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Girls Who Code books 'banned' in some US classrooms


Reality of Our Surroundings

Disappointing to see how many racists are on this board.

I frequent here always in hopes of the universality of code (in principle).

The code should not care, if the coders care enough not to.

Demonstrably, that is not the case.

Maybe someday someone will make a Black Code site free of white racism.

Fragile whites note: I'm not saying you shouldn't be fragile, white and racist.

It'd just be nice to find a place away from you.

Guess this ain't it.

Chinese researchers make car glide 35mm above ground in maglev test


Re: Could we not just....

As an amateur sometimes a writer that has done just that, I resemble that remark.

However, what about meta materials?

The thing I used in my story was graphene (I think).

Supposed to be a superconductor (I thought).

Anyroad, never underestimate somebody with wild eyes wearing a lab coat.


Re: Bumby rides ahead

Jeez, you reminded me of my old AFX racing set.

This thing is really not much different than that.

Meaning that even if you had a guide pin, some idiot like me would still flip it around corners.


Rare hexagonal diamond formed by crash of dwarf planet and asteroid, scientists believe



Stealing my designs for dimondium!

That's it, I'm quitting science.

I think I'll go into the interplanetary delivery business.

Windows 11 update blocking some users from logging in


Ahhh, nuts.

The problem is with new accounts.

I was hoping not to be able to sign in at work.

You have raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir.

NASA picks a tailor for Artemis moonwalking suits


Re: Robotics

Dunno from swagger.

However, if you tell me something, that's one thing.

Until I lay eyes on it (within reason) we're just talking.

Some people crazier than you (and me) wanna lay eyes on it.

As long as they're not expecting us to, let 'em go.

If they get back, I'd settle for just talking.


Re: " ... land a woman and person of color ... "

If we were to take logical fallacies from white people, what would they have left?

Their tiny place in human history? Don't abuse them of this notion.

NASA just weeks away from trying again with SLS Moon rocket launch


Wait... The Navy wouldn't help if they weren't fighter jocks?

The PR messaging thing tracks. Lotsa folks wanna go. Let 'em.

Sure hope that thing'll work, though. Whoever's in it.

Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II – Britain's first high-tech monarch


Not a big colonizer fan, but sorry for your loss.

Never good to lose a mom, if you got along or not.

Good run, though.

FCC floats 'five-year rule' for hoovering up space junk


Point Avoider

What bums me out is even if we did the rightmost thing, some group of idiots would weaponize the endeavour, screw up nice things like GPS or rural connectivity for short term profit and generally make things dumb.

Still, y'gotta try, dammit.

NASA scrubs Artemis mission yet again because SLS just can't handle the pressure


Re: Third time's a .... ?

As an adult LEGO-er (LEGO-ee?), I resemble and take umbrage to that remark

LG makes a TV roughly the size of a queen-sized bed


Re: Parlor Walls -- Point Avoider

Too cool!

Been listening to old radio shows after the workday (take a break from the tube).

On tap right now is 'X Minus One' circa 1955.

The Veldt is one of their early offerings. Timely!

Amazon has repackaged surveillance capitalism as reality TV


Re: Apathy is the problem

Lemme get this straight, anonno...

You just wrote a premeditated rant on how people should be free to engage in an action that could trouble others and show no consideration for it?

You're arguing for willful ignorance?

Nobody said torches and pitchforks, merely watch where you point that thing.

But this is morally offending to you?

Perhaps that makes me free to drop big old fashioned country dump on your lawn.

Russian anti-satellite test added to a 'pressing threat to security' in space


Re: Life imitating art

I vote for SHADO taking over society.

This after seeing UFO for the first time a couple months back.

Just the suits alone would be worth the likely troubles.

Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols closes hailing frequencies


Tardy Obligatory Post

Went home and watched "The Changeling" and "Tholian Web" after the news.

Good episodes with Uhura doing her thing (little singing, showing wonder at her plot predicament).

My only knowledge of Cribbins was Doctor Who 2005, whereupon I immediately adored him.

After his news, only then did I understand the pedigree of his charm.

Tough day both sides of the puddle.

PS: my brother (57) remembers Tomorrow People, but I don't (50).

Thanks for the reminder, lads. Time to look that up (maybe Blake's 7 too).

After config error takes down Rogers, it promises to spend billions on reliability


Re: Spoiler...

The outages will continue until customer confidence improves!


Re: Oops

Pretty sure that with enough money, it doesn't matter what you know nor whom is put out.

DARPA seeks portable muon-making machine to see through almost anything



This endeavour really strikes me as the foundational concepts that make a tri-corder.

