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BOFH: I know of a small biz that could deliver nothing for a fraction of the cost


"Functional translator" is indeed a fine one. I think i am going steal it as the "mechanical document converter" or "non electronic processing device" i normally mention starts to get suspicious looks from those of the competence avoidance squad that still give me the occasional ink stained papers (they call it "optimisation concepts" or suchlike) every now and then.

ISS dodges space junk from satellite Russia blew up


Re: Now wasnt there some reagan-esque starwars stuff ?

I was actually thinking of threads/nets instead of glue balls. Even a spray of dirty water might work, if it clings to the target and increases its weight. SDI (had it ever worked) would need some adjustments but we are not talking full orbital cleanup effort. To protect the space station, some deflector satellites would be enough. LASER or MASER for small stuff, glue net or adhesive micro jets for bigger junk. Of course destruction will not be possible for most of the space junk but decreasing the speed of the junk will let gravity take the trash down.

Really with all those intermittent "too much junk in orbit" news snippets that keep coming up every now and then for at least the last decade, its a bit depressing that noone developed any space trash deflector system or similar things.

Maybe its because in contrast to SDI, it would have to work and not only one country would benefit from its effects. Plus its not a weapon so the desire to waste money is somewhat hampered.


Now wasnt there some reagan-esque starwars stuff ?

Anyone remember SDI ? Isnt it depressing that those ideas from the Reagan era are still not real ?

Ok we didnt get flying cars but LASER rifles ? Come on, even James Bond had some in Moonraker...

Jokes aside, i would suggest a stickynet or sticky balls substance to clump the debris togeter while also increasing its weight. If the space debris is too dangerous, clump gun it, fire a remote controlled rocket engine or blast device with small effect (not to destroy but to alter velocity) in the glued up mess and shove it downwards.

If you're still on Windows 7/8.1, it's time to say goodbye to Google Chrome


So what ?

I never used chrome. i still have some win(oldish) boxes for nostalgia games and/or hardware but i never "upgraded" anything beyond Win7. No win beyond 7 ever did anything i actually needed or wanted so why bother at all ?

So a browser i never used and dont ever intend to use can only be on its newest and shin/shitt_iest on an OS i also never used and dont ever intend to use. Both from companies i utterly dislike and distrust.

Seems like some sort of perfect match.

As Russia wages disinfo war, Ukraine's cyber chief calls for global anti-fake news fight


So whats new on BOTH sides ?

"We took a lot of lessons from cyber aggression for the last eight years,""

Ok, and when are you starting to pay license fees for copying these things ?

First thing to die in every war is truth. Every side involved can be found to spout lies, propaganda or utter nonsense, be it fictitional WMD in iraq,"washing machine chips" as the new Do-it-all weapons tech or made up chlorine gas attacks in syria.

If you are soooo concerned about critical infrastructure, why is it still connected to the internet ? This generates the impression that profits/cost savings matter more than functional security.

If you are sooo concerned about fake news why do you keep producing such media manure yourself ?

Educate your citizens to be critical thinkers, not dumbed down media consuments and fake news are no real issue anymore. But maybe thats unwanted because the "good" fakenews (like https://fragdenstaat.de/dokumente/4123-wie-wir-covid-19-unter-kontrolle-bekommen/) would also be reduced in effectivity.

Economic cold war looms as Chinese chipmakers feel sting of US trade restrictions


Re: John Wayne Flunks MATHS Class.

I dont have "intimate knowledge", i just tend to correlate the obvious things albeit not in todays typical style of only remembering the last three headlines and/or days.

Nothing secret here just a long term "connect the dots" (of available information).


Re: John Wayne Flunks MATHS Class.

While i agree to most of your points, let me add some more.

China has been buying up any kind of company it could get its hand on, one of the most remarked was robot company KuKa in germany. Funny enough, all those much criticised "blackmail" credits to fund co operative projects like ports in malaysia, plywood factories in africa (along with the necessary roads/infrastructure) shows some kind of friendly or at least somewhat symbiotic takeover, much in contrast to landgrabbing and extortion via "free trade agreements" that are mostly detrimental for the african "partners".

Human rights/ social credit/surveillance and other correctly criticized points dont change the fact that china always plays the long game, and most of it in a way that "sneakily" gives the impression of a friendly slow but steady invasion instead of the usual western approach.

Chinas hybrid approach to everything, always changing the current milestone target without losing focus on the long term goal and whenever hitting a wall like the forced pseudo sell out of TikTok, finding a way around has not been met with a working counter strategy yet.

