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Not a baaa-d idea: Embracing the eunuch lifestyle slows ageing – for sheep anyway


Re: Clarkson's Farm

You go first and we have at least one problem less.



All of these mutilations of healthy bodies make a nice profit for the Medical Industrial Complex.

IBM insiders say CEO Arvind Krishna downplayed impact of email troubles, asked for a week to sort things out


Re: Free of customers?

Well, it seems most IT clients have figured they can go directly to Tata, EPAM, IBA, Wipro and Infosys. They dont need to splice IBM or HP in between them and the low cost engineers.

Or they go to Google, Amazon, 1&1, Hetzner and MSFT for cloudy stuff.

And if something is mission critical, there are specialist development consultancies around, with much better engineers than you can ever get from the "computer" companies.

IBM can by now only attract expensive sales reps and cheap engineers.



Once had to install their DB/2 ODBC connector. I only got it done with the assistance of an IBM customer engineer.

Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL I could easily get done myself using the installer plus a bit of reading,


Re: Heads will roll...

Resource Decapitation ?


Re: Memories, and not good ones.

I can second this description of Notes. A hairball of bad ergonomics, dysfunction and bugs. Saw this in two companies.



They should simply nuke the notes stuff (which apparently never anywhere worked properly) and call in their redhat team to set up qmail.

I bet email would then work perfectly.

But I doubt there is any competent decisionmaker left at IBM to make this call.


Re: "due to a lack of resources"

That is totally never and fully impossible. Problems are always blamed on a wageslave these days. I guess the senior wageslave in charge of the notes cluster contracted COVID19 from his dog in homeoffice. That must be it.


Re: I read instead that IBM employee are like kids making shoes for a living...

IBMers can no longer afford shoes ? Yeah, makes sense.


Maybe they can all create a gmail account like:


Google is the new IBM. They are actually able to run mainframe-class systems, because they employ plenty of old white greybeards.


Senior Truth

From a certain level in the pyramid of power you are allowed to new levels of truthiness. Actually benign as compared to "WMD".

Age discrimination case against IBM leaks emails, docs via bad redaction


Whoever is talented and still with IBM should try to jump ship ASAP.


Re: The old tricks

There are some companies around who value "old age", highly skilled engineers. I know of one search engine behemoth who does.

IBM shoots itself in both of their feet by laying off their highly experienced talent.

It seems they want to go to die and a fully young staff will facilitate corporate death.

Latest patches show Rust for Linux project making great strides towards the kernel


Re: 70% of CVE Exploits Are Related To Lacking Memory Safety / Not Sufficient

I always compile with

g++ -Wall ...

And I will fix any warning before I proceed to perform developer tests.

But this does not mean g++ will tell me all the memory safety issues that rustc would tell me in equivalent code. It simply is impossible for a C++ compiler to detect the same types of bugs as a Rust compiler can find. This follows from the language specifications.

Maybe by 2025 the C++ folks have added the same memory safety mechanisms as Rust in their language spec, then you might have a point then.


Re: dis-un-de-throne C in the Linux kernel?! / FALSE

There have been quite a few non-C based operating systems, some of which are arguably safer than Unixoids/Windows, because they use bounds checking inside the kernel.

Here is a small list of them:





Finally, a Rust-based OS, which already works in a prototypical fashion:



Re: C++

In my experience with memory safe languages, bounds checks cost about 10% more CPU Runtime. Modern CPUs seem to perform the bounds check and the access "virtually" in parallel (speculative execution).

It is time to admit humans are NOT perfect "code generators". If we can mitigate the effects of our imperfect work, that is very good in my opinion.


Yeah FUD

So if Google wants to do something against the obvious security risks of the Linux kernel, you come here shouting and changing the subject to ChromeOS.

Maybe you just learn something new and better than what you already know ?

Or maybe you listen to Sir Tony Hoare and what he has to say about memory safety.


Multithreaded Memory Safety in C++ ?

Is there anything of this kind ?

Also, how do you enfore the use of RAII, Smart Pointers and error checked arrays in C++ ?

There are bandaids such as PC Lint, but they cannot look far and deep, unlike Rust.



C++ has exactly the same problems as C, if used naively. For example, std::vector::operator[] is not bounds checked. If you dont use RAII, heap errors are almost preprogrammed.

Most importantly, C++ has no multithread-safe memory concept whatsoever. Best of luck debugging multithreaded memory errors.



You make it look as if the only problems of C are related to strings. This is just a subset of all memory safety errors which occur in practice. All C arrays potentially suffer from index errors. All C heap memory suffers from use after free, double frees and unitialized pointers. Have a look at the CVE database to get real world data.

The people who wrote the HPUX ping of death bug were most likely seasoned developers, not rookies.

Same goes for the many bugs in Windows, in Adobe flash and PDF, in TrueType, Unix utilities and hundreds of thousands of other places. The first time Unix userland utils were run using valgrind, there were loads of memory errors detected.


Re: Another language?

Your cute "small" language C has created an enormous amount of exploitable bugs. The Linux guys seem to attempt a gradual conversion to Rust.

It definitely makes sense given the history of bugs in the Linux (and many other C-programmed) kernels.

Will it work out ? We will see.

There are some highly interesting kernels such as seL4 around and they also use Rust for their higher level/application parts.


Re: Next to learn

Start small, incrementally grow bigger over time. As always with something new. Rust does catch more race conditions than Go.


"C was once a modern language"

I am not sure this is correct. When C was created, there was apparently already a bounds-checked version of Algol around.

Also see this https://www.infoq.com/presentations/Null-References-The-Billion-Dollar-Mistake-Tony-Hoare/


70% of CVE Exploits Are Related To Lacking Memory Safety



Using C and C++ is like not using an ABS brake, "because I know how to properly brake".

Sing a song of Office, a pocketful of why: ARM64 version running in a Pi



...works very nicely on even RPI 2


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