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Microsoft really does not want Windows 11 running on ancient PCs


Re: Alternative

Hmmm, "anyone who doesn't just magically understand command line" well I am fairly sure that there are a lot of folks who haven't a clue with using Power Shell or why does it come with the ISE version to hand-hold you as you peck away at the keyboard.

Also, "You cannot just download and install software as you do in windows", oh yes you can do just that. There are plenty of GUI applications that just do all the download stuff, but seriously is "dnf install name-of-app" so difficult?

If you don't like *nix fine, but you could be an enriched person with a wider skills catalogue and know both operating systems and be a star.


Re: Alternative

@Watchmaker, I too have a FX-6300 and I've got Windows 11 running on it as a testbed. It's got Office 2019 and Visual Studio on it too and so far so good. If it goes "bang" then I'll be happy to put a Linux version or FreeBSD on it.

Quilter's AI design service nabs $10M to make circuit board design easier


What's in a name?

I wonder if this US AI startup is aware, or even cares, that there's a well established UK finance company with the same name?

That's not the web you're browsing, Microsoft. That's our data


Edge has been harvesting for some time

A while ago I watched Edge using Wireshark as on loading it queried my LAN and reported home upon every device connected. Considering that the default settings includes "let edge pre-load to make your life super wonderful" (or something like that) the spying is starting the minute you boot up.

New year, new updates for security holes in Windows, Adobe, Android and more


Re: Patch-Tuesday Woes --- "Status: Download error - 0x80070643"

Six Windows PCs here (5 of W10, 1 of W11) and all 5 W11 ones failed to install KB503441. I think that this KB doesn't apply to W11.

Not even the ghost of obsolescence can coerce users onto Windows 11


Re: So0rry, Linux still is nowhere near ready to replace windows.

Ahhhh PDP-11/34 RT-FB was a nifty little machine. I now run an emulation on a Raspberry Pi. But in those days there was a clear separation between the operating system and all the other applications. The latest Windows versions are stuffed full of things the average person is never going to use but can't delete because they are now considered part of the core operating system. Utter nonsense Microsoft.

USENET, the OG social network, rises again like a text-only phoenix


Re: rec.motorcycles, AKA Reeky

UKRM is moderately healthy, but I'm not sure some of us regulars are quite as healthy :-)

Aviation regulators push for more automation so flights can be run by a single pilot



I can't see the A.I. getting out of this sad example from just a few days ago.


The world was promised 'cloud magic'. So much for that fairy tale


Nothing changes

Over 40 years of working in and with IT has shown me that there's nothing new under the sun. The cloud is, and will always be, facilities management with your valuable data in somebody else's hardware. Now the big providers have got your data and software you are their hostage. Apart from pretty pictures of butterflies and unicorns on the GUI there is so much that we do today that we could just as easily do on a green-screen (multi-colour you AS400 folks) system. The cloud just like a fancy GUI is a fiction dreamed-up at a time when providers were feeling a financial pinch and needed a new revenue stream, and we all fell for it.

Businesses should dump Windows for the Linux desktop


Re: preaching the gospel

"... Linux will be far more compelling when it supports business systems ..." I think that the problem should be re-stated as "Linux will be far more compelling when business systems support Linux" and to that I would add BSD too.

Cross-compiling is so easy to do that the the developers who do not support *nix should hand their heads in shame.

Microsoft lures SMBs to Cloudy PCs by connecting them to Xbox accounts



Next it'll be Xbox platform as a service (XaaS). The continued slide into game playing and multimedia pink unicorn emojis instead of a robust secure operating system continues.

NASA wants nuclear reactor on the Moon by 2030


There were comments by NASA some years ago that there are elevated areas near the poles that receive constant sunlight. Assuming that other logistical difficulties could be overcome then that may be a solution.

Start your engines: Windows 11 ready for broad deployment


Not that it is much consolation for your HP 360, but I have managed to get W11 on to an old AMD FX-6300 system. So far it hasn't had problems with updates and no lights-out matt-black helicopter carrying Ethan Hunt has appeared overhead.

Microsoft, Apple, Google accelerate push to eliminate passwords


Mobile devices are not the answer either

I really hope that as well as passwords we can junk using mobile devices, particularly mobile phones, as an authentication solution because of the risk of theft or SIM cloning. Still fighting so many sites that mandate a phone number as part of their security protocol.

DoJ to Congress: Thumbs up for big tech antitrust bill


Will this let us dump Edge? :-)

So "AICOA prohibits tech companies from favoring their own products", will this stop Microsoft from forcing their applications over third party ones? Could this be used to force Microsoft to de-couple Egde from Windows? Will Microsoft just stick to making an operating system and let the user decide on which applications to install?

Answers to be provided the day after hell freezes over I expect.

Ukraine blames Belarus for PC-wiping 'ransomware' that has no recovery method and nukes target boxen


Time for a non-Windows operating system? Not 100% ideal I know, but it may be better than nothing.

Never had these problems with ICL mainframes :-) ;-)

Windows Terminal to be the default for command line applications in Windows 11


Re: When will I be able to ...

"Personally I wouldn't be proud of torturing myself with the equivalent of green-screen technology"

Borkzilla want you to manage your server from a "green screen", it's called PowerShell.

