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BlackBerry Q10: This quirky QWERTY will keep loyalists perky

Tony Barnes

Keys are WAY too small on BBs

Why do BlackBerry insist on full QWERTY keyboards crammed into such small space?

I've tried several times to use one, each and every time wanted to smash it to pieces having been forced to try and hit the tiny, tiny keys with the tips of my thumbnails.

Completely pointless unless you are a women or have had a hand transplant operation, with a woman....

Profitless internet biz Pinterest seeks $2.5 BILLION valuation

Tony Barnes

Has anyone got anything positive to say about Pinterest?

I've tried using it.

I've added the app to my phone.

I've had a look around at other people's pins.


Nice polished presentation

Lots of pretty pictures


Pictures are by and large 'stolen' content

What the fuck does it actually do?

Seriously, I browsed about, and as far as I can tell, it's Facebook photos/Tumblr/etc - doesn't bring anything actually useful/new to the table bar a pretty layout.

How on earth it can achieve such a potential level of funding is beyond crazy. I need to come up with a pointless but pretty Web 4.5 application* and make some quick millions from stupid investors.


(*4.5 > 2.0 = more cash, obviously)

The Register iPhone and Android apps: Maintenance update

Tony Barnes


Sat hoping the above are going to be included in this version, kinda made the previous version fecking useless for lots of stories..

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hands-on review

Tony Barnes
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Size looks fine

I've currently got a Desire HD (4.3" screen) and there is a lot of wiggle room in my hand to allow for a bigger phone. Up against my Mekon-esque head, it isn't large in the slightest.

I'm looking forward to owning something with a good sized screen on it, my dimensions happily cater for it. For those crying about it being too big, why not quit moaning and look at small phones that obvious fit your less than impressive size - there's plenty to choose from...

Ten freeware gems for new Macs

Tony Barnes


XBMC is IMO one of the best bits of free software out there, the Mac version is as good as expected, and makes watching my media PC files a breeze in the office on my Mac. Way more elegant than VLC, and whilst it probably doesn't do some of the weired stuff that VLC offers, it does a lot more with ragards to library/pretifying things.

JELLYFISH bio-bot built with rat cells to mend broken hearts

Tony Barnes
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I do love it when we get to read about the more fun research that is going on around the globe. There are plenty of future practical applications for this sort of tech, but for now, it is just great to know that someone somewhere is being given the budget to make stuff like this work!

Europe's prang-phone-in-every-car to cost €5m per life saved

Tony Barnes

Yey another way for beaurocrats to justify their meaningless existence!!!

Seriously, this sort of crap needs to stop. This is legislation for the sake of legislation.

If the figures in the article are close, or at least vagulely ballpark, £5m per person is a frankly stupid value placed on human life - there are already way too many of us anyway. Also I presume the costs will be passed on to drivers?

Oh, obviously this is before we open that Pandoras box that allowing the government to force a monitoring system into legislation generates. Surely this breaches some sort of civil right?

At the end of the day our roads are pretty damn safe. The biggest problem on our roads is, and always will be, people who lack the basic skills required to drive properly, conscientiously, and at a pace that actually equates to people getting where they need to. As and when the human aspect is removed from cars, safety will rocket - until of course a massive trojan distribution cause every car to go all 'Christine' one day....

Apple 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Tony Barnes

256GB - erm...?

Given the high end nature of this device, I can only assume high end users will be interested. How much of that 256GB is available after OS, Creative Suite, etc, are dumped on? Video editing is out of the window unless you specialise in 2 minute films, and inability to just hardwire into your network (unless you buy an adaptor, obviously) means relying on wi-fi for shunting stuff to/from a NAS box - assuming Apple let you do that, lmao!

Thanks, but no thanks. Some awesome additions, well, actually, mainly 1 - the screen, but far too many removals to warrant the cost. Does it even accept a regular SD card????

That said it will still sell like shit off a shovel because it's shiny and has an Apple logo on it. Sigh.

Amazon's Lovefilm HD shuns Sony fanboys

Tony Barnes

What bit rate are they using these days?

