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Post Office slapped down for late disclosure of documents in Horizon scandal inquiry

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This is a Public Enquiry; it is not a Court of Law, so that would not be possible ;)

Truck-to-truck worm could infect – and disrupt – entire US commercial fleet

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Re: threats

That may be the case in North America, but the majority of new LGVs sold in Europe nowadays have an automated manual transmission where the load and speed are electronically monitored and the gearshifts are performed by electronic means rather than the driver manually using the clutch and physically selecting what he thinks is the right gear. Whilst not a true automatic, the overall effect is similar.

Bearing in mind the number of European truck makers who now sell appreciable numbers of trucks in North America, I would be surprised if such systems are not becoming more common over there?

The end of classic Outlook for Windows is coming. Are you ready?

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Re: It's garbage

<"...Thanks for the thumbs downs though.........>

No worries, the pleasure was all mine. Have another :)

Attacks on UK fiber networks mount: Operators beg govt to step in

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Re: Death?

The most efficient orientation to use for a microphone to give the best quality reception of speech (and therefore the best quality audio for the person listening to the speaker at the other end) is to speak <across> the mic, not directly into it (as anyone who was used to CB radio in the 80's and 90's will already know :) )

ChatGPT starts spouting nonsense in 'unexpected responses' shocker

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<".......ChatGPT starts spouting nonsense......">

A lot of the proponents and fanboys of 'AI' have been continually spouting nonsense for a long time.

No real surprise that ChatGPT should emulate them :(

UK's proposed alt.GDPR will turn Britain into a 'test lab' for data harvesting

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Re: @Doctor Syntax

And downvoting again won't change it either!!!!

It is staggering the degree to which some on these boards repeatedly demonstrate their complete ignorance of reality.

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Re: @Doctor Syntax

King Charles III is not a good example to pick - he has no actual power or control over UK government - yes he could decline to give Royal Assent to a Bill passed by Parliament and presented for his signature. However, the protocols in place would require him to abdicate if he did so.

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Re: @Doctor Syntax

A rather lopsided article which you have taken and misinterpreted. After a big decline, stock levels had stabilised and were rising at the point the UK joined the EEC. This was cancelled out when other EEC nations were allowed to expand their fleets and started to plunder what were previously UK waters, and stocks declined once again , this time to unsustainably low levels, later further fueled by the crackpot stupidity of the CFP requirement to throw back into the sea any fish below the regulation size (these were dead fish of course), so the effect on stocks was massively increased not only by the death of the huge tonnages of undersized fish, but of the need to catch a greater tonnage of fish of permitted size. This decline is clearly documented in the report in your link.

The death of the UK deep sea fishing industry was further compounded by the EEC payments for UK trawler owners to decommission their boats, but at the same time cynically encouraging them to sell those boats to other European fleets. Having successfully moved very large numbers of UK registered boats to other EEC countries fishing fleets, the EEC powers that be then decided to instigate a quota system, but not allocated to individual member countries, but allocated to boats registered in each country - all those UK registered boats now in French and Spanish fishing fleets got the lions share of the 'UK' fish quota - that is what finished off the UK deep sea fishing industry.

No doubt you will all once again downvote reality as you always do, but it won't change it.

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You presumably had a sense-of-humour failure, and didn't take my comment as the joke it was intended to be.


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Re: @Doctor Syntax

".......the Irish seem sensible enough......"

Only if you ask them a question twice ;)

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All the remainers resorting to insults as usual, because they can't articulate an intelligent or coherent response.

No surprise, it's always the same on these threads :(

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Re: @Doctor Syntax

@Rich11: What total and utter baloney. People who were part of the UK fishing industry in the 60s and 70s will beg to differ with your erroneous opinion - possibly violently!

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Re: @Doctor Syntax

I see 12 people do not appear to have any knowledge of the UK fishing industry and its subsequent destruction at the hands of the EU. Downvoting history won't change it!

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Re: Thomas Claburn.....You Need Some Help!!!

I am not altogether sure that we really do know; even with GDPR.

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Re: Can it just be delayed?

".....There is a good possibility that "this lot" will be out on their ears and we get some grown-ups in instead....."

I admire your unbounded optimism.

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I am sorry, but I don't think I understood all of that :)

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Re: @Doctor Syntax

I am old enough to remember that the collapse of the British Fishing industry took place in the decade or so after we joined the EEC - what we had left to lose after Brexit was a pathetic and almost insignificant shadow of what had been a huge fishing fleet in the 1960s.