Seppuku sanctions dont work at all here. Never have, never will. Economic hunger strike is met with amusement, maybe inconveniencing short term but not to be taken seriously at all long term. While china has been investing in schooling and "producing" engineers for decades, western countries have dried out their potential and "optimized" for overexpensive education and abysmal wages, reducing the quantity of engineers, programmers, whatevertechlers immensely. Outsourcing everything and his dog to low wage countries also destroyed a lot of any ability to be competitive long term.

I can remember the 1980ies, the sheer tech optimism, awe and inspiration coming from then still superior "american" technologies, like the C64, Amiga, IBM down to electronic games from Atari, Coleco, MB, a time when the USA was THE name for almost everything futuristic, technological wonders, THE stuff to have.

Well, nowadays, whats left and where is the daily high tech expected to come from ? Even in special effects and impressive movies, china has outrun the US productions.

Instead of relying on building walls of any kind, reverse the neoliberal short term lunacy and build up again. Economic warfare can only lead to a delayed demise but wont save "the free west" in the middle to long term.

Ubuntu 22.10 is out, with an extra remix in the family: Unity


Re: "As usual, there are various other desktops"

Strange indeed. Maybe i have to add that one of those machines is an ASUS laptop (thats the machine that cannot reboot but must be turned off) and the other three are HP Pavilion mini PCS, originally choking on Vista. Asus has 4 gig RAM and a 500GB HDD, the pavillions also 4 gig each, two with SSD, one with HDD, all 1 terabyte.

All three now on Mint 20, as they finally run again with the DRM the users want, i did not bother to update them further, much less as mintupgrade has stopped working on the Asus laptop and i really dont want to do a complete new install and lose all those pre stored passwords/logins/whatever the users refuse to store in their biomass computer where it should be. :P

Use case of all those devices is media machine (music/video/streaming/internet stuff of all kinds) and hotspot (the pavillions via additional WiFi card).

If it were only for kernel updates, that wouldnt mean too much hassle, but especially the asus thing is really hell bent on a reboot even with only gzip, python and firefox or likewise non system critical whatevers updated. And this misbehaviour is new.

All four have of course the ubuntu hotspot issue, circumvented in the usual way.


Re: "As usual, there are various other desktops"

I would really like to like mint better again and i still do the (somewhat) regular installs for people fed up with windows 8+ (or having changed their main video game system to a games console) as apart from some exotic annoyances (widevine, other DRM, amazon prime video) it normally runs hassle free even for tech allergic beginners.

However the upgrade from 19 to 20 and following implemented unneeded issues, even when using the mintupgrade package.

Apart from ubuntu issues like the hotspot no longer working until recently without circumventing by declaring a new wireless network (and giving out misleading error messages like "system policy was changed"), Mint has lost one of the best features it had for people who just want to have their media box running 24/7 and thats the live update. Ever since mint 20 you need to reboot, depending on the hardware involved even switch off and start anew to implement updates.

Now try explaining a non tech savvy person why the system that ran without issues continuously for 2 years uptime suddenly wants/needs to do the windows-situp every friggin week.

Intel sued over historic DEC chip site's future


Re: Huh...

Lets go real life to show that "industrial site" is not the same as "industrial site.

Vorwerk carpet factory near the center of Hamelin doesnt generate much traffic or air pollution. The same size of industrial site, "Heller Leder" around 40 kilometers away generates such a stink that it can be smelled up to two kilometers away, depending on wind direction which is luckily mostly going away from the village. The stink intensifies dramatically whenever they refill their biogas processor, a big cylindrical tank with a rubber seal on top.

When the winds die down in summertime, the whole village stinks of the tannery, the rotting biomass and whateverchem up to 500 meter higher on the hill, the range of the air pollution is up to 1500 meters without air movement, which doesnt help as that also means much more intense scent.

At least both facilities have a comparable traffic generation but apart from this and a comparable size, thats all thats similar on both industrial sites.


Re: Why Not Try a Classic "What If"?

"It wasn't an insult, it was advice. Seek help. You're having a psychotic episode."

While i cannot rule that possibility out, much less after 2 years of corona terrorism and the current trigger happy self destructing idiocracy called "german government" with all its extremely bad sideeffects for my personal life, your diagnosis (i admit i had to look at wikipedia and other freely accessible informations) does not fit too well as i do not experience the (aural) hallucinations and my DDLI (WimpDDLI is still a funny thing to have and i did another run just to see if you might be right.) did not change from a decade ago. Self diagnosis via mental training we received during NATOs yugoslavia attack also doesnt show too many deviances and i assume thats something useable since it was designed to alert a soldier equipped with an assault rifle that he might get unstable.

