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We polled thousands of IT pros – and sustainability just ain't a priority right now


Yeeeeeah no surprise here. I care about a LOT of things as relate to the technologies I use, and sustainability is very, very much not one of them. Stay with me...

I care about the planet, but what am I gonna do in this context? I don't manufacture anything, and I choose to not work for weapons manufacturers, the petrochemical industry, or anyone that generally is in the business of building orphan-crushing machines. What goes into a 1U thing, of any kind? Lots of stuff, all alike. How does it get manufactured? By people in a factory downtown, I suppose. I want my switches and routers to have a lifecycle of 5-7 years, less is a waste, more means I'm running obsolete things (and probably exposing myself to liability of some kind, and probably also wasting electricity).

This is like blaming individual people for the existence of the disposable plastic fork, when the factory that makes the damn things is belching smoke down the road. The only people that can make anything I do more sustainable are not me, and they don't even work in the same industry that I do. I'm an end-user of goods that require dirty manufacturing. I'd be thrilled if, say, someone came up with a PCB substrate that wasn't resin-impgrenated fibreglass, that recycled better, and that got used, but I won't care, nor could I even choose, what gets incorporated into the products I use, because I shouldn't. It's an irrelevant externality to me, I care if it moves packets from A to B without going down on Saturday night unexpectedly, and that if it doesn't, the vendor can swoop in and replace a broken thing with a repaired thing 24x7x365 within four hours. Sorry.

Hopefully that enables other people to do their jobs well and efficiently, not involving belching smoke into the environment. If I thought it did, I'd go do what I do elsewhere. I keep utensils at my desk so I don't waste disposable plastic forks, and if I'm about to e-waste a functional thing, I find out if a buddy wants it for a homelab before I do. That's reasonably what I can be expected to do about this problem.

Help wanted, work from anywhere ... except if you're located in Colorado


Thank you

Coloradan here. I could care less about these bastards and their jobs. Thanks for letting me know that you’re trying to stiff us ahead of time!

Companies that use geo adjustments for remote work are scum. Not that it’s cheap to live here, even, but if you are willing to pay me X dollars for remote work, I should be free to choose a place with lower cost of living within a time zone or two without my employer wanting to claw my salary back.

One and/or two finger salute depending on your geo, take your pick.