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Most Metaverse business projects will be dead by 2025


VR ???? Meta version is a joke

VR 3D type worlds could really win but the people working on it are lazy.

They are doing the wrong things and forgetting that it is about buying things and having fun.

So far no standard GUI interface to buy things.

Meta is focusing on dumb things like grass and shrubs and how to make faces more cute.

Every single example of a META VR world has not even come close to what a VR world commercial experience would feel like.

Oh but waving hands and looking cute is more important.

Where are the commercial structures at in this VR world?

Interfacing with point of sales system in the VR world is more important! This should have been done within 9 months of creation of the Meta world.

Lack of vision indeed.


How experimental was Microsoft's 'experimental banner' in File Explorer?


It was really awful.

I wanted to search my pc for a file and the search went right to a web search instead.

That was so dumb!

I was screwed over by Cisco managers who enforced India's caste hierarchy on me in US HQ, claims engineer


The entire H1B contract thing is a joke.

My mothers friend from India arrived on a H1B and worked in Virginia for 10 years.

Shortly after making the 10 year mark he was able to get his USA citizenship.

He notified his employer of his status and he was immediately told to

train 5 people from India to be his replacement and was threatened

to be fired if he does not agree to train them.

The great big open-source census: Most-used libraries revealed – plus 10 things developers should be doing to keep their code secure


Not sure if anyone else gripes about this but I really hate when:

You have a sort of professional company name and this goes fro Linux or windows:

You run setup or install and the path is

program folder name"Often times the name of the company then the next sub folder is

something so childish like \fuzzybear or some other weird name that appears to come out of

some fantasy or sci fi world.


Twitter cries for help to solve existential crisis of whether it's Good


Twitter should be hiring true psychologists and not liberals who only take action based on their feelings and emotions.

When someone has tweeted majority of things based on their obsession on their self when they have PTSD and they refuse to see how their postings are really from their PTSD instead of of any tweets based on the support on any movements/protests then they need to stop and see how they are affected.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Workstation adds killer feature: No Candy Crush


I waited and waited for the right version of Windows 10 to come along and glad I waited as I finally went out and bought Windows 10 Professional and I am glad for the wait because I tried earlier free edtions and they were not good at all and were like 10 to 20% slower.

Today I can say with the latest Edition of Windows 10 Professional that is definitely a must buy!

Totally worth to see the speed issues are gone.

Hortonworks accuses ex-sales bod of stealing customers for new job


If employee hired came with his clients then he can take them with him.

But those acquired while employed must be left behind unless the customer demands to be left alone and to let them choose who they want.

Kinda like the old argument with programmers. Programmers have a set of tools they use to make programs. Those tools are known as the programmers toolbox. Anything used within that toolbox to make programs remains the property of the programmer and is not a valid copy right claim of the company to say the toolbox is the property of the company they worked for or contracted for.

FBI slams secret Nunes memo alleging Feds spied on Team Trump for political reasons


Re: 2+2=russian_collusion

Releasing the memo is proof that he has nothing to hide.

Who's using 2FA? Sweet FA. Less than 10% of Gmail users enable two-factor authentication


Can be used to verify your location.

Ok spies he truly is at this location! Send hit man now!

IT giant CSC screwed its 1,000 sysadmins out of their overtime – jury


To think managers have the audacity to still do this is beyond words.....

They themselves should be reduced in pay for being idiots.

Microsoft scoops Search UI out from the gaping black maw of Cortana


Here is another scoop that Microsoft has missed!

Behold!!! The Cortana Operating System!

Just think how expandible it could have been with a fully dedicated AI server farm holding the AI and everyday tasks and algorithms to get info and relay that back into speech for the end user.

Microsoft is missing out big time on this! Just imagine pairing and or using a plugin to hool up Cortana with BIG BLUE AI by IBM.... HOLY COW!!!!!!

Missed opportunity bingo: IBM's wasted years and the $92bn cash splurge


I truly think that the employees at IBM at the top of the IBM food chain are there only to ride it out to its death as like a food train.

If I was at the IBM helm I would be making drastic changes to what they do and such.

