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BT bumps up broadband speeds


behind the times...

too little too late. and virgin gave their top tier customers a free upgrade when they rolled out one of their speed increases a while back. Cant remember the details but i know i was on 10mbit originally and when i moved address i was on a 20mbit service at 10mbit cost!

Fibre to my desk or STFU!

BT static IP customers get nothing but static


And it all died again this mornin!

Same problem, even more denial!

BOFH: Spontaneous Legal Combustion



pure genius as usual simon!!

Wireless-power pioneers band together


Phone Charger?

Having seen the first reports of this a while back, the only use i can think of that would make me invest in this tech would be some sort of pad built into either a desk or kitchen worktop that i would simply drop my ipod and mobile phone onto when i get from work and they would charge. Or similarly in the office if my phone was on my desk it would charge. Sadly its only a fad, as we have all had to find a solution to not having enough power points in close enough proximity to where we need our devices.

Nice idea but like has been said before, give me a use for it that is actually new or groundbreaking and i'll think about it. Til then, move along please....

OMFG, what have you done?

Thumb Down

Doesnt work mobile anymore?

So i always read El Reg on my phone, the new design crashes my N95 out everytime i point to the site.

Its only on a news page, not the front page. So i get teased and then booted out.

Nice one!

Alienware Area-51 m15x gaming laptop


Alienware HD Sound

As a alienware owner i have nothing but praise for them usually, but its about time they found a solution to the naff sound cards they chuck into their laptops.

It not only has basic playback problems, such as if you press pause on a video or audio track, when you resume playback you will get White Noise blast out until you rewind a second or two, when everything comes back to normal. Very inconvinient!!

The sound quality is pretty shocking as well, HD is definetly not an accurate description. I use the system for true HD audio recording 96khz via a Digidesign 002 rack unit, simply pluggin an audio source into the onboard sound card results in a horrible recording useful for nothing, other than maybe dictating?

I end up using external sound cards the whole time so i forget how useless it is until i take it mobile and get a reminder that i didnt want!.

Anyone used an PCI Express audio cards that are worth theyre money?

Googlephone is coming soon



I think the reporter is a little too attached to his iPhone...

Very exciting times that its finally coming to market, but i will be waiting for o2 to offer me something at the end of my 18months with my n95.

BOFH: Smash + grab


Lightening Friday Lunch Times since 195x

Bless the BOFH lightening my stress level once again.

Would be horrific is the boss's "inpenetrable" safe suffered a similar fate. Moving office is such a fun time!

It's official: Samsung shows off i8510 8mp cameraphone



now that is a thing of desire!

Was, until reading this, a happy N95 8gb User!

Canadian geeks to turn off the tech


Im not your buddy guy..

...im not your guy friend....

UK.gov plans more active-traffic motorway ANPR cams


The other camera network?

They forget to mention they have also setup a vehicle tracking network completely seperate of the congestion charging system in london. I live in east london and when i drive to south london via the blackwall tunnell i am captured on no less than 10 seperate cameras, all of which have been setup as part of the extended live vehicle tracking network for the spooks to use. There was an article on here about it somewhere.

Why are we being watched so much now? Why does the government need a database of where im sleeping tonight?

PS3 Eye digicam to arrive next week


more value for money on the ps3!

Not my sort of game so has no appeal. I have two digi cams and a webcam in my house, from which i can transfer pics to my Xbox or my Wii (or mobile or digi picture frame) Why anyone would pay £25 for a PS3 camera just so they can "put photos or videos on your ps3 harddrive" is beyond me.

If you need this in your life then you deserve to be ripped off!

Ears turn to USB for virtual 7.1 sound source



So they are selling another stereo sound card that your computer already has with "fancy" software that fakes up positional information.

Products like this slow down the real pursuit of getting people used to the fact that 7.1 requires 8 speakers!

O2 takes it to the EDGE



Why are we taking a step backwards?

I know it made sense cash wise to use EDGE in the US cause of the vast number of masts that would require new equipment, but in the UK? We've already surpassed it, so why go backwards?

Apple need to pull their finger out, sort the iPhone 3G problem and let us continue up the speed register rather than going backwards!

Im already on 3G with a Nokia N73 and am looking forward to faster speeds, anyone who understands the technology will not embrace this offering, unless they are just going for the cheaper option, which seeing as you've just spent £xxx on an iPhone is not what i'd expect people to do.

You want latest gadget? You want latest Speed!

You wouldn't get Sky HD if you only had a black & white tele would you?