12meg requirement for say a 2hr movie would mean a roughly 10gig file, which isn't too bad for 1080, but not ideal - would mean your line running at full pelt the whole time, i.e. not hitting a bandwith throttle. So I assume then that they would hope to get a continuous real world of what, 60-70%? so about a 6-7gig file? That's starting to sound less good.

Volvo claims V40 is first car with an airbag for pedestrians

Tony Barnes


Presumably this will add a decent amount of cost to the price of the car - will people actually want to foot the bill?

Nice design/implementation though

Google compressed-filth legal battle with smut site ended in US

Tony Barnes
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Re: So my question is

Completely agree guys - I highly doubt that Perfect 10 were upset with the amount of traffic Google would push their way. If they haven't set up stuff to not get indexed that they don't want indexing, that really is purely their fault. Plus thumbnails = preview = new customers, as far as I can tell they were trying to sue Google for making their business more profitable?!?!

Funnily we have a product called Perfect 10 at work, you'd be amazed how often the wrong website gets loaded up in error..!!

China begins work on world-beating MEGA power cables

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Anyone else notice the timescales here?

Work started on Sunday, they aim to be complete in 2014. Lets assume they've 'only' aiming for a 2 year turnaround - 1373 miles in 2 years, 1373 / (365 * 2) = 1.88 m/d

That's nearly 2 miles a day that will be completed. Underground, or over ground, that seems like a pretty damn impressive daily goal.

I'm guessing in the UK we still work in yards per day on a project such as this...?

How politicians could end droughts forever But they don't want to

Tony Barnes

How much carbon now?

Did I miss this in the article? How much carbon / cash is used / spent on the current water treatment system?

Surely the cost of a new system should be it's total cost minus the cost of the old system?

Also would be worth factoring in the business related costs associated with having the decking road dug up all the time....

Sounds like a great plan though

Nokia's 41Mp cameraphone shoots towards retail

Tony Barnes
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Thanks for the Flickr link Kristian

Those samples are pretty outstanding considering they have come from a phone, very impressive.

I have to say I am completely and utterly baffled by the logic behind cramming such an immense camera into what appears to be a great form factor, to then shackle it with such a comparatively low resolution screen to show off your lovely photos?

Very curious decision, I guess good screen + good camera would = bigger price point then hoped...

Lytro light field camera

Tony Barnes
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Love it

It's been many, many, many years since man first thought about how to capture an image - make a hole, have a recording media screen, an exposure time, etc - been stuck like that since the start. This is a crazy progression IMO, sure at the moment it might not be 'great', but jesus, this could just be looked at as a proof of concept. How long did it take digital cameras to lift themselves up to decent quality? Were they great from the start - were they hell!

The form factor will be the biggest issue - will increasing the resolution result in a thicker tube? Can this be rectified by making it collapsible? Etc. Beyond that obvious disavantage the potential advantages are huge. Every item in a photo in focus is surely a possibility with some software cleverness.

Great to see such innovation

Mega-star HD 10180 could have more planets than the Sun

Tony Barnes

Re: "in the crispy-fried zone for humanity or similar-bodied aliens"

So 'similar bodied' means what then? I took it to mean has a body, stands up. Nothing about either of those criteria that would by definition make things flammable...

To imply that in addition to having a similar outward appearance, they also have the same 'running gear' as life from earth is kinda daft, and was the point I was making.

Oh well...

Tony Barnes

"in the crispy-fried zone for humanity or similar-bodied aliens"

Kinda makes massive assumptions regarding the ability of life to exist in what would be outwardly hostile environments to us. Even on earth places like hydrothermal vents would be a bitch for us, but many species thrive there.

It does bother me that humanity can be so unimaginative when it comes to thinking outside of the box with our definitions of 'life', pretty lame really. That close to the sun you could come up with a solar powered life form that could generate enough energy to ambulate, think 'Little Shop of Horrors' ;)

Virgin Media's latest throttling rules

Tony Barnes

Wasn't it 75% before...??

I've only got the 20meg line, but am pretty sure that it was a 75% throttle for all bar the top package holders previous to this? I really ought to find out when my fast upgrade is coming, as with just a 50% throttle, regardless of what I'm doing it will be giong quicker then it is right now.

