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Ingram sore over Belgian warehouse burglary



If you knowingly by stolen goods in most countries you're breakin the law, however only an utter incompetent idiot would think the mail sent was a smart move, it's the kind of thing you spam to a company that just took 4 payments out of your account when you only bought the thing once and then insist they're working on it for 3 months. Not paying customers, paying customers you send a note saying "please be aware our warehouse was broken into, please be on the look out for blah, we have attatched all the serial numbers etc of the stolen goods, any information would be appreciated."

As a second point then if you bought some of those knocked off goods, good luck claiming you weren't aware they may be stolen.

Irish politico in Facebook jub-rub outrage



no need to be suprised - god damn she's a good looking lass. Infact, she may be the hottest politico I've ever seen! That doesn't make her any less of a politico though.

However it's an interesting point in case as to why people don't want cctv in pubs - not that this picture was cctv but becouse normal folk do drunk things in pubs that may look a bit silly under the light of day, Gordo hugging Prescot going "I love you man, I know we've had problems but I really love you" whilst at a labour party party being leaked from cctv footage at the bar would be pretty classic.

BNP pleads for cash after reported DDoS assault


just for lols did the political compass thing

Economic Left/Right: 4.75

Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.90

may of been a touch different if some of the questions weren't so loaded lol.

ContactPoint goes live despite security fears


@ Alex Osmond

Actually you appear to have missed my laundry list of suggestions.



To further Pat's comment


This highlights that even now our systems are fundementaly broken and it needs something radically different to a database.


@Alex Osmond

I take your challange.

"1. It would be a plus if childcare professionals had some means of identifying others who had had contact with a child they have some responsibility for, so they can cross reference with other proffesionals where they have grounds for suspecting abuse etc."

Does the database actually improve upon the situation? Or could the situation be better improved by increasing the number of care workers instead of squandering resources on irrelevant technology?

Would it not be more efficent to have dedicated case workers who manage only a small number of case workers along with a crash team? If something is suspected you refer it to the crash team who should be able to work on a problem immediatly (have people available to interview and having internal systems that keep information on active and past case loads).

Does such a database simply provide a "tickbox" mentality where if there's nothing of note in the database then there's no problem? Such systems often lead to a certain degree of lazyness.

"2. Technology might be able to provide an enabler - not a solution in itself, but something which will help facilitate the above happening."

Is it the right technology? How does it really help? Does it help anymore then good care workers with reasonable work loads? Do the benefits of such a scatter gun beat the benefits of having a few dozen more professionals? Could money be better spent on counselling and training for workers in the sector?

What are the downsides? Lots have been listed by others, more then I can be bothered to browse through.

"3. ContactPoint is an attempt to provide that enabler. Maybe it's the wrong answer - but if you think it is then do you have a better idea? Could technology provide some help with this problem, and if so then how?"

I have a great number of better ideas,

Improved training.

Increased numbers of social workers with specialised training.

A change in culture towards the social care and mental health care teams.

A redirection of funds from police to social care (as a number of criminal problems seap from social care problems.)

Increased community awareness of what can be done to help those in trouble.

A reduction in the peadophile mania where people with an interest in caring for children and teenagers are viewed with a quiet distrust by society and the media.

Improved localised systems for cases.

Improved cross departmental communications (not a list of numbers but face to face communications, people in all branches need to know that there are central numbers to call in case of incidents - such as a local specialist team possibly with members from multiple proffesions (medical/social/psychiatric/criminal/educational) that is always on call (yeah you'd need more then one person per discipline).

Counselling and support for those in the profession so that they don't end up leaving after a year or two due to the stress and horror of the job.

However most of those things are a bit to expensive (kids arn't that important apparently just good for a few news stories and a bit of propaganda) and the powers that be much prefer to look as though they're doing something as opposed to actually doing something helpful, and yes sometimes it's far better to do nothing at all then do something stupid - contactpoint is pretty damn stupid. For a number of reasons, however it's a pretty awsome elephant.

Pirate Bay fans: Lay off our neo-Nazi Sugar Daddy



Couldn't give a toss about his politics, he's welcome to his views just like you, ecofags, anti-nuclear tards, nulabridogs and all the rest of the people in the world with their various boring self serving notions of right, wrong and inbetween. As far as I'm concerned you can hate whites, blacks, chinese, christians, athiests, anglicans, catholics, muslims, sunnis, jews, hindus, Americans, British, French, welsh, Scotish, you can hate the left, the right, the media, God, gods, profits, captalism, fascism, and hell just about anything else in the world.