Thought NHS Digital's wind-down meant it would stop writing cheques? Silly you. It's gone on an IT buying spree


The break-up of the old Regional Health Authorities into the "wild west" management of the NHS has got a lot to answer for. Granted that the old model had its problems of one sort or another, but we did not have stupid issues where a GP cannot get their patient's results because the hospital is in a different commissioning group despite it being the closest hospital to the surgery.

Today we have the freedom to purchase just about any IT solution we care to, despite that it doesn't integrate with anything else or share a common coding structure. There are at least 4 medical records coding systems in use and there is no one-to-one data mapping between them. It's just good money being poured down the drain.

Computer scientists at University of Edinburgh contemplate courses without 'Alice' and 'Bob'


"You" being the second person plural should therefor revert to the correct, if archaic, thee and thou. For some of us being a bit more "northern" may have an advantage here :-)

Azure Emissions Dashboard shows how you and Microsoft are slowly killing the planet with your cloud workloads


On-Prem Emissions Calculation

Despite all of our data telemetry that Microsoft slurps they can only estimate on-prem emissions from one of three user-selected levels. Shame really as it might have actually been useful.

Windows 11 in detail: Incremental upgrade spoilt by onerous system requirements and usability mis-steps


Re: Teams? Powersh...ell? Default install?

PowerSmell has all the "faults" of the Unix command line but the commands and options are even more verbose and harder to remember.

If you can't do runas on cmd then I think you may have missed something.


Ho-ho I'll just blow the dust off of my working 8088 IBM clone. 30MB HDD, CGA graphics, 5.25 FDD, 2.2MB RAM (yes a memory expansion card) and DR-DOS 7. As the old thing doesn't connect to any network the airgap has kept it safe since 1986 :-)


Re: GUIs are not operating systems

I bet that MS haven't fixed the 256 character limit to fully qualified file names that causes Visual Studio to blow-up. Because mucking about with drive letters is so more important etc?


Re: One convenience wanted....

My firewall blocks bing.com and will continue to do so as long as possible. Just have a look at what that aberration Edge sends to HQ without asking.


Re: "design paradigms from those devices could successfully carry over into a new Start"

Doesn't support the Intel N4200 on my ultra-thin thing, but they let the N4000 get past because someone complained. The logic about which CPU is accepted is seriously flawed.

When W10 finally dies, assuming that they are still going, my AMD FX boxes are going to be Unix only and the Windows partitions reformatted.


Re: Windows versions

You forgot Windows Bob (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Bob).

From what has been previewed so far W11 really looks about as welcome as Bob, perhaps we should start calling W11 "Robert".

Microsoft's Cloud PCs debut – priced between $20 and $158 a month


Pi time?

So Microsoft want me to shell-out £1,000+ to replace my work desktop (6c/12t cpu, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD) and still need a non-dumb client. Perhaps my client device will have to be a Raspberry Pi because I cannot afford anything else having given all my money to Microsoft. But wait, I'm developing cloud stuff in Azure so as long as I can do that on the Pi I don't need the virtual PC. Well then perhaps I don't need office given that there are a number of alternatives, some of which are free. So perhaps I can do everything on a Pi, even if I were to get the top level Pi 4 it would cost less than one month subscription to Microsoft. Now how-to get shot of Azure? Well for my purposes all I need is a queue technology (e.g. RabbitMQ or similar) and change my C# to something like Node-js and then host it somewhere. Given how light the demands are on my system even at the maximum estimated demand it would probably work on a fat desktop or similar 1-U rack item. The rational for anything Microsoft gets weaker by the day. Hello open source.

Windows 11 comes bearing THAAS, Trojan Horse as a service


Windows 11 no thank you

I have some older AMD six-core PCs that run Windows 10 but will not go to 11. Anyway looking at the news updates I think I don't want 11. So one is already dual-boot with Fedora and I think I'll drop FreeBSD on the other. M$ can go screw themselves.

BT to phase out 3G in UK by 2023 for EE, Plusnet, BT Mobile subscribers


If 3G goes lots of Amazon Kindles become useless

A lot of the earlier Kindles are 3G enabled. Oh goody more landfill full of working equipment.

It had to happen: Microsoft's cloudy Windows 365 desktops are due to land next month


Re: The way forward?

You *will* have Candy Crush Saga and there is no way to remove it. Time to go to Unix.

Report: 83% of UK software engineers suffer burnout, COVID-19 made it worse


A very good report, but sadly like ones I have seen almost every year in my 40+ years in the computing field. The other big problem is we are repeating over and over again the same mistakes from previous years. I can't wait for retirement and that thought really annoys me as I used to get such a kick out of my job.

Developing for Windows 11: Like developing for Windows 10, but with rounded corners?


So from what I've seen so far scattered over the web, this new W11 will not work unless you use UEFI. That's not very helpful, if true, as loads of people will be stuck converting their HDDs over and then get a nasty surprise that their video card stops working. The video card issue may be more of a problem with people searching around for any card that they can get their hands on in the current supply shortage. Likewise anyone with a perfectly good CPU kept going for lightweight work, think AMD FX-6300 for example, that do not provide TPM. I wonder how long I can keep W10 running before I finally swap over to Unix/Linux/BSD?