One teensy problem is, if i had the mental breakdown you suggest, the current waiting time for any therapist or psychologist is around 8 to 12 months until the first meeting and any emergency services are no longer available/totally overrun since year two of the corona hysterics.

As a few of my friends had mental breakdowns or similar grave issues due to the corona hysterics and the resulting personal catastrophes, this is sadly an information i dont even need to search for.

How about a classic ? "Just because you are paranoid doesnt mean that theres noone out to get you." ;)

But really, distrust in $bigcorps morale compass is something i wouldnt see as a sign of paranoia. Theres sadly too much evidence to show that trust would be a better sign of mental issues.


Re: Why Not Try a Classic "What If"?

"Paranoid schizophrenia, or undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia? You're having a psychotic break, mate. Get medical help."

I am not sure why you enjoy insulting unknown individuals but its just experience with companies.

Everything thats clearly defined can mostly be relied upon.

Whenever something stays undefined or vaguely defined, the probability that something fishy will happen later is sadly quite high. Much more for purely verbal agreements or verbal or otherwise not binding or enforceable "clarifications and explanations".


Re: Why Not Try a Classic "What If"?

As the article says, that site was a R&D facility and chip factory, which means traffic (assuming a 9 to 5 workday) would be pretty much limited to cars and the occasional SUV during the rush hours, the occasional delivery truck maybe but not a permanent parade of trucks.

Such a 9 to 5 business does not impact the quality of living nor the child care institutions as much as the traffic to and from a logistics center so i would assume that a revival of the R&D facility would not meet as much opposition. Even if the chip factory part had delivery traffic and workers commute due to a 24hour day, that volume of traffic would be limited in comparision to a logistics center.

But another point is the extremely vague project/intent definition. While "agile" may somewhat work on things that can be redesigned and reprogrammed on a (comparative) whim, laying bricks, plumbing,powerlines etc. is something literally set in stone/concrete so the vague definition seems to hint on a malicious intent to get something approved that would not be approved if Intel came up front with what they really want to do.

Texas sues Google over alleged nonconsensual harvesting of biometric data


Re: Mr. Meseeks

"That google statement seems to be irrelevant and more of a smoke bomb to confuse the issue."

The main issue is the automated opt-in of the device owner/photo owner IMO because thats where the crime/felony/rulebreaking/whateveritis starts. The secondary issue of unconsented use of "collateral biometrics" seems to collide with even more regulations/laws/whateverrules (Quite frankly i never understood the US judiciary system and i believe the lack of precision in the english language adds a good dose of WTF to it anyway.). If the base issue did not exist (provided google etc. play by the rules which i highly doubt.) then maybe the secondary issue you pointed out much better than i can word it would be greatly reduced. After all, if the photos may not be processed/stolen at all, collateral biometrics cannot happen.


Re: Mr. Meseeks

"For those of you living in other parts of the world, Texas is a place where being investigated for corruption means you had to really go above and beyond the expected level of corruption to have someone notice you enough to open a criminal investigation."

So its like in germany. Is it also necessary for the parliament to deactivate a politicians immunity for the attorney or police to be allowed to investigate properly ?

I also noted another thing, again showing the pseudoprotection of GDPR not helping much. Google said the data grab can be deactivated, so its activated automatically, which is pretty much in contrast to GDPR opt in rules. No surprise here. Pretty much the ever same "data protection" standard "once we stole all we can get, you may opt out to have an illusion of privacy".

To make this computer work, users had to press a button. Why didn't it work? Guess


Re: Bad design

Normally, i could agree but as far as the article says, there was sufficient training for the users. the call on the airport is also described as having the question wether the button was pressed in it, so no excuse there.

I can relate that a new, shiny, horrifically technical blackbox is not something everyone would confidently touch as i have seen this tech allergic approach often enough but as the story is told, there really is no excuse for the prospective user left.

You dont even need to go high tech. I had the case of a landlord, completely helpless because a main circuit breaker was tripped. Inexperience was the issue here, he did not dare to press the lever above the tripping point, fearing the mechanical resistance might lead to a broken lever if he pressed too hard.

Dont mock him, he did everything right. Tried to assess and remedy the situation as good as he could and call for help before risking to do damage.

