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Open source versus Microsoft: The new rebellion begins

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Re: Fingers crossed

But it won’t succeed. As much as I dislike Microsoft, I can tell you right now that this project will fail. Mainly because the council will have numerous third party packages that have integration dependencies on Office. This will be coupled with the majority of users hating having to learn a new Office package UI, plus the loss of specific and relied upon functionality within tools like Teams.

MSFT will just fire the account manager that ‘lost’ the account and wait three years for the customer to return, tail between their legs. Office is a monopoly business. I wish it weren’t.

Cloud vendor lock-in is shocking, but there's a get out of jail card

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Re: Why stop at cloud?

In the real world it’s not that simple. Many customers would love to use an office alternative, but user familiarity, 3rd party application integration requirements, Microsoft ‘every desktop’ EA licensing dictats, lack of feature parity and existing sunk investment in processes and assets that require Office to operate are huge blockers to change.

Microsoft Teams decouples from Office 365 suite globally

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I wonder

…. If they will change the license terms for the ‘decoupled’ Teams version so that it can run on VMs in GCP, AWS and Alibaba. If they don’t, then this announcement is just lipstick on a pig.

Microsoft promises Copilot will be a 'moneymaker' in the long term

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You can delegate copilot to attend teams meetings on you behalf. So it joins the meeting and captures a transcript etc. I was at an event the other day and this customer was talking about their experience around doing this whilst on the co-pilot pilot. They have a morning status meeting which is very boring. So, one day, one person sent co-pilot to 'represent' them. Next day, two people sent co-pilot. And so on. They were sayiong that pretty soon the morning status meeting would be entirely populated by co-pilots, rather than people.

Of course, this is when the co-pilots will start talking to each other. Otherwise known as the singularity :)

Year of Linux on the desktop creeps closer as market share rises a little

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When I was at Microsoft….

Nothing amused us more than reading the posts from Linux on the PC desktop zealots. We would have wagers about how long the decision would take to be reversed on the rare occasions a large company announced a move to open office.

By most metrics, Linux has already won most markets.

But these ‘on the desktop’ type articles serve only to stoke the sense of failure in the Linux community, and superiority in the MS community and in my view, they delay the inevitable

A visa to fill Australia's empty tech jobs is getting more expensive, but maybe better value

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Re: Employment Fiddle

A good, or even mediocre, IT salesperson in Australia will have no problem earning more than the prime minister, so not all roles are poorly paid. Whether the RIGHT roles are poorly paid is a different question though…

European cloud providers locked in talks with Microsoft over licensing complaint

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The damage they have already done is tremendous

There are many, many customers out there who have already been coerced in to Azure as a result of Microsofts licensing ‘rules’. I would suspect that since 2019 they represent the single biggest growth engine for Azure. A customer who has, for example, been forced to move their VDI estate from GCP to Azure because of the 2019 licensing changes Microsoft made will have spent vast amounts of money on the migration, for literally no benefit. Microsoft should be made to pay redress.

Google submits complaints about Microsoft licensing to UK competition regulator

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I reckon this all going to come down to Office…

There are a large number of scenarios where customers need to run MS Office on backend servers to support server based applications (PeopleSoft, JD Edwards etc). There is literally no way to license this as Microsoft have ‘forbidden’ Office licenses to be installed on EC2 or GCE. Word on the street is that Microsoft reps know this and are refusing to provide customers with any option other than ‘move the application to Azure’’.

My personal opinion is that this would seem to be leveraging their monopoly in the desktop application space to force customers in to Azure. Which is surely a bit dodgy from a competition law perspective?

Microsoft adds FPGA-powered network accelerator to Azure

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AWS have had Nitro for many years

Is this just Microsoft trying to catch up? Are they really THAT far behind?

Imagine a world without egress fees or cloud software license disparities

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Re: Imagine a world without egress fees or cloud software license disparities

And then you just need need to port every software application that only runs on Windows so that it runs and in supported on Linux. Simples.

Microsoft still prohibits Google or Alibaba from running O365 Windows Apps

Cloudy Day

The thing i want to know is…

What, exactly, are Microsoft going to do if you ignore their rules about not running Office 365 on GCP, Alibaba or even EC2 come to that?

Usually, when you break a Microsoft licensing ‘rule’, they hit you up for a ‘compliance’ order. You are forced to buy the licenses that allow you to do what you have been doing.

But in this case, there are NO licenses you can buy that allow you to run on GCP, Alibaba or EC2.

So, what are they going to do? Turn off O365? Most organisations (banks, governments, healthcare etc) would not be able to operate without running Microsoft Office. Is this really what Microsoft are threatening?

Microsoft concession: You can run our wares in AWS virtual desktop under 'revised policy'

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Still not fixing the elephant in the room.

Two elephants actually. The first is that customers who (quite legally) implemented their office VDI on EC2 are forced to spend vast amounts of money moving it somewhere other than EC2, due to Microsoft’s October 2019 licensing rule change.

And the 2nd is that applications that require a sever side copy of Office to run still cannot be deployed on EC2 as there is no way to license Office on EC2.

Both of these situations massively favour Azure. I would be highly surprised if Microsoft are unaware of this….. I

Antitrust clouds continue to gather over Microsoft's European business

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Re: Cry me a river

The issue is that Microsoft cannot compete technically with the likes of AWS and GCP, so they have to try coerce customers in to Azure using dodgy licensing practices that leverage their dominance in the Office productivity space. It is the legality of driving Azure adoption through restrictive Office 365 licensing terms that I suspect will be scrutinised by the regulators.

Goodbye Azure AD, Entra the drag on your time and money

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Competition authorities are closing in…

You know that Active Directory service you had MSFT…. that was clearly market dominant? Seems you have been using it to force customers to stand up an Azure footprint if they want to use your other monopoly products, like M365.

MSFT response: oh noooooooo. These customers been standing up an ENTRA service. Nothing AT ALL to do with Azure or AD…..

Germany sours on Microsoft again, launches antitrust review

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Look at what they are doing with O365 licensing…

You cannot legally run VDI infrastructure ( with Office 365 installed) or install Office on servers to support application integration requirements on any major cloud other than Azure. This strikes me as being extremely dubious from a completion perspective. Leveraged their almost total domination in the desktop productivity apps space to drive Azure adoption. Very shady indeed.

You're not imagining it. Amazon and AWS want to hire all your friends, enemies, and everyone in between

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Better than MS

Having spent many years at MS and a couple at AWS, I can state that AWS pays better than MS, is a nicer place to work, is FAR less metrics obsessed and that reps at AWS are not encouraged to coerce their customers in to buying software/cloud services they do not need through the threat of being audited. Work pressure, work life balance and general politics are about the same. AWS employees are encouraged to invent new ways of doing things. MS employees are expected to keep ploughing up and down their tightly defined swim lane, at a speed chosen by an incompetent manager, furiously bull$hitting customers as they do so.