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Spain bows before la blogosfera

Pablo Barboza
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slow day...

Was Lester just trying to copy/parody/whatever the BBC's article about Franglais?


... slow day, indeed...


Completely agree with you. It's plain stupid to try to translate acronyms for each and every language.

Besides, "blogosfera" is a perfectly adapted word, both in grammar and pronunciation... it's not the first time that happens in Spanish, you know? (jardín, anyone?)

Welcome to the El Reg bumper demographic survey

Pablo Barboza
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I am completely with you in that one!

Although I am in the IT industry, I read El Reg mostly because it is amusing... comments are the most important part of the articles (btw why some articles don't allow comments? that's just unfair)

Besides, here in the tropic is difficult to tell the difference between British and US English (at least written, you got to love English accent)...

Researchers find massive mud flow off African coast

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and this slide that occurred 60000 years ago is relevant to you, or me, or anybody (besides the guy that get paid for researching it) because... ¿?

Holy pancake appears on eBay

Pablo Barboza

holy pancakes, Batan!

This completely beat the cr*p out of a holy waffer...

please, keep my coat, I'll be back

BOFH: How dangerous are your users?

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I'm the first to post!!!11!

Yes I know, according to El Reg rules, I am not the first, and someone else posted the same idea 5 minutes ago, but... two polls in a month?

Is Simon running out of ideas? Should he be put to rest at once?

Flying cow destroys minivan

Pablo Barboza


El Reg should consider seriously open a Raise of the Animals (tm) section...

And wasn't an Apocryphal rule "pictures or it never happened"?

BOFH: Budget cuts

Pablo Barboza


So, from now on Vista boxes will contain the BOfH Brand Seal of Approval?

That's enough for me...

Didn't bring my coat, but I'm getting a taxi anyway

Preterite peter-out: How the end beginned

Pablo Barboza

@Academie Ingles?

That's why I love the Spanish way!

nothing like a medieval institution to decide what is and what isn't part of our language (and that is NOT sarcasm)

Somehow for me the Royal Academy of the Language, the FIFA and the Catholic Church are very similar one another

Terror police lock down Soho to smoke out 9lbs of chillis

Pablo Barboza

Re: Re: mmmm... chilli

A reference to said episode was a must-do, given the nature of the article...

Talking about IT angle, don't forget that El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer is one of the very few Simpson episodes that features CGI

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins

Pablo Barboza

You forgot...


C'mon... he could use a paper clip and Milla Jovovich's elastic bands to make Chuck kill himself!


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