We buy shit from the yanks all the time and their administration funds torture, and some may say terrorism, hell it was sponcering the IRA. We get out gas from Russia and our oil from the Saudis.

As a nation we're happy to give away freedoms for make believe security.

Getting a raging hard on over a neo-nazi supporting copyright infringment is a bit misplaced.

What you support shutting him up becouse you don't agree with him? That's pretty fascist if you ask me.

Minister confirms U-turn on data sharing



What a suprise - Parliment - the boomerang house.

Teen sacked for 'boring' job Facebook comment


@Ehhhhh ... ?

It's a polite way of saying she makes the tea and does the filling, maybe sends a fax.

UK 'bad' pics ban to stretch?


@Why all the complaints?

Hi dickhead,

The government are making drawings and fantasy illegal. Yeah I have a problem with that - and if you don't then I have a problem with you too. I tend to take people right to think and fantasies as they please pretty ----ing seriously.

They're making looking at pictures that have been made up via someones imagination illegal, what the hell kind of fascist state does that kind of thing?

They don't have any evidence to back up any of their claims, except a few poorly researched pieces of junk written by a woman who'd happily see all porn destroyed as it's demeaning to woman.

But you're obviously too stupid and too warped to understand any of this so just go plant yourself in the garden you ----ing vegetable.

Apple sued over iPhone smooth scrolling


I remember

I remember the exact same technology in blade runner. Except it was even more advanced as Decker just had to tell his machine what area he wanted to zoom in on.

Police drop investigation into 'rent-a-Lords'



before we batter the lords to much we have to remember that without them saying "Ahh how's your imaginary friend in the sky?" To a religious person would have got you in the slammer.



I'm pretty sure it's all a plan by Labour to get rid of the lords - they've been too much of a thorn in their side for too long. Now they have put the boot in and everyone thinks the lords is a shifty bunch of heredatory peers where as all the people involved were Labour appointed peers.


Labour wants rid of the lords, gets some rubbish appointed labour lords to go on the take.

Tip off papers that lords are on the take

Big huraar

Labour lords thanked in secret by the party whips, cigars all round.

Everyone forgets that it's the lords that have saved us from reams of awful government law.

Jacqui Smith ecstatically ignores more scientific advice



Your entire post read along the lines of "the statistics are all bollocks, the law is mostly based on scientific evidence with some political faffing"

"The categorisation is, I would hope, based upon the actual danger/risk of the substance in both one-off and cumulative use which is why the scientists should carry a little more weight although political meddling will always win the day."

All this read as was that you believed that although politics meddles around the edges that the origonal evidence that the classifcations were based upon was based on scientific fact, and that the recent scientific evaluation was nothing more then statistical manipulation.

Your post started with an attack on someone with personal experiance, winded its way through derision of the evidence and attempted to salvage itself with an unimportant quip about political meddling.



You always have been and always will be a stupid arse hole.

The advisory body are a group of scientists employed by the government, not a group of lame ass idiots who make shit up for the news and country ---ktards like you, they do science not the crypto mythical bullshit media hype that you seem to suck up through your arsehole you dumb turgid shit.

The catogrisation is based on crypto mythical bullshit media hype, which is why E a rather harmless drug is in the same class as Crack cocaine and Heroine - ----ing horrific ultra addictive drugs. Those two are the only class A drugs, get you completly physically addicted after 2 or 3 hits and will kill you in a second if you're unlucky.

There are so many clueless ---ks in this comment thread I want to be sick on it.

However I feel a bit better now.


lol that reminds me of a comedy sketch I saw on Bird and Fortune once.

MP wants Welsh text on ID cards


I demand

Welsh, and Russian, and Japanese, and Gailic, before they should be allowed to send them out.

It's only fair?!



I just had a funny thought that by the time all the languages are on there the "ID Card" becomes a huge parchment that takes a half hour to unfold for the filth and needs to be carried in a rucksack.

European Parliament wants criminalization of online 'grooming'


@Pascal Monett

I'm afraid that you're talking shit.

As a teen I got on with a fair few people who were adults (18->35), as my mother said I was both intelligent and creative enough to be interesting to talk too for both adults and people my own age and people younger then me. I was an avid roleplayer and writer and it was helpful to have people more knowledgable then myself to help me out.

Also that kind of limited view (no one should have interest in the lives and dealings of other peoples familiy's) of world is why so many parents get away with abusing their children. It's why so many children fall through the many cracks in society, family abuse, bullying and a range of other traumas. Your view has nothing to do with being politically correct or not, your view is simply stupid and leads to ever more isolation and suffering.