Brexit didn't cause the collapse of the UK fishing industry, because we barely had a fishing industry left to lose - please examine and try to understand the history of the UK Fishing Industry more carefully before you post such nonsense!

Ford pulls the plug on EV strategy as losses pile up

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Instead of downvoting, perhaps go out into the real world and check ;)

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EVs are (in the main) massively expensive to start with. They appear to depreciate more rapidly than their ICE or hybrid equivalents, but even then are <still> substantially more expensive. No need for 'talking about it amongst ourselves' ;)

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Re: It's the cost that gets you in the end

"<...........liquid fuel is fully 50% more................>"

How old is your EV?

The last time that petrol/diesel prices in the UK were "fully" two thirds of the current prices was nearly 20 years ago.

I am currently running a 23 year old small, reliable petrol car that still returns an average of over 50mpg. I don't see the economics of running an EV improving on that TBH.

Moving to Windows 11 is so easy! You just need to buy a PC that supports it!

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Re: For all the tired jokes people make

Are you a North American? You seem to have missed the point of the previous post viz: irony.

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Re: It is easy

You are surprised that you are attracting downvotes ??

You're not imagining things – USB memory sticks are getting worse

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Re: Simple solution?

<........If I have to go to the internet for the essential bits and pieces you can't be bothered to keep in your warehouse, I'll probably buy all the shiny overpriced (but equally poorly made) stuff you *do* stock while I'm there...........>.

And the reason they don't stock the essential bits and pieces is because so many people buy them off the internet that there isn't sufficient demand in the physical shop to make having the store room space/warehouse for them economical to sustain.

Which then exposes you to the knock-off crap masquerading as the real thing on Amazon et all.

Viscious circle isn't it!

UK will be HQ for high-flying next-gen fighter jet treaty with Italy, Japan

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Re: Still fighting the last war

"..............how could they possibly have named a future aeroplane after Supermarionation hero Captain Troy Tempest? ....."

You are perhaps too young, or too poorly educated to know about the Hawker Tempest (which replaced the Hurricane during WW2 ;)

Besides, it follows on from the naming protocol which gave us Lightning, Tornado, Typhoon and Lightning again.

Europe inches closer to insisting gig workers are treated as employees

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Quite. That is by far the biggest issue with flat rate indirect taxation - the least well off always end up paying a disproportionate amount of their earnings in tax because they have to spend a much greater proportion of their weekly earnings on the necessities such as food, clothing, housing, energy (sometimes having to spend all of it), and therefore are being taxed on most of that, whereas as you move further and further up the payscale, the amount spent on the basic necessities only increases marginally (as higher pay means you can buy better quality), but as you get further and further up there is an increasing surplus which the earner can then choose to spend (and pay tax on) or can save and invest, where he can usually (in the UK at any rate) do so in a tax free type of investment, so wouldn't pay any tax at all on that part of his income under a purely indirect tax system.

I would argue that abolishing all forms of indirect taxation and having it all gathered from a graduated scale of direct income tax would actually be rather fairer, but even that would not be without its problems, and still unlikely to be completely fair to all.

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I agree with you entirely - if it really is legitimate (ie. necessary for the operation of the website, or provision of the goods or service provided by the website) then the law permits them to capture the information without needing to ask your permission. If they need to have your prior consent, it isn't legitimate QED.

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Re: RE: no competition

"......with taxis, you could always tell the driver to turn off the meter and agree fixed price beforehand......"

Surely what you are describing there is largely the difference between a 'taxi' and 'private hire'.

UK government woefully unprepared for 'catastrophic' ransomware attack

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Re: Bit unfair

Clearly you do not have much clue - the King does not have the power to unilaterally dissolve Parliament and dismiss the democratically elected Government. The Monarch is nowadays merely a figurehead, and has no actual power either over or within the Government. Whilst new Acts of Parliament need his signature (Royal Assent), he has no power to decline to sign them once they have progressed through Parliamentery process. If he refused to sign a new Act that he didn't agree with, he would be required to abdicate, and the next in line to the Throne would have to sign it. If he too were to refuse, then he would have to abdicate also.

I would also question whether or not there would be any point forcing an early General Election, at which no doubt we would see the election of another "incompetent and corrupt" Government which would prove little different from its predecessor (and the one before that.....and the one before that.....and the.....and so on ad infinitum).