It'd be funny if as they were building a tri-corder, they accidentally created hard light and the phaser and then made a tri-corder.

Kind of James Burke-ing the Trek universe.

NYC issues super upbeat PSA for surviving the nuclear apocalypse


America is in an existential crisis. If the population ever develop an awareness of that, and the subsequent futility of their existence in relation to the likelihood of a nuclear conflict, that would be bad. As in less money bad.

So, the workers are discouraged from philosophical malaise with a false hope of survival and kept in place with 'wait for instructions'.

I'll assume this message was brought to us by people who don't want be looted at the time of societal collapse.


Re: "NYC issues super upbeat PSA"

As a member of one of the more northern of the americas, allow me to report with great glee of the reckless abandon with which we drag your language kicking and screaming through the new world's filth.

Or not. I don't care.

But if you think this is bad, you should see what we do to French.

Russia fines Apple and Zoom for failure to prove domestic data storage


So... the next move to counter Russia is litigation? Is this the whole 'death by a thousand cuts' thing you hear about?

Could the defence plead their case using live ammo or guided missiles?

So many questions...

Behold: The first images snapped by the James Webb Space Telescope


Re: Remember when?

That's an old chestnut from my (West Indian) Mom, one of my faves--

Everybody love sausage, but nobody wanna know how it make.

First-ever James Webb Space Telescope image revealed


Better alternatives? Perfection is the enemy of progress.

Could maybe you could think of who's gonna follow the guy up?

Elon Musk considering 'drastic action' as Twitter takeover in 'jeopardy'


Re: BBC reporting Musk's bid is ended.

Gotta say for the record, I still get a bunch of news & views not covered in NorthAm but touched upon in the Beeb (first time I ever called it that. too much time here?).

Any shortcomings on the part of the BBC I make up for with Spitting Image.

Resurrected Dundee Satellite Station to host quantum Optical Ground Station


Science! ...and Bacon!

After the fall of Arcibo, this is welcome news. Real heartening.

You don't know how much you miss good news 'til you inexorably get some.

Is computer vision the cure for school shootings? Likely not


Re: Self defence.

Ooh! Ooh!

NUKULAR RoboCops! They leak radiation when hit, fallen over or at a gust of wind!

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Thumb Up

You called it, Wolfy.

My only stickler is you could've said 'bum fuck North America'. Plenty of stupid north of the 49th, too. Shouldn't be excluding folks.

Otherwise, bang on.

Returning to the Moon on the European Service Module


I was gonna talk about best wishes for getting back to the moon, but now I'm daydreaming about my job with the absence of shortsighted infighting.

It'd be so cool, people just working collectively toward a clear, common goal.

However, this kind of mindset can't be a good thing to go into work with if one hopes to survive the workday, so quit it, Pascal.

Cisco quits Moscow


Re: It's not enough

Here's what's funny to me, wolfy--

You talk like it's assumed we all think like you, that this planet and it's history are worth saving or even giving a shit about.

As if 600 years of slavery to the global north is worth preserving. Surprise to you, but some of us are so mortally exhausted of this crap that watching it all burn and dying in the conflagration doesn't seem that bad.

But I'm sorry to interrupt, you were willfully and ignorantly presuming something...?

AWS sent edgy appliance to the ISS and it worked – just like all the other computers up there


There's nothing I associate more with masculinity than snowcones.

Never fear, the White House is here to tackle web trolls


Re: An already implemented step in protecting web citizens from white supremacists.

I'm sorry, but isn't that just the sort of thing that would snap your white supremacist mind and cause you to commit random, vile acts of violence against people that have nothing to do with your white supremacist stupidity?

How exactly does the white supremacist tendency to remark upon stupid white supremacist things (and then actualize them) stand as a deterrent to stupid white supremacists?

I, too, wish I were joking about you.

Sony responds to inflation with $3,700 gold-plated 'Walkman'



In the year 2000, I was doing product support for Sony 'murica up in canadaland. I got in trouble for helping customers too much.

Imagine my (now emotionless lack of) surprise to find a note buried in their manuals to the tune of 'we are fully aware our CD non-skip functionality is completely useless'.

I wouldn't hold my breath hoping they give a turkey about quality over quantity of money.

NASA to commission independent UFO study


Pardon me, but...

Isn't this in the Space Force bailiwick?

Researchers claim quantum device performs 9,000-year calculation in microseconds


Point Avoider

The next person to ask me where I'm from will be answered with... Xcanadu.

Don't know how I didn't see it before.