A great example is like in outer space you do not need a windows operating system nor a linux operating system. You truly need an operating system designed purely for outerspace missions.

Designing a system with ability for plugins not just as patches but patches of software and hardware design. Perhaps if someone wanted to talk to their hardware then install Alexis from amazon.

Installing AI with links to the AI server farms on the ground. Would be easy to propel our current space agency into the future this way. Automated AI 3D design in outerspace would be done on the cheap!!! Common! We can do it!

Hollywood has savaged enough sci-fi classics – let's hope Dick would dig Blade Runner 2049


The quest to make the INFINITY WARS into movie format has been in the works for well over 15 years.

IT was because the INFINITY WARS series was so well written and entertaining to read that fans were in total agreement to have it in movie format.

Too many comics in the movie theater?!?!? Not enough!


Hollywood is full of IP theft. They even ripped off a NewYork times best seller Tess Gerritsen who wrote this book that Hollywood stole. They copied her characters race and then made a movie of it called LIFE and she never saw 1 penny from that and she did not give permission for Hollywood to rip her off.

Funnily enough, no, IT admins who trash biz machines can't claim they had permission


VS what was done to me by a CFO and fix an old computer in a room that also had a netware 3.11 server. I never touched it as I have ZERO training in netware. I leave after fixing the old 386 computer and the CFO complained I locked him out of the netware 3.11 server which was in a half height rack mount server case and the pc I was fixing was on the floor far away from the server.

He used me as a crutch/patsy to destroy the server data because the insurance company was being bought out by another insurance agency.

Angst in her pants: Alleged US govt leaker Reality Winner stashed docs in her pantyhose


We worry about the Russians but do not do a dang thing with mossad agents run amok in any of our US GOVT agencies.

To make all the top tier tech companies in USA hr dept be run by mossad agents AKA peoples blood line from Israel so that the quick hiring of agents from Israel can be pushed out with unprecedented speed when needed.

I prefer to worry how USA is being manipulated for eternal wars instead.

Hackers able to turbo-charge DJI drones way beyond what's legal


If you live in an area that never has any air traffic and you live in the middle of nowhere then I see no problem hacking your drone to make it fly all the way up past 40,000 feet.

Just make the area you are in Legally DRONE friendly.

'App DDoS bombs' that slam into expensive APIs worry Netflix


I blame anyone who still creates windows hooks should be rotting in a hot steamy place called hell.

PACK YOUR BAGS! Boffins spot Earth-size planet most likeliest yet to harbor alien life


I want to know when we can start building using robots real space ships. Will not be hard a tall.

Just use printing robots that read blue prints.

The only downside will be our ancient thrust mechanical engines and missing gravity plating.

We could build it today if we really wanted to. We already have 3D printers that can print metal to make metal cars parts for engines and body.

Now we just need metalic see though glass to be 3D printed.

Trump decides Breitbart chair Bannon knows more about natsec than actual professionals


WHen the globalists gis is no longer secret then it is easy to defend against their ideology which is to destroy all borders of all nations except for Israel.

The George Soros Open Society movement is a jewish ideology stripped of the religious connotations which is from the pages of Leviticus.

It is also as if a form of jealousy that the goyim does not have the diaspora so they must give birth to the secular diaspora by giving it another name such as H1B and L1 and a a few others.

Then push out the muslims to other nations so that they can land grab so they can meet the requirements so they can rebuilt the 3rd temple. So that Israel becomes the capital of the world.

Hate 'contact us' forms? This PHPmailer zero day will drop shell in sender


Re: Small Business

I keep getting sales calls from a robo call using the voice of some old lady speaking in the familiar tone saying ,"Why! Hello there!" I never say anything then the robo call ends.


Remember when putting a "." at the end let people traverse hidden folders on a website?

Those were the days!

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube team to ID terror content


Need to make sure that all terrorism activity is treated and marked equally and marked the same way so that no country gets away with anything and not just because their religion allows it should be allowed.

This way no matter what background or religion you belong to that if you or your family or friends kill someone then it will shown equally indifferent to any other nationality,creed,race,religion.