Anyway, for those crying 'boo hoo' - I am a pretty heavy user, typically 2-300gb a month, which means most days I hit a limit for a bit, so I have to structure my downloads. I accept that my level of usage will cause network worries compared to your typical punter who just wants to have super fast access to small volumes of data. The amount of users who will use high levels of data - small, few percent. For those of you above demanding even higher levels, you're into the top percentile no doubt.

I'm not entirely sure how you can expect a pricing structure for a product like this to work over such a large distribution of usage? If you *need* that bandwidth permanently, why not go find a service that suits? It will cost you a shit load more than your Virgin line, that is for sure...

Plastic that SELF-REPAIRS using light unleashed by prof

Tony Barnes

Not great for glasses..

..as the scratches would turn red during the 'repair' time, rendering them vaguely useless

Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS

Tony Barnes

Bit late to go buy one then...

Bugger, would have been nice to grab a potential bit of history, not surprised they sold out quickly, but 10,000 in minutes... props!

Google Wallet falls open after casual hack

Tony Barnes


Erm, how many sets of eyes/hands has Google Wallet been past/through over at the Chocolate Factory? Must be at least several hundred people, evidently none of whom thought to check this,

Seriously impressive wood for trees fuck up there!!

Google drive cloud to rain on Apple, Dropbox parade

Tony Barnes

Just use your Gmail space

For those who already have gmail accounts (presumably large %age of folk on here), just use one of the programmes set up to use your Gmail storage as a drive - e.g. Gmail Drive - http://www.filehippo.com/download_gmail_drive/download/4c07cc67ebeb90d2b8cbbb28f7e4fcdf/

Very simple to use, you already have 7GB to play with (less emails), you can monitor spare space, you have the login info, presumably their email systems are encrypted, etc.

Once you've set it up on 1 pc, simply drop the installer into you gmail drive folder, then if you want to install on another, its easy enough to find - simply search your gmail for the file.

Admittedly, the official way of doing things will probably bit a bit more versatile and cross platform friendly!

Revealed: Apple's plea for fairness in mobile patent war

Tony Barnes

Ever so slightly weighted in their favour...

As a manufacturer of tech that by and large takes existing ideas, and makes them more useful/accessible to the mainstream, this is a pretty transparent "please stop making us pay out for stuff we didn't invent" begging letter IMO.

Fair play for trying, but c'mon, get real!

Second 'Blue Marble' NASA sat pic apes Apollo 17's stunner

Tony Barnes

Agree, beautiful shot -

[conspiracy theorist]

but where are the stars? Yyou should be able to see stars from the moon. It never happened...

[/conspiracy theorist]


Tony Barnes

Prefer the original

Though these composites are gorgeous, they really aren't a patch on that shot from '72.

The banding from the ocean reflections is the main culprit in ruining things for me, makes it look like the earth isn't spherical. Plus it's perfect daylight everywhere - again, boom, not a sphere illuminated by a single lightsource anymore. So techincally impressive, initially attractive, but ultimately full of fail.

When its decomissioning time, they should strap some boosters to Hubble, bob her off a bit into the solar system, and get a nice close up from there - would be a lovely shot. Hmmm, would be nice to do fly-by's of the whole solar system...

Boffins make graphene micro-distillery

Tony Barnes

Water purification

Firstly, baffled as to how it would let water through but not helium through, given the size difference at play (only thought coming to mind is dipole nature of water?), but if this membrane does just let water through, and not anything else commonly found in drinking water, water purificaion options are surely about to get a boost?

That said distillery option is also pretty intriguing - I believe home distilleries were made illegal for their potential to go 'boom' - a flame/heat/pressure chamber free solution should therefore become viable...??

Megaupload master loses Call of Duty crown

Tony Barnes

Hard life

So you come up with a media sharing site, which is fairly transparently a copyrighting scam, rake in £100k+ a day in personal income (I believe that was the number quoted?), and get to play COD for about 8hrs a day....

He should really have lived somewhere he couldn't be extradited, as that isn't too shabby a lifestyle!!!

Virgin Media takes itself in hand after punter-package tickle whoopsie

Tony Barnes
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Well I can't wait

My BB experience from Virgin has been pretty damn good over the years - sure, it fails some times, but in most occasions it is up an running again before the day is out. Jumping up to 60meg from 20meg is going to be a god send - when throttling kicks in I will still be pootling along at pretty close to my previous max speed, top stuff.

