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Tesco slaps cutlery ban on under-18s

Peter Knapp

No Easy Solution

Do you think the average Chav knows where the parents cutlery drawer is, surely they eat with their hands!

Mum sends stripper to teenage son's school

Peter Knapp

Had to be asked Pt2


You can't tell me that class wasn't full of mobiles snapping away!

Fasthosts admits email destruction fiasco

Peter Knapp

Further impressed that FH now (presumably) have a "load balanced" MX cluster

Hiding behind their equally weighted AS Peers, which explains their transit flips 24x7...

Or is it not load balanced and just a single host!

OMG, you folks really need to look elsewhere ;0

Non-authoritative answer:

fasthosts.co.uk MX preference = 5, mail exchanger = mailserver.fasthosts.co.uk

mailserver.fasthosts.co.uk internet address =


Peter Knapp

FFS, They actually had email to loose!

From our long standing time co-lo'ing and previous to that hosting with FH I am quite impressed they actually had email to loose. The 50% they lost was probably about half of the 50% they actually deliver and don't "loose" in the MTAs along the way. This applies to both Exchange and all their lesser mail boxes as they insist on using the same rubbish MTA's for all of them (a shelf of beige box servers with linux on them).

At least their customers can now say they only lost 25% of their email due to this fault as the rest was dumped at the MTA due to disk and processor contention.

I am pleased to say the customers we took with us happily receive two disk snapshots per 6 hours in two different locations, held until the NAS's are full, then oldest in is deleted first. We are at about 8 months retention at the moment, so bring it on FH!

Giants carve up broadband punters

Peter Knapp

"anonymous coward"

Thanks for that!

If you had read my post, I commented I was not into self advertising, hence publishing as anonymous as my user name gives the company name away. And no, I have no connection with UKFSN / Jason or similar.

What does Microsoft's European defeat mean?

Peter Knapp

Oh for Chuff Sake

While you are all banging on about the suit, one wonders whether you should either:

a. Use another OS

b. Apply some "credit" to your over used broadband connection and download something else instead of IE / WMP or whatever.

Back with the car analogy if you buy a basic "Ford" and is comes with a basic radio, there is nothing to stop you removing it and putting something else in. Likewise its wheels or whatever. Folks EXPECT to get wheels and a radio, they can optionally have flasher / better / more secure ones and MS don't prevent you doing this....

Peter Knapp

Oh and one more thing while I'm at it...

If MS didn't include IE with Windows unless you are going to get back into PC magazine cover disk syndrome, exactly what is Joe Punter going to download Firefox or whatever. From a tech angle, I know we can crank up a DOS prompt and FTP something down, but for the other 95% of the population......

And my closing two penneth, having sold to these folks for many years, it still amazes me the number of customers that assume MS Office is part of WIndows and not a 1/2/300 quid additional piece of software.

Want a free iPod Shuffle? Ask Tesco

Peter Knapp

Too bad....

Its a Brand New Customers Only offer!



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