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Ever wondered how the AWS leviathan develops software?


More of this sort of thing


JAXA: Research simulating life onboard ISS contained fabrications


It's Life (Jim)

But not as we know it.

BOFH: We're an industry leader … in employing idiot managers


Thank You

"less likely to change than a basement-dwelling Linux geek with only three days on his t-shirt"

Thank You So Much.

IT manager's 'think outside the box' edict was, for once, not (only) a revolting cliché


Re: What was the packaging?

Yes - Sarah !

French-speaking voleurs stole $30m in 15-country bank, telecoms cyber-heist spree


Re: The Best

Yes - there can be only one. How can ANYONE think to remake a Clouseau movie. As bad as The Producers remake or Tinker Tailor.


Re: What did they always say to Red Hat?



The Best

Whilst not condoning crime in any way it does seem (to me) that the French seem to have the best bank robbers, jewel thieves and maybe cyber-crims?

Tumblr says nudes are back on the menu – within reason


Re: Do you know...

Those same credit card companies will let you buy weapons !

YouTube loves recommending conservative vids regardless of your beliefs


I block based on keywords

I have a nice browser extension that lets me block YT clips based on title keywords. It can do RegEx too. (BlockTube)

Thus I never see clips with words such as { insane, sick, unboxing, cat, dog, kitten, puppy, awesome, crazy} etc in there titles.

Works well but what I really want is a filter to remove clips with people wearing baseball caps* back to front - I would then be spared an even greater deal of dumbness. I know I don't have to click on these clips of course but just seeing people like this makes me grrrrr.

* Where do they buy those hats anyway? I can only see the normal facing ones when I looked on Amazon. ( I wanted to see what else people who bought these bought)

I know that this extension can see what I'm looking at but that ship sailed long ago and I don't care.

Fixing an upside-down USB plug: A case of supporting the insupportable



Support staff running to a job - outrageous behavior. If we don't get a BOFH today it's because Simon read this article and is in shock.

Nvidia unveils RTX 4090 – but it's the 4080 to watch out for


Looking forward to my 4080

Looking forward to a 4080 replacing my 4 (?) year old 1080ti.

People may moan about price but I don't really care - it is what it is and, in hobby cost terms not so expensive - seen the price of a bike frame or decent DSLR lens recently?

We buy tech for what it can do and this looks like the first card to render 4k at a decent frame rate.

I am hoping that the 12GB version is enough though as power consumption is a thing now.

WordPress-powered sites backdoored after FishPig suffers supply chain attack


As If

"FishPig said affected customers can also reach out for "a free clean up service for anyone who is worried that this is affecting their site and needs help to resolve it."


As if I would let then into the root of my site *!

Their InfoSec is not exactly trustworthy at this point although I suppose for some WP "admins" this might be welcome

( * If I was dumb enough to run Magneto as a WP plugin)

MX Linux 21.2: Middleweight Debian-based distro is well worth a look


Multimedia !

That menu - Multimedia - takes me right back to the 90's

(Beavis and Butthead laughing sound)

PanWriter: Cross-platform writing tool runs on anything and outputs to anything


Re: "This editor is the best ..."


BT demos 4-carrier 5G aggregation – on a live network


Tech I want . .

Is an internet connection without having to pay for a feking phone line and a price that does not increase by 20% each year !!!!

(I have FTTC - going to change when the contract rolls over)

China's 7nm chip surprise reveals more than Beijing might like



"an amazing, tottering pile of near-magic photon-wrangling audacity, a mélange of multiple overlapping mask exposures and complex production tricks"


Micron's 232-layer NAND is a game changer for database workloads


Not so long ago

"to pack up to 2TB of capacity into a package smaller than a postage stamp."

Seems like not so long ago I was swapping out my Amiga 20mb drive for a 400mb IBM monster and wondering how I would ever use all that space.

(It's been emotional)

Thousands of websites run buggy WordPress plugin that allows complete takeover


Built In

Ah yes - Wordpress. A suite of security issues and attack vectors with a built in blog.

A client asked me, years ago, to take on an existing WP site. I was quite shocked at how basic it was and what a mess with all the plugin "extensions".

I declined.

First-ever James Webb Space Telescope image revealed


Re: Here they are!

Thank you

NASA's CAPSTONE silence down to a software flaw


How to write space software

Specifically the shuttle code. Very interesting article.


Misguided call for a 7-Zip boycott brings attention to FOSS archiving tools


Re: I like WinRAR the most

A big plus of WinRAR was it's use on Usenet and the potential to make parity file set for it.

Like seemed simpler then

NASA's 161-second helicopter tour of Martian terrain


Outside our original design limits

" We are now operating far outside our original design limits,"

Amazing to say that this is almost standard practice for so many rovers and probes.

I am bowing in JPL's and NASA's general direction.

Voyager 1 space probe producing ‘anomalous telemetry data’


Re: Awesome!

A rare use of the word awesome that actually fits.

Arm CPU ran on electricity generated by algae for over six months


Re: Or..?

Solar cells and batteries use some nasty chemicals - (see article).


Re: Size matters

Read the article - says size of an AA battery.

Nvidia releases $1,999, 8K-capable GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GPU


Anyone using a RED camera system (8K) is going to be opening their wallets. This costs less than many camera add-ons (like preview screens).

2 Grand is more or less nothing in 8K video land.

(Yes I know that few can watch 8k - not the point - that massive frame lets editors do wonderful things before it all gets downscaled to 4k)

The IBM System/360 Model 40 told you to WHAT now?