As for the email, yeah, got both, my thought was it was more PR than error (someone else mentions this above) - but meh, who cares - so long as they actually do the upgrades all's good IMO!

Honda NSX reborn as a hybrid

Tony Barnes
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Nice - shame about the arse

As per Tom, bar I like the front. Side on = wowsers!

Will never own one... oh well...

Bond Blu-ray box set marks 50 years on film

Tony Barnes
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Huh - actually affordable?

Impressed - I've staved off buying a BR player for many years, but if they can start getting good box sets like this down to those prices, I might have to think again. Anyone know if they are re-mastered at all?

Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’

Tony Barnes

Lucky sods!

Seriously, that could easily have killed folk, would be amazed if they're not hauled up in front of a court

China pad peddler wins iPad name from Apple

Tony Barnes
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That was quite a sweet deal for Apple at the time - shame their lawyers didn't look at the small print.

If they only bought non-chinese usage of the name, then they shouldn't use it in China, pretty simple really - and it's right that the company are sticking up for themselves, though I will admit, they are probably only doing it to access a great big settlement worth way more than they could have made from the brand.

Cocktail Flow

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Nice one - great one to put an end to 'what goes in that' arguments!

Battlefield 3

Tony Barnes

It will be a while before I can review the single player...

...because as long as my internet connection is working, it would take an awful lot to drag me away from the multiplayer!!!

I am surprised that your review failed to spot that the matchmaking system is, as it stands, dire - 1 mate, sure, easy enough, 2, gets tricky to find a game, 3+ = complete nightmare - 10 minutes of looking at a crappy screen before you give up.

That said, the MP is without a doubt the most immersive experience yet on the 360 for me - the sheer scale of the maps, the interaction (blowing up) of the buildings/cover, the large selection of vehicles with their own strong/weak points - brilliant.

COD has a big problem on its hands...

Motorola to launch 8in Xoom 2 for Xmas

Tony Barnes

Check out the corners - not nice and round, but half rounded... lol, pathetic that they need to resort to making their product a bit uglier to make sure it stays on shelves!

Airline strikes, unions outraged

Tony Barnes

Dumbass - lol!

Firstly, thanks for the nice childish intro, good work.

Secondly, you are missing a huge point here - the government is the one who is trying to pull the plug on benefits that the country cannot afford. The unions are trying to prevent this from happening. So you have a situation where the elected government are being controlled by a group of people who were not elected, well, at least not by the general public - all happening in a democracy...

I'm sorry, but that is completely retarded. It is giving public sector workers their cake 5 times over, some puke bags should they need to relieve themselves, and the general thumbs up to do whatever.

You only have to look at the stats for public vs private sector sick leave to see that the public sector take the piss (I have had less sick days in my last 9 years work than the average for 1 year in the NHS). In fact, I'd imagine, though admittedly don't have the stats, that all unionised jobs have the same mis-allignment with the rest of the workforce.

So yes, people are replaceable - and so they should be. Just because you got a job in the first place doesn't mean you deserve to keep it!

Tony Barnes
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Good on him, I personally can't stand Unions

Look at what the unions are doing here in the UK - their response to an economy in dire straights is to try and cover the assses of their precious members at the cost of the entire country. I have no sympathy whatsoever for public sector workers who are suddenly looking at losing some of their absurdly OTT benefits (e.g. NHS sick pay - 6 months @ full salary, erm, seriously?!?) in lieu of the fact that the country cannot afford to keep paying such ridiculous expense for what is, at the end of the day, just someone doing their damn job. They aren't special...

In a non-unionised job, you get on with your job, and if you don't like the conditions, leave to find another, or take the employer to tribunal where it is decided if they acted fairly or not. People who hide behind a union who are demanding that they as an individual are treated 'fairly', are in fact demanding to be treated like royalty compared to their non-unionised counterparts.

Whilst I agree with the sentiment of the Unions, they represent a major fail with their current mentalities, and are a nasty reminder of less enlightened times

Google Maps API now costs $4 per 1,000 requests

Tony Barnes
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Seems fair enough to me

I use the API on a few sites, all with tediously low traffic compared to the threshold mentioned here. Given the data shunted, and processing cycles used, it's fair enough that folk should pay for it - weird that it has been free for so long if you ask me!!

