimes feel

As if I am the youngest reader here, given the war stories in the comments.

Technology doesn’t widen the education divide. People do that

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Re: Do not copy India.

You've presented some very excellant points.

I would like to add that people just see software development as just a way of making a lot of money quickly here. They don't care for the customers, the quality of the product, or even the code. (Unreadable code, not closing streams once you're done using them in java *Shutter* Must forget the language...)

Or if you learned enough, then you can ask eye-gouging prices for teaching people what they can get for free from internet tutorials, or from free code camp.

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Do not copy India.

Because if you did, then you'll end up with companies selling you dreams like "Enroll your 5 or 6 years old child at our bootcamp, and they'll create next google, or foreign businesses will fight over their apps!"

Personally, I did wanted to end up in a tech company, because I like what kind of possibilities programming offered me. But after observing how companies treat their programmers, as well as intellectual bullying, (You don't know this obscure method? How are you working here?) I decided that it is best to do programming in my free time. After all, its not like the compilers and interpreters are going to disappear from my computer.

And do writing, lots and lots of writing, even if it is not good.

Technology does widen the education divide. But not always in the way you expect

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Re: REAL books! Aaaargh!

Take me, for example. I'm blind, and I like to read a lot of books, to programming, to biographies, to fiction, basically anything on which I can get my hands on.

Oh sorry, did I say hands on? I mean any book which I can get on my device. Because printing all those books on braille cost a lot, because the size of the book would double since one page of a normal sighted book is equal to two braille pages, roughly speaking.

That, and the issue of space. If I would have all those books I have read up to now, in just last two years or so, I'll need a separate room in my house to store them. Not to mention, unlike normal books, braille dots do end up getting thinner and thinner over the years, until they become unreadable.

So, all those who think that electronic books are not the real books can get stuffed for all I care, because if it weren't for the electronic format, I wouldn't have enjoyed so many of them.

Google updates timeline for unpopular Privacy Sandbox, which will kill third-party cookies in Chrome by 2023

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I would have been more happy if they fixed some accessibility problem with the blink engine. Back around 2015, if a browser stopped working for me, I would switch the browser, and everything would turn out fine. But ever since the complete domination of google's engine, that strategy is useless.

We've seen things you people wouldn't believe. An exoplanet building its own moons

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If only...

If only I have proper biological hardware, then I too could have appreciated this picture.