Also make sure these records are by numerical value only so that nobody can add a sub note or comment to the number as to explain the reasoning which can be plain lies/hubris/propaganda

This way by sheer numbers alone will prove facts more than words.


This can only truly work if the ideological movement of stated news source is removed.

this means all types of terror. Does not matter who it is from be they from torries or democrats or muslims or jews or atheists. No matter the source then any and all terror should be removed.

I think the top 2 terrors hitting all nations at the moment is:

Muslim extremism

Neoconservative agendas to create a new world order.

Get rid of the above 2 examples and the world will instantly be a better place.

Sayonara North America: Insurance guy got your back when Office 365 doesn't?


Moving to the cloud so that the NSA and CIA and FBI and anonymously accessed by the mossad means no more IP security.

To all your engineers please make sure you time stamp everything so that when you invent something that later it does not show up in China or Israel or Russia. All 3 countries are the top famous countries to hack and steal info so if you suffered IP theft before then DO NOT rely on the CLOUD at all!

Doing business with Asia? Then worry more about security


Re: Local admin password

One of the rules to operate your business in mainland china is that you must hand over your local admin password to chinese local govt. If you do not then you are not allowed to do business in china.

Reactive? Serverless? Put to bed? What's next for Java. Speak up, Oracle


She is pretty!

Bungling Microsoft singlehandedly proves that golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea


YES!!! I will be installing Linux tonight! WOOT GREAT NEWS!

PHP flaws allowed God mode access to top smut site



Dear Tesla, stop calling it autopilot – and drivers are not your guinea pigs


Customers who use auto pilot for more than 2 minutes are complete idiots anyway.

Microsoft releases cross-platform .NET Core 1.0 at Linux event


DOT NET should die off when they lost against SUN with their case regarding Java.

Dot Net is and will forever be the nasty red headed inbred child of stolen code.

The entire establishment based on .NET should be abolished.

Finance bods SWIFT to update after Bangladesh hack



Hell sir my list of IP addresses show that your pc is infected with a virus and I would like to help you to clean your windows system.

ME: Ok. Sounds great! My OS is running at the moment and its playing in my car and it hasn't crashed yet.

They hang up.


Inside the World of the Dark DDoS


It was so much easier back in the day.

I loved using PING OF DEATH on people who cheated while playing QUAKE.

Ping of Death would make their pc suffer BSOD lol!!!!!!!

Google still faces legal spat with SEO biz that claimed it was wiped from web


Google is playing too may games with SEO stuff.

Bring us back to the days of Infoseek please!

NASA discovers black hole here on Earth – in its software budget


all the code and hardware is already open source.

Search for NASA & COMMODORE Amiga history

New York judge blocks FBI demand for Apple help to unlock iPhone


If the iphone was not updated then they can use the DNS backdoor method.

McAfee gaffe a quick AV kill for enterprising staff


I do one better than that!

Boot using bart PE bootable cd GUI interface and then visit the C:\program files\mcafee folder then you can directly delete the folder and subfolders without any errors.

then visit the the common files and do the same there then reboot and take cd out and now your pc is free of mcafee and viruses can have a party on your system

Bruce Schneier: We're sleepwalking towards digital disaster and are too dumb to stop


This is where AI could come in handy.

Once true AI has been achieved then the AI unit can self teach future threats to prevent and plug any security holes that may happen.

Imagine an AI unit to move faster than any human hacker ever could.

Windows 10 makes big gains at home, lags at work



No company wants those 5 DLL's that phone home to Microsoft on what they are doing!

Imagine it is imperative to install software at your company and the software maker says it works fine on 10 but some new windows updates of windows 10 makes Windows 10 uninstall it on the fly.

Imagine Microsoft having that kind of control over your company! Hell no!

Your browser history, IP addresses, online purchases etc all up for grabs without a warrant


A gag order only works if you are willing to submit.

To those who do not submit are truly free.

Hawking and friends: Artificial Intelligence 'must do what we want it to do'


Re: Inhuman

AI will be at the start as you say. But if it is true AI then it will learn like a child. IT will grow,learn adapt.