Easter eggs

About 5 years ago while doing some website admin training at a company whose website I looked after I showed said admin how she could change system / user messages via the localisation feature and how one could include tokens such as user names and how messages where tied to roles.

I did this as an exercise after she asked what the localisation system was for. Tuition moved on and I thought no more about it.

About 2 years later I got a a call from the companies MD demanding to know why, when he tried to delete some users, the website told him by name that he did not have the intelligence to carry out this operation and that he should employ a proper admin and not be such a cheap *******.

Turns out he had made the website admin redundant and she had left some "Easter eggs" for him (and other execs) some of which were very rude and probably impossible.

She exhibited a high degree of Bofh'ness so I hope she went on to have a nice career.

Microsoft says the internet is the nicest it's been since 2016. Obviously they didn't look at The Reg comments


"I rarely find hardware offensive"

Not bought a Dell PC lately then.

(A friend - not me)

'95% original' film star Spitfire could be yours for a mere £4.5m (or 0.05 Pogbas)


Re: One of the best 5 minutes of my life

With Space X

Hauliers report problems with post-Brexit customs system but HMRC insists it is 'online and working as planned'


"GVMS is online and is working as planned."

Well - they would say that wouldn't they?

Microsoft Paint + car park touchscreen = You already know where this is going


Re: Back Rock became black rubble

OMG yes - we used to use bacon rind tied to string.

VMware 2FA flaw can divulge that vital second credential to malicious actors


Bad Actors

“The Hack DHS program incentivizes highly skilled hackers to identify cybersecurity weaknesses in our systems before they can be exploited by bad actors.”

Whilst disturbing on a number of levels I am not sure the likes of Jenifer Aniston or Jim Carey are much of a threat.

US grounds investors in Chinese drone maker DJI over 'Xinjiang human rights abuses'


Re: Those that live in glass houses

I agree completely however blocking investment in these companies is still the right thing to do.

China's road to homegrown chip glory looks to be going for a RISC-V future


Nanhu Nanhu

A tiny typo in an automated email to thousands of customers turns out to be a big problem for legal


What was I thinking?

Back in the days of multimedia I managed to name and send a file ready for a CD pressing as "company name porno". I ought to have called it promo.

Fortunately the nice people at the CD plant called me before making 1000 copies.

This typo was missed by a few other people including the client. What was I thinking?

Now that's a splash down: Astronauts spend 8-hour trip to Earth in diapers after SpaceX capsule toilet breaks



The Space X module had to fly around the ISS.

Russian modules just need to detach and watch the ISS rotate around them.

Angling (re)Direct: Criminals net website of Brit fishing tackle retailer, send users straight to smut site


Re: Their fault

So, you're a moderate?

Australian cops find cocaine stash in PS5 from Portugal


Thermal mass

Maybe the coke was simply there to act as a thermal mass against the PS5's tendency to overheat?

Google's 'Be Evil' business transformation is complete: Time for the end game


42 huh

"It takes up to 42 per cent of the cut from ad money that goes through it, alleges the filing, 42 per cent that can't be spent on content providers like journalists"

42 huh - where have I heard that number before?

First, stunning whistleblower leaks. Now a shareholder lawsuit lands on Zuckerberg's desk


Life in Stalin's USSR was awful, terrifying and with driving poverty for most.

You throw these similes around like the political illiterate you seem to be.

This brave women is standing up to power. This is not about censorship but the common decency facebook completely lacks.

Teen bought Google ad for his scam website and made 48 Bitcoins duping UK online shoppers


Re: If you're going to make a high-risk investment...

Yes, or as a manager I used to work for used to say, "somebody else must pay".

TBH he was a bit of a c***.

Australian PM and Deputy threaten Facebook and Twitter with defamation liability for users' posts


^^ THIS ^^

Navigating without GPS is one thing – so let's jam it and see what happens to our warship


Re: Not as easy as it used to be

YES ! Also use your eyes - many areas that have significant weather often have new obstructions / sand bars not on any charts (yet).


Not as easy as it used to be

I did a lot of offshore / passage sailing (42ft sloop) back in the 80's. That's before GPS. We did have a stupidly expensive sat-nav but you had to look up tables to see a sats azimuth / position to use it - we also found we had to heave to so it basically never got used.

We used dead reckoning and an occasional sextant fix but on a passage and out of shipping lanes this got sloppy quickly. That said we never actually missed our targets which were quite big like Barbados or Senegal.

Inshore and out of Europe where Decca was in use we used RDF using aero beacons. This could be very accurate but I think these are gone now. We were also sensibly not above asking passing ships for a position check. Sometimes inshore ships / fishing boats would call us (VHF) with helpful info like "don't worry - you are still 20 nms from the rocks"

I watch YouTube cruising sailor vids and see how easy it is now. No idea how many of them would cope without GPS.

Catch of the day... for Google, anyway: Transatlantic Cornwall cable hauled ashore


Re: Hmmm

Lol - I think we already are.

Astro Pi 2: New Raspberry Pi hardware with updated camera, sensors to head to the ISS this year


Re: Can only be called


BOFH: Pass the sugar, Asmodeus, and let the meeting of the Fellowship of Bastards … commence


Superb ( and oddly prophetic).

Bumble fumble: Dude divines definitive location of dating app users despite disguised distances


Re: Tipping point

I upvoted and realised in the same instant that I am old - you are too.