Black Friday? More like Blackout Friday for HSBC's online and mobile banking

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Re: Not everyone is just like you.

I see there are five people here who either do not understand how to interpret economic data, or perhaps they just have their heads buried in the sand?

As I said, downvoting reality won't change it.

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Re: Not everyone is just like you.

Think your 25% is a bit wide of the mark.

The exchange value of the pound has been falling steadily for at least 2 decades, and the fall after the brexit vote was almost entirely due to the rabidly remainer governor of the BoE slashing already artificially low interest rates to almost zero to force the pound to fall. It was his determination to prove that his assertion that the pound would collapse if the vote went in the leave direction that caused the drop at that point, and even then it didn't actually drop by that much (and subsequently recovered most of that drop) - over the last 10 years the value of the pound versus the Euro has only dropped by <4%, but has dropped by 22% against the dollar, which should make clear the extent to which the Euro has also fallen (nearly 20% to save you the need to look for the information).(source xe.com)

Puts the remainer myth that leaving the EU is anything to do with the root cause of the pound's long term slide into a bit of perspective. The Euro has been dropping almost as rapidly.

Thanks in advance for the downvotes! As always, they won't change reality.

Control Altman delete: OpenAI fires CEO, chairman quits

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Re: Altman constantly crying about the potential for AI to destroy society

"....He was partially right though : some people will end up losing their jobs because of AI. As he has now proved........."

Except that what currently exists <isn't> artificial intelligence ;), and I have serious doubts as to whether actual AI will ever be achieved.

I am like Altmann, I feel sure someone will try and do something with it before it is capable which is likely to bring about the end of the human race, possibly of much more :(

FTX crypto-villain Sam Bankman-Fried convicted on all charges

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Re: Tap the brakes here

"........queue the appeal........"

Because everybody is lining him up for a long sentence??

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Re: Whats wrong with crypto

I expect he is in the USA where they seem to think that Scotland and Wales are part of England :-\

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Re: Whats wrong with crypto

"............It used to just be a heavy, soft and non-corroding metal which made it of interest in more of a novelty way and was easy to make into delicate items such as jewellery. It had some small industrial applications as well.

Then someone decided that all currency should be based on a 'gold standard'............"

I think you may find that gold has been valued as a form of currency for many centuries before any "industrial applications" for it came into being ;)

UK data watchdog fines three text spammers for flouting electronic marketing rules

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Until they start levying fines that will actually cripple these companies (and severely impact the finances of their management and owners) <and> until they start to ensure that those fines are actually paid in full, it is utterly pointless for journalists to bother reporting these cases.

Boffins find AI stumbles when quizzed on the tough stuff

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"......AI stumbles when quizzed on the tough stuff........"

That is because it <isn't> AI. And because people keep trying to treat it as though it is, it is crap at what they try to do with it.

Tenfold electric vehicles on 2030 roads could be a shock to the system

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Re: Not gonna happen

".....The dead dinos are already becoming hard to find........."

Crude oil and coal didn't originate from dinosaurs ;-) - but you knew that really.

Getting to the bottom of BMW's pay-as-you-toast subscription failure

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Re: coccyx-centered comforts in cold climes

".....The only thing I would like to rent instead of owning --->....."

Rent whilst you feel the need for it, and then hand it back when you have finished with it ;)

AIs can produce 'dangerous' content about eating disorders when prompted

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The 'Dangerous' part here begins with falling into the marketing hype of treating anything we currently have as 'AI'.

Intelligence it certainly is not!

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Re: The Most Unlikely Result

Despite the rantings and repeated stating of that as being absolute fact in the media , that still remains unproven, in spite of the amount of time and money that UK government funded scientists spent investigating the cause.

Post Office Horizon Inquiry calls for compensation to be brought forward

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Re: Why are these people not in jail?

As several previous posters have pointed out; the death of the victims does not reduce the scope of liability for compensation to their families/beneficiaries.

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"....these people whose lives were destroyed need to be put back where they were before this happened...."

I would have said they need sufficient compensation to put them into the position where they would have been <now>, had their lives not been ruined by this.

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Re: BBC investigation

Nick Wallis (who presented that series) has been scrutinising everything to do with the scandal ever since it first broke. He has single handedly done more to publicise and inform the wider public about it than anybody else - other journalists seem to be only just beginning to take an interest, but their reporting is far too often rather lacking in depth, and not really conveying the true horror of it all.