As for maps loading on the page and 'robbing' your allowance when people don't use them, just stick in a placeholder image and use jQuery to replace it with the actual map if someone clicks on it - not the most daunting of tasks.

Nintendo aims to fill stockings with Wii slim

Tony Barnes


...looks to be about the same sort of size to me - certainly not the massive drop down that the PS1 or PS2 enjoyed, even the PS3 slimmed up more than that?

Videogames caused riots says plod

Tony Barnes

When I was young it was all Pac-Man and board games

Unless I'm mistaken, board games include things like:

1. Cluedo - so presumably murdering folk with a spanner in the kitchen is ok

2. Operation - removing random bones and organs from your fellow person is just fine

3. Battleships - blowing the crap out of battleships, sure, why not

4. etc..

Also, Pac-Man - erm, look at what happens - you run around munching on stuff, hiding from ghosts, then when you eat something special, you get to chase down and eat the ghosts.

Sounds kinda like rioting to me.

Hooray for the faceless constable, clearly a fine addition to the boys in blue...

Spamford Wallace charged for hacking 500,000 Facebookers

Tony Barnes

Why doesn't he have a job?

Seriously, the guy obviously has at worst some pretty decent skills at finding flaws in systems, why isn't someone employing him for security checking...??

BOFH: Axe handles - occasionally quite slippery

Tony Barnes
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Awesome :D

X-COM UFO: Enemy Unknown

Tony Barnes
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Best. Game. Ever.

Honestly, nothing else has come close to this for me - remember firing the demo up on my dads work laptop as a kid, and getting giddy as hell! The only thing that bugged me was that they dropped the laser effect (it sort of blew out a load of pixels on a hit) from the full game, shoulda stayed.

Agree - android version would be immense, though possibly end up with me getting the sack for never working...

Google's Facebook: It rocks, but who cares?

Tony Barnes
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Personally rate G+ very highly

I think G+ is what Buzz should have been - that died a death for me after less than 2 hrs of bothering with it. G+ with its tight android integration is a complete win for me, and I'm looking forward to it taking a large slice of FB pie.

Facebook has been great to me, but I can't be arsed with it these days - bloated, slow, and full of crap I'm not interested in... no thanks!

BOFH: CSI Haxploitation Cube Farm Apocalypse

Tony Barnes
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That's the first thing I thought also!

Though heavily deserved, can't stand CSI, utter, utter, shite...


Nintendo: no DVD, BD playback for Wii U

Tony Barnes

Proprietary = cheaper?

I'm a bit confused - how can it possibly be cheaper to develop a proprietary media system of your own, than it is to license one that already exists?

I guess they have done the maths on it, but it feels wrong - unless they are predicting such massive sales that they can drive down the per unit cost?

IBM demos graphene circuits

Tony Barnes

How to monetise

Surely this was answered in the post - work out how to turn it off, or simply re-imagine how computers should work...!!

This feels promising, then again, its been so long since the last carbon nano-tube hoo-haa, maybe I'm just getting excited with graphene instead

World IPv6 Day fails to kill the internet

Tony Barnes

That's a lot of redundancy!

3.4 undecillion IP addresses, that's 3400000000000000000000000000000000000 IPs

Per person alive today, that works out at roughly 50000000000000000000000000000 IPs a head

Gonna be a while before we fill that methinks !

Whitehall fraud pilots save £12m

Tony Barnes

Ridiculous really

Do any corporations put up with these kind of 'mistakes' for any period at all?

Its a tough one, in one sense they should obviously be applauded for making these 'savings' - on the other, they should all be sacked for letting the problems exist in the first place!

Hannspree Hannspad 10.1in Android tablet

Tony Barnes

How good is the screen?

Any better than that of the Vega?

Does it have Google Market or not? If not, how come it wasn't shouted at for not having it, like the Vega was?

Looks nice enough, though is £50 more than the Vega is currently priced at.

Don't forget the Vega scored a measly 65% - 80% would suggest that there are BIG improvements in this tab...