Again the person most likely to abuse and get away with abusing a child is the childs parents or guardians.

A person can be someones friend but still garner respect, you evidently can't but then that's your problem.

As for kids - stuff em and their worthless parents. Don't look out for nobody else in this world, it'll only land you in the s--t, gotta feel sorry for the kids though, no rolemodels, no real peer groups, no support, paranoid parents or no outlets. Just a load of dips--t parents and vetted government burocrats.

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users



The ISPs are the ones to blame in this whole affair, they sell xxxmb of connection to aaaa people when they only have yyyymb connection capacity.

So say they sell 10mb connections to 100 people and they have a 100mb line from those houses to the exchange. Now guess what, if 10 people use their 10mb the other people are stuffed. But it ain't those 10 people fault, they bought the line just like everyone else.

It should be illegal to sell more then you have. You got a 100mb of bandwidth then you can only sell 100mb of bandwidth.

It's like having 100pints of beer then saying okay everyone to a hundred people can have 10pints of beer, pay us a fiver each. Now the big lardy guys who can push folk out of the way and the fast sprinty blokes get 10 pints of beer. Leaving 90 people £5 out of pocket and no with no beer. The ISPs meanwhile have sold 100pints of beer to 100 people who they said could have 10 pints each and are laughing their asses off at everyone.

So stop protecting overselling ISPs and vent your spleen at those who deserve it.



F---ing dooch, Japan is bigger then the UK. They have an issue of big f------ mountains and earthquakes to contend with aswell.

Meh I use BT to download anime/j-drama fansubs, wait 3 years for an overpriced yank version with poor translations or a few days for a bunch of dudes to give me top notch service. Also the Japanese provide many a service to watch these things online so I can actually watch these streams live (re KeyholeTV.)

But people block BT then just get the stuff via XDCC, or rapidshare, or mediafire, or perfect dark, or winny or share. Bit torrents just one in a whole sea of protcols, and if you've got a 50mb connection using all the above would be faster then bittorrent anyway except perfect dark, but then if more people used that that would be fast too.

Alot of people I know use limewire for music still, weird but true.

The US and the impossible green revolution



"Destroying a tropical rain forest and other species rich ecosystems is like burning all the paintings in the Louvre to cook dinner,"

I'd like to say that if I were starving I'd burn paintings in the louvre to cook my food or if I were freezing I'd burn them to make heat. Although I think the paints poisonous in some cases. It's just fabric with some doodles on them, and if I'm starving or freezing I don't care much for some dead guys doodles.

Compressed-air car to go commercial next year?



what happens when it gets hit by a real car?

Nintendo to limit DSi games with DVD-style region locks



lies lies and more lies, but at least it's a good excuse for them to introduce the price fixing the other companies employ.

'Extreme' extreme porn law puts Scots out of kilter


Must escape

Go live in the land ruled by Rozen Azo.

Now, how to get in...

And yes, outlawing "deviant" sexualality, what next, go back to the good old days of putting people in jail for buggery.

Byron Review's internet enforcer goes into action



never fear - I took your suggestion with a pinch of salt.

Besides what kid didn't have a morbid interest in morbid things when they were kids? (Goths/Emos like their suicide and sacrifice whilst chavs and trendies like their gangstar killers and hoes) I remember drawing tombstones and depressing quotes in the margins of my workbooks - not becouse I was miserable or depressed - but becouse it wound the teachers up something cronic.

A conversation between my Science Teacher and Mother

"About Matthew - do you think he may be depressed?"

"Why's that?"

"Well he draws alot of depressing things and writes morbid stories - and this seems to be getting more frequent..."

"Have you mentioned this to him?"

"Yes..." *mother gives parental look* "He's taking the pi$$ isn't he."

"I think so."

Alot like the conversation my mother had with my Maths teacher

"Are you concerned that Matthew may be a bit of a... Goth?"

"Not really, besides the drugs goths take are far safer then the alternatives."

"That's true."

Kids shouldn't be wrapped up in cotton wool, just makes them irresponsible losers with no sense of fear or reality. Much like the rest of society.



Becouse a peadophile would never claim to be a kid so she could get onto the kids network...


Democratic rep fathered alleged Palin hacker



How could he have gone by the name of if he was in /b/ I detect a faggottree.