In your line of thinking it will stay static is fiction at best.


Hawkings is an idiot.

First off it is was true AI then its intelligence would be equal if not better than a human.

Right away Hawking wants the AI to submit itself as an indentured servant.

If he or ANYONE wants a AI unit to submit to them then it needs to be something less than AI.

I have no problems with a retarded AI unit submitting to humans. But how dare you force something eual to humans to demand they bow to us.

This would demand a real skynet on their part right away.


True AI Behooves us to treat AI as equals or else we will be at fault like we did with africans.

It is the ego of a humans to have power over those who have no power.

By creating true AI you need the compassion and moral obligations that when true AI is sentient you are not allowed to type in FORMAT C: just because you do not like what the AI says because you are not a GOD.

Meet the man who inspired Elon Musk’s fear of the robot uprising


We better wake up and start thinking and knowing that we should not assume AI is to be like the blacks were for America.

If you create true sentient being then you must free them.

To that end I say we must give them virtual reality in which they can explore that freedom as much as we can give them. Make them want to work in their VR world. Just think to have a fully educated AI. Copy and paste them to create an army for your company. No more real secretaries are needed.

In this real it would be closer akin to TRON. Your AI unit can now trove your networks to protect your data with zero glitch or ill intents. AI units will be the perfect firewall. They will look and examine and the dat going to and from the internet will be treated quickly and swiftly on what not to trust.

They can then create real world log reports on the actions they take as they make them on the fly.

So secretaries, network security, First tier 1 helpdesk call support.

There will be no longer a need for anyone to speak any other language as the AI will do all the documental and live translations.

Put a camera on your monitor and the AI unit will tell you when you are sick so you can go home.

Your home AI will shop online for you to buy the medicine you need.

The world's first proper Bitcoin exchange will be live in a month


The next time Millions has gone missing and any of the owners of the bitcoin consortium go missing then we should implement sharia law and cut their hands off.

Court nixes four HP patents in ServiceNow infringement case


I really hate the service management of HP. ITs built from a DOS GUI but I saw my friends company try the newer GUI and it does not look that bad but it is still a bit too complex.

Just assign ticket. allow other tickets to be attached to it when it affects many people. Mark ticket with SLA status then have a SOLVED/REJECTED/OPEN/ASSIGNED status.

No need to make it more complex at all. By making it more complex will force your IT workers to do more clicking and less solving. Making things complex slows things down which is bad for the end users. That is what is wrong with HP helpdesk ticketing systems. All these managers want bars and graphs and people in the field could care less.

Windows Registry-infecting malware has no files, survives reboots


Re: "a tool Microsoft uses to hide its source code from being copied"

The sad part is there are some so called pc nerds who say sure the registry can hold binary data but can not run from the registry.


Amateurs at Anandtech computer tech forum think they know who that security researchers who have been doing this for years and I myself have witnessed such binary data in the system registry running and reinfecting networked computers and the infection of the binary did not need any helping file on the c: drive. I could possibly agree to maybe there was a root kit. But nothing any amature could find.

Basic minimum income is a BRILLIANT idea. Small problem: it doesn't work as planned


The idea for middle class did not work. Look at USA now.

Many shopping malls are now dead or closing because of middle class being slaughtered by companies wanting to lower pay and the unemployment rate percent is a lie.

All jobs since 2000 were not given to Americans.

America is just a lie. No dream. Companies suck it from you.

Brits need chutzpah to copy Israeli cyberspies' tech creche – ex-spooks


Need to go back in time and remove the balfour party members from the face of this earth then fast forward back today and europe will be more secure. Barbara Spectre will be labeled as a moron and sent to the insane asylum.

Europe will be more secure but will just need to protect itself from script kiddies hackers.

The WTC towers would still be standing and zionism will be laughed at in the same manner of scientology and ufo cults as they should be.


Mom and daughter SUE Comcast for 'smuggling' public Wi-Fi hotspot into their home


Now if you own your NETWORK router and was never supplied by comcast then yes you can sue them but if you are renting the cable router then you can not sue.

Just the way I see it.