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Good news for UK tech contractors as govt repeals IR35 tax rules


Re: Excellent

Flat rate, simple tax economy?

As your income increases, the effective tax rates are 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 40% then 45% currently. Sure the 45% rate is being dropped and the 20% is dropping to 19% - but we will still have a scale that goes 0%, 19%, 40%, 60% and finally 40%! It's bonkers.

HP pays $1.3m to settle dispute over printer security chip


Re: €20-€50

They did reverse the change, fairly quickly I think. I remember HP issuing a firmware update to fix the issue. I have a listed printer, with the latest firmware and 3rd party cartridges.

The payment really covers the cost of having to go buy HP ink when we could have used 3rd party ink. Unfortunately I'm not in the countries this applies to.

Work chat app Slack suffers services outage


Re: Is Slack still a thing?

What else is there? Teams is universally derided as being complete rubbish. Google are lacking features, although they are coming along. There are a plethora of less popular players, some of which are ok but lack integrations. Slack has its issues to be sure. But there isn't much real competition out there.

Xilinx snaps up 'accelerated computing' specialist Silexica for its SLX FPGA tool suite


Re: Xilinx vs Altera

With 50% of the market, Xilinx isn't seeking to compete with Altera. It's Altera that's looking to compete with Xilinx.