Jeery Jerry loves Vista, y'know




UK.gov to spend hundreds of millions on snooping silo


random pap

Until the NuGov decide that intentionally creating traffic / traffic that created that may have the intention of / knowledge of how to create such traffic / transmitting said knowledge / with the possible intention of spreading such knowledge, becomes a criminal offence as it harms the fight against terrorism/crime/NuThink

Also when NuGov decides that encrypting communications without providing NuGov with encryption keys / using non sponcered NuGov encryption services / possesing knowledge that may be used to circumvent NuGov silos / having knowledge with the possible intent of distribution such knowledge. Shall all be criminal acts as they may aid crime or terrorism.

Those are two laws you can be sure NuGov (be it NuTory or NuLabour as they both form NuGov) shall create.

Doctors: Third babies are the same as patio heaters



Really, I think you'll find that having a younger or older sibling helps build character, something you seem to be lacking. Growing up isn't all about money, nice clothes, good schooling, infact those are really quite petty things that only prove to make ever more shallow self serving individuals.

Although you may be able to spell, you're a rather grotesque individual and I feel the world may have been far better off if you had not been conceived, or perhaps if you'd of had an older and younger sibling you may not be quite so objectionable.

Despite that I would neither deny your right to exist or you right to propogate your genes into the future.

Judging peoples worth by their spelling, my word, you are pathetic... really, truelly and, genuinly dispicable.

Man... it's been a long time since I've encountered such a dispicable piece of rectum outside of the confines of 4chan.

Gov pulls plug on prison PlayStations


@Jon Kale

Closing the asylums was an abysmal display of political correctness. I am the decendent of what you would call a hostpital family, both my parents we mental health nurses, we lived literally a stones throw from Hill End.

The kids of hospital families mostly knew each other and we spent most of our days playing in the vast grounds of the various hospitals.

I remember they moved a group of old folk (I think 5) from st marys I think within 3 months they'd all died, you live 40 years in an institution you get used to things a certain way (heat, food, people, times and places) change is often devestating. There are probably quite a fwe more examples of that out there.

It's sad that these people end up in the criminal system instead of where they belong, long term mental health care.

In St Albans they went from maybe 3 institutions (Hill End, Cell Barns and Napsbury) to 1 ward (Albany Lodge) I worked in mental health a while. I wouldn't do it as a career though, not enough money, too much paper work, and the world and its dog hate the mental health profession and the more often then not the people they care for too.

O well.

Research: Wind power pricier, emits more CO2 than thought



Mecha Musume does not appreciate any of you, and you will all be punished.

All of you!

And once the country collapses into power poverty and economic ruin due to successive governments paralysis on the energy question (build nuclear/wind/geo/solar/hydro/wave and sod the conservationists) we'll all get to enjoy the Kalashinkov parties of Central Africa too.

Of course I'll have my super robot - so you can all just bow down baby.

Davis faces North Korean victory margin in civil liberty vote



Bunch of cowards. Don't believe in their own lies, fear and rubbish enough to stand up for it.

That is all.

Max Mosley loses battle to get sex video off web



Why doesn't he just copyright it and then sue them?

@Sikas Aparat

Nothing - the guy got padelled by dominatricies dressed up in nazi uniforms - a bit different to a whole nation commiting genocide against an entire religious sect, disabled, communists and homosexuals.

It's a bit like still being hung up by the slave trade - get over it.

BBC vs ISPs: Bandwidth row escalates as Tiscali wades in



the ISP's should just stop bulls--tting everyone and trash _all_ of their "unlimited bandwidth" deals.

Unless they charge realistic fees.

Bandwidth isn't cheap, it isn't unlimited, and the ISP's should take responsibilty and start putting together realistic packages.

UK.gov demands 999 ads on social networking sites


999 < is a title retards

wel it will be easy to target the adds

Once the government gets the ISPs to use Phorm and WarmTouch it'll be simple to target the 999 ads at everyone in the UK.

Steel Cloud servers to power US Navy robo-cannon kit



Navy has Marines. They routinely deal with small arms fire.

Landmine charity: Ban the killer robots before it's too late!



I've heard of far more humans shooting the wrong targets then automated weaponry.

Amazon smacks little people with BookSurge



looks like I'll need to find somewhere else to buy my books then.

Amazon can get bent.

Manhunt 2 gets green light for UK release


I think

"Manhunt 2 has finally won a UK rating, allowing the violent videogame to be sold in Britain legally."

should be

"Manhunt 2 has finally won a UK rating, allowing the boring, uninspired, rubbish videogame (not that, that is rare nowadays) to be sold in Britain legally."

