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NSO Group 'will no longer be responding to inquiries' about misuse of its software

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Re: imperva.com fake certificate?

If you didn't knew before, there is no such a thing as HTTPS-protected for capable parties.

Also, OpenVPN-grade encryption is child's game.

Kaseya obtains REvil decryptor, starts sharing it with afflicted customers

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Re: Is there single key ?

QUOTE: "The idea that a decryptor can hold 'all the keys' is too fancyful. Must be more to the story."

No, its not fancy, it is technically viable and has been done in the past already (I believe I read it somewhere).

Supposing 4000 systems were infected and each key has 512 bytes in size, it will add 200Kb to the final .EXE size to hold all the keys, plus the extra algorithm part to test each key for 1 file, succeeding, use that key in the rest of the encrypted files.

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Re: Is there single key ?

From a technical perspective, for this amount ($$), the developers can perfectly wrap all keys into a single decryptor, which chooses the correct key for the system it is being used upon.

Google Cloud's Intrusion Detection Service attempts to make security 'invisible' but cost will be the big giveaway

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Big Brother

Amazing option to trust your unencrypted content to Google.

I am sure their best practices handling your data will come handy as usual.

Beware about small letters in the agreement saying they can do targeted advertise based on collected data (their business).

Wanted: State-backed bandits planning cyberattacks on US infrastructure. Reward: $10m

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Better write: "The US North A is offering a $10m reward to stop anyone who is able to have more cyberpower than US North A itself."

But, wait.. Only $10m for such a military-political-intelligence-privatesector snafu?

Some people will feel really devaluated.

IT for service providers biz Kaseya defers decision about SaaS restoration following supply chain attack

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If the guys behind it are protected, there would be a second hitman for the first hitman.

No point in hiring one.

America tops ITU's Global Cyber Security Index, UK in tie for second with Saudi Arabia

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Bias, anyone?

QUOTE: "earlier this week British think tank The International Institute for Strategic Studies published its own assessment"

I think I will create a Somalian Think tank to declare Somalia is the sole galaxy cyber superpower, and wait for the Aliens to contest that.

John McAfee dead: Antivirus tycoon killed himself in prison after court OK'd extradition, says lawyer

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No immunity. Plus bad prison climate.

US Air Force announces plan to assassinate molluscs with hypersonic missile

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Easier said than done

I heard they are trying the Guantanamollusc way for the past 6 years without success, spending millions of dollars, but molluscs are just more intelligent and resillient.

Sounds more like USAF failure to me.

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Hypersonic capabilities of the mightiest air force

QUOTE: "It is not known what the animals involved have done to induce the ire of the world's mightiest air force"

TIP: Animals sometimes are really intelligent. While still struggling to keep up-to-date with their Russian counterpart in Hypersonic capabilities, we all recommend carefulness to all parts involved.


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