Dear Europe, here again are the reasons why scanning devices for unlawful files is not going to fly


Re: The sound of Perseverance

There always seems to be a tendency toward narrative over knowledge. People can't shake it until they hit something hard enough to break it.

Declassified and released: More secret files on US govt's emergency doomsday powers


Quite a thing to wake up and read how civilization is merely conditional. Not a surprise, but more like a reminder to bring an umbrella for the rain.

Not really 'oh, shit!' but rather 'oh yeah, right.'

Elon Musk needs more cash for Twitter buy after Tesla margin loan lapses


Re: Earth, May 2022

Oh jeez, don't encourage the guy.


Re: "stolen"

I get what you're saying, I just see it as the whole British-demure-euphemistic thing that I come to the site for.

It's a nice break from all the north am crassness, and dude, I live in canada.

Also, I suspect the demographic you're crusading against has no idea you, me, this site or its commentard denizens even exist.

That said-- I for one am crestfallen that a ca-trillion-zillionaire cannot do whatever he wants. All is ashes, that the world has come to this.

Cars in driver-assist mode hit a third of cyclists, all oncoming cars in tests


Re: Tricky technology

As a deep downtown city bicycle rider since 1997, I approve this joke.

Fully automated AI networks less than 5 years away, reckons Juniper CEO


robot kids off my LAN

With all sincere gratitude, thanks for that.

A good little laugh goes such a long way these days.

Thanks again.

US Space Force unit to monitor region beyond Earth's geosynchronous orbit


Jeez, I had to wait so long for a solar warden joke, but it was worth it. I knew I could count on somebody in here...

Meta physical: Facebook parent to open its first real-world store


Re: the Meta Store will be an interactive demo space

So much thanks for that. Just... wow. Didn't know how much I needed a laugh.

So nicely done, thanks again.

Twitter faces existential threat from world's richest techbro


While I understand and agree with your point, I'd rather have all the idiots localized and not roaming freely without a semblance of purpose.

I believe that stupid people doing stupid things is slightly better than stupid aimless people. In my view, the potential for stupid tops out once the idiot is engaged in an activity. From there, you can try to guide stupid to as close to benign as possible.

Though highly unlikely, it still remains a possibility that a group of twitdiots could be swayed toward reason.

However, my views tend to live in hope and die in despair.

ESA: Fly me to the Moon, just not on a Russian rocket


Solo a space-mano

Not that I particularly care about Russian gubbermint initiatives, but how can they run a space program? The tragedy in Ukraine seems all out, minus aerial war (were there any dogfights? I could be wrong). Isn't that a lot of money these days?

I suppose I'm wondering if a space-program is emergent of a domestic or a wartime economy? How much gold do they have?

Russian lies are so much fun to unravel.

The metaverse of fantasy worlds is itself still a fantasy


Point Avoider

What happens when all the meatbags go virty and we get space alien invaded? Do we leave poor meatbags to guard the virty meatbags? Seems a shitty job, why wouldn't they side with the space aliens for a better deal?

Plenty of ways I can imagine this going hinky. Even without space aliens.


Re: It's amazing

Look, I really hate to do this, but...

I work in a warehouse with this guy that's doing all that bit-crypto-coin-digging stuff. He's banking part-time job money as he works full-time.

I cognitively checked out when it got to "here's a copy of my wallet". I don't want to have to grapple with ontological object permanence of stuff or money. However, I fully admit to having little purpose in this century (warehouseman) and no insight towards new/revised cultural phenoms.

Just... that cybercash thing seems to work, if you can suspend your corporeal notions of value. And yes, I am acutely aware of how idiotic that statement is.

Boston Dynamics' latest robot is a warehouse workhorse


Re: Forklift?

I was about to think of a response when I thought: "Waitaminute-- this 'bot is trying to steal my job. Why would I tell this thing how to unload a truck?"

In closing: fuck you, warehouse 'bot. Good luck with straps and load-bars, you stupid toaster.

This is going well: Meta adds anti-grope buffer zone around metaverse VR avatars


Re: It's as if Second Life never happened

Isn't there a user manual somewhere that says 'there's nothing new under the sun'?


Re: PlayStation Home

As an anachronistic video gamer recently arrived at the (relative) zenith of the PS3, I am interested in what you have to say and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Oh, and harassing people conceptually or in praxis is stupid and dumb.

Unless, of course we've all consented to playing out said conceptual harassment in a 'give as you get' manner from behind an egregiously large pile of pot. Preferably the same pile.

Sure, the James Webb Space Telescope is cool and all. But try making one out of Lego


Nice One...

JWST for Chrimmy, and the LEGO version in the NewYa'.

Thanks, 'Reg.