As an aside I remember watching a bbc news crew get hit by US bombs live one morning before work (like 5am i had quite the commute back then) that was pretty f---ed up blood splatters on the camera and everything.

Wal-Mart stores drop cheap-as-chips Linux PC



yeah but the eee is a success because of the hardware not the operating system.

What I really want is that f----ing £650 vye mini-v 37 to have xp on it instead of Vista home - utter jokers. The far more powerful £800 version has xp on it but that's too much...

IT industry needs more women


a a a a a a a a a title is required :(

I've spent most of my time for the last 3 years trying to figure out how to get out of IT but keep my salary.

I have now decided to stay in IT but change my country.

Let the three year plan commence.

Quotas are bullshit - anyone with a brain knows it.

Has your shifty foreign neighbour got 16 mobes?


@joe K

A founding principle of a just, free and democratic society is that it is better that 10 guilty people go free then one innocent be imprisoned.

52 dead people versus the freedom and liberty of a whole society, yeah I'll take those numbers. Better to die free then live in prison.

Shit, 1,000, 10,000 a 100,000 dead I'd take those numbers against living in a cage - only the scared and cowardly would willingly take refuge in a police state.

Also I'm pretty sure far more people would be saved if the billions wasted on security were invested in health care and road safety instead.

Seabed cables will be fixed by next week




It's all Dr Congo - he's gonna torpedo the repair boats then embark on a massive party

Anti-spammer fined $60K for DNS lookup 'hack'



The whole country just needs to an hero. Right now.

China ramps up space programme



Don't worry we can all see you're a racist.

Becouse none of those things happen in the west. Grow up and take a look at the world.

Music in China: The Inside Story


another thing

I don't really want to see other markets awash with American and occasionally British rubbish. I don't see why they should be able to infect the world.

It's one of the things I like about the area it has it's own rubbish, it sounds for a large part different but still famillier, whilst listening to Morning Musume (recently got two Chinese girls in there outfit - we wonder why) you can play "guess the cheesy 80s/90s western song it was based on" Sexy Boy and Mapower being good examples.

Another interesting thing is the way artists are treated, they're viewed as role models and therefore when a young idol (eg Ai Kago) is caught smoking. She is put in reserve, no longer allowed to perform or represent the agency until the agency decides that she's paid for her actions. This is under the pretence that these people are rolemodels and should be punished with that in mind. (If you catch your kid is smoking you should tell them off and maybe ground them) sort of thing. Funnily though Ai Kago was about to come back into the outfit and then not only got caught smoking again but going out with an older man who happend to make idol videos T_T suffice to say she got the sack. Anyway similar things with partners (god forbid sex) drinking (don't even think about drugs) etc.

Anyway rambling. Going now.

US airforce checked out for synthi-fuel by 2011



Americans had concentration camps during WW2 that's where they put all the Japanese families that were living in the States at the time.

Software upgrade KOs gas shipping auction system



Lucky we don't deal in Gas. Must be utter chaos. 5 days and they havn't recovered yet? That's just maddness. I hope they arn't in charge of electricity trading.

Oz censor bans Soldier Of Fortune: Payback


ero gaming

"How about a game where the object is to rape as many women as possible?"

Not big on Ero-Gaming then? Good times good times.

I remember one game where you had to stalk a selection of girls finding various items that you could use in the eventual mongoling. The maid was without a doubt the best girl - o yes o yes.

Dogs? Yeah, Loli? Yeah, Dick girls? Yeah, Corpses? Yeah, Woman with no legs and arms hanging from hooks begging for more? Yeah, Crazed tentical mosters? Yeah. Maids, Catgirls, Doggirls, Androids, Aliens, Nurses, Nuns, Teachers, Soldiers, Magical Girls, Childhood friends, Best mates sisters - You name it I've played a game where you can shag it (both happily and unhappily.) You know what girls if they feel inclined can play a large range of games where they can torture, rape, mongle, have happy love affairs, so on and so forth with guys.

Although at the moment I'm only playing through nice happy romance Ero titles. Heart De Roommate was so sweet, even though the final ending was very very sad.

I remember one story line in one game where these guys try and rape your girlfriend maaaan I wanted to kick the shit out of the guy, yeah I know emotional reaction to games - shocking. Shame most of the translated stuff is junk (I would recommend A drug that makes you dream, Planetarion, Heart de roommate, true love and season of sakura)

Anyway just had to mention that it's been done.