There is also a very good thread which has been running on Stampboards (https://www.stampboards.com/viewtopic.php?t=47076) for for just over ten years (and has even linked to threads on El Reg at times :)). One poster in particular has been following the course of events very closely, and has posted regular updates not only on the progress of Sir Wyn Williams inquiry, but has been also been following the progress of the investigations of Nick Wallis. Nick Wallis has two related websites: one which followed the trials (https://www.postofficetrial.com/), and another more recent one which reports on the wider scandal, and the current inquiry (https://www.postofficescandal.uk/).

All are well worth reading - there is much which simply isn't being reported by the media in general, and even where they are doing so, they are not going into sufficient depth to really convey the full horror of it all.

Sir Wyn is certainly giving the impression that he will not rest at giving POL management an easy ride, and has come down very harshly (or as harshly as he can wihin the legal constraints of the inquiry) on what he clearly sees as POL delaying tactics and management attempts to deflect blame, so I would be hopeful that we may see prosecutions of the right people in the future. Not that such action is going to help the SPMs whose lives were destroyed, or indeed be of any help to the ones who committed suicide!

Post-Brexit tariffs on cross EU-UK electrical vehicle imports still going ahead

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Re: Fuck business

"........UK electric vehicle manufacturing collapses as the home market is not of a viable scale and the UK has to buy vehicles from the EU anyway......."

I think you underestimate the size of the UK new car market compared with the rest of Europe ;)

In 2022 the UK car market swallowed more than 1.6 million new cars; the second biggest market in Europe after Germany (2.6 million), and ahead of France (1.5 million) and Italy (1.3 million). Spain was next at 0.8 million (half the size of the UK market), with other countries down the list falling increasingly far below this. The total for the EU is only around 10 million.

The UK is a very important market for EU car manufacturers, and will remain so as the move to EV only accelerates. These tariffs serve no beneficial purpose to either the UK or the EU.

The figures are here: https://www.best-selling-cars.com/europe/2022-full-year-europe-car-sales-per-eu-uk-and-efta-country/, along with a bar chart which illustrates clearly the significance of the UK car market within Europe.

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Re: Fuck business

We never had more than a very peripheral influence or control over the vast majority of EU regulation. That was part of the problem.

If you think that the UK had any significant influence within the EU, you better think again. The only EU regulation that the UK had any influence over were the ones that we went along with. There was very little success in steering regulation that the UK disagreed with. You don't have to look far to find the evidence for this either!

Meta's data-hungry Threads skips over EU but lands in Britain

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Re: Threads release in the UK

If you frequent any forums that run on XenForo (which seems to be most of them nowadays), a 'Conversation' is what used to be private/personal messages. The use of the same word for different meanings and in different contexts becomes increasingly confusing.

An opening message followed by a series of responses/replies has been universally referred to as a 'thread', going right back to the days of basic message boards, probably even further.

Brits negotiating draft deal to rejoin EU's $100B blockbuster science programme

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Re: The problem

The problem has been that the Conservative Party has always peddled the myth that we could remain within the EU without signing up to and adopting the policies and rules that the rest of the EU members have agreed to abide by - this started towards the end of Margaret Thatcher's period as PM, and continued via John Major, right through to David Cameron's time. It does seem that there are still a lot of people who continue to believe this fallacy.

I have always believed there were only two workable options - either the UK needed to fully accept the direction that the EU was taking, and go along with that and fully integrate, or the alternative was to remove ourselves fully from the EU. We were given the choice, and appear to have chosen the latter.

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Re: The enemy is both too strong and too weak

".......we were originally told that the UK held all the cards and that the EU would come begging for a deal on any terms the UK demanded......."

That was when we were working under the premise of "no deal is better than a bad deal".

It no longer applied (nor indeed was possible) after all the screaming for "we must not leave without a deal", which effectively translated to a deal at any price. At a stroke that removed any likelihood of achieving anything beneficial from the UK point of view.

Microsoft rethinks death sentence for Windows Mail and Calendar apps

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Some people would regard an inability to access GMail as a benefit, rather than a disadvantage ;)

Time running out for crew of missing Titanic tourist submarine

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Re: Transponder

"......We simply do not know......."

Sums up most of this thread tbh.