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iFixit publishes teardown of M1 iMac, shows that making a determination of repairability is still hard


Alienating Rural Customers

Having a repair shop I’m obviously for right to repair. The thing that never gets mentioned is the sheer inconvenience for people in rural locations. Here in the uk apple will accept phone repairs via post which will mean your without a phone for a while. As for iMacs and MacBooks you need to go to an apple store. Our nearest is a 3 hour drive, obviously they won’t fix a big problem there and then so you’ll have to go back another day. They also have the same opening hours as most people work so that’s 12 hours driving, two days off work and most likely a hefty bill for the privilege. I’ve been advising all my customers to stay well clear of the latest apple hardware, as much as I like it and really want it.