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BBC fined £150k over Manuelgate


@ Steven Jones

"Take it out of Jonathan Ross's salary - I don't see why we should pay for this juvenile crap."

er - we will still be paying for it! who do you think pays Jonny ross's pay? the BBC and who pays the BBC?

Most spam comes from just six botnets

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simple solution

simple solution? all residential internet connections have a SMTP block. If you wish to setup a mailserver its simple, login to your account on your ISP's webpage and click "enable smtp from this account" easy.

Compaq returns to Germany - as brand for bottom-feeders


re: Pete James

As far as I can remember it was Compatibility and Quality. All that changed when they went for cheap and incompatible kit!

Merry Christmas All!


Virgin Media network collapses nationwide


Re: DHCP ..... says it all


I have my servers setup with a static IP, but just incase someone plays with the network settings ive also a DHCP reservation in for each NIC on each server with the same address.


re: re: re: The man in the data centre....

surly they would have alternitive links/fail over espically if its such a major point of presence? In work ive a dedicated EES100 between two sites and if that fails ive a 2/2 SDSL link to try and keep things up.


hmm! I smell lies

"According to VM's rep, the maintenance process knocked out DHCP address assignments (leases) for some of its servers, which in turn caused IP addresses to be renewed en masse. No word yet on what the routine maintenance was."

But ive the same ip address as before..

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re: The man in the data centre....

I doubt they only have one fibre that links everything together surly an ISP would have several connnections to everything

123-Reg takes weekend off

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What the hell!

I would be majorly pissed off, I was able to rebuild a server 2003 DNS / AD strcture in just under 4 hours by myself over a WAN. Ive only recently been in ICT for about a year so I thought this was quite good. I also run my own nameservers/dns servers at home on unix (freebsd) and it only takes several hours to setup. I dont see what the problem was here? Do they not backup there nameservers? Do they not backup configs? This should not have happened imo.

Sony PS3 narrows gap with Nintendo Wii



my girlfriend works for an Xtravision and her boss is saying there may not be enough stock for every prebooked console even though they have ordered more than expected due to stock shortages in the UK. Even the people screwing us over by selling it at £210 are sold out!


Pipex announces plan to disembowel itself




Alpha-networks.co.uk are good for hosting and dedicated hosting. I used there service for over a year constantly hittin a few meg a second as I was being a mirror for friends they didnt mind! also they know quite alot so support is A+, What I would stay clear of is xilo.net they didnt have my server ready for over 4 months! only when I said I was leaving did they "find" hardware at the side of the room. anyway good luck!


Root-locked Linux for the masses


To all say the password could be leaked

..This is true, but then again surly if you where going to do this project you would make sure every administrator had a unique ID generator number to access the box as well as the password they are used for the likes of access to Citrix over web as a double security measure..

BOFH: Building changes


every two weeks?!

Why has the last two episodes taken two weeks to arrive? I miss having something to laugh at every friday! :(



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