Inscription issues however, were not to blame.

Amazon hit with $1bn claim that secretive Buy Box algorithm screws shoppers


Re: And this is news to just about nobody?

If i understand the article correctly, its not only about the first twenty pages of "search results" before less favoured suppliers are listed (if at all) which is indeed §%$!!! obvious. If that sticks, i would very much like to see similar lawsuits brought up against google. bing and any other forced advertisment/"search" engine in the world.

The complaint is also about the fulfiller after the buy button, the secretive selection which company actually ships the stuff.

Issues can arise here, i had a case of a special battery charging device which somewhat never was shipped, calling the "support" after a month led to amazon removing the order without my consent, although it had been placed and confirmed at that time. No longer than a week later, the same product was available again, around 60% more expensive, from a different supplier.

The main issue with any news concerning amazons behaviour towards $whoever is the total intransparency and i highly doubt that will ever change.

Maybe its time any NDA is declared null and void whenever consumer watchdogs and other likewise institutions demand answers.

Oops, web trackers may have leaked 3 million patients' info


Re: Nobody cares

It seems a bit sad that even organisations who criticise mass data theft/aggregation also use google/meta tech for "performance optimisation".

Basically, the old fashioned "please tell us how ourr site performs" questionnaire doesnt exist anywhere anymore, except in some sort of after the act post processing like on the bottom of microsoft or other support pages the occasional "was this helpful ?/did you find what you searched for?" question.

Its so nice that you can tell google/meta what you dont want to collect yourself AFTER the pixel/whatevertech has grabbed everything it could but as soom as anything is transmitted, i would not count on the data aggregators honesty to delete evrrything you dont want to have transferred back to you.

So why does this performance-o-mania still exist ? Nobody able to send, lets say, some kind of ping/live bit to check wether your site is down or not ?

Public cloud prices to surge in US and Europe next year


Re: On prem hosting

"The waste product of running your own servers is heat."

While there are kitchen appliances that use excess heat from the refridgerators compressor to pre-warm water for the washing machine or even the shower, it is intended to build data centers that effectively use their excess heat for heating of residential areas and similar purposes.

Kitchen appliance:


Data center:


Lenovo reveals rollable laptop and smartphone screens


Maybe not the right implementation for roll-tech ?

I would find a wristband/underarm roller or any device designed for a specific usecase where roll-tech has a purpose more interesting than a normal, already existing device transformed just to implement this roll-tech at all.

Not that it would not be somewhat cool/hilarious to go town crier style, unroll a tech-pergament and go full "Hear ye!".

But apart from the mechanical issues, i also cant see much apart the powerpoint-poster mentioned by @HildyJ, much less so as tablets already show the downsides of not having a proper keyboard/input device implemented (bluetooth accessories not taken into account).

IBM Consulting orders staff back to the office for at least three days a week


Why does everyone copy and paste ?

As the news trickle in, every company seems keen on this 3 day a week religion. This might make sense for some companies but given the vast differences between IBM and, for example, BT i just wonder why this 3 day recipe is so universally liked by whoever makes those decisions.

Of course, if you intend to annoy people enought that they quit "voluntarily", having a two day at the office mandate might not be as annoying as a monday, wednesday, friday mandate.

But back on my first thought. How come so different companies all want the same mandate ? What exactly are the advantages against a company (and company part/site/work dependant) specific rule, ranging from 1 day a week to the old full week of appearance ?

Germany stands down cyber boss over Russian ties


Upvoted for giving me a direly needed laugh in these mad and trying times.



Re: Hexenjagd für Kleingeister

US Fracking gas is at least 8 times, (in peak times 10 times) more expensive for germany when you take the means of transportation and the additional costs of retransforming the LNG into useable gas into account. But lets read on a mainstream media site how they calculate the final price for germany:


"Während eine Million „British Thermal Units“ (MMBtu) Erdgas – das entspricht etwa 26,4 Kubikmetern – in den USA gerade einmal 1,90 bis 3,80 US-Dollar kostet, lässt sie sich in Deutschland für 27,20 Dollar verkaufen.

Diesen Gewinn von 1300 Prozent wollen sich US-Produzenten kaum entgehen lassen,"

Nordstream 2 was meant to circumvent ukraine, that much is correct. Its not the only pipeline with the intent to go around an unreliable partner. However you do not seem to remember the constant theft of gas nor the blackmail attempt by ukraine to shut the pipeline down. Making the supply free from any such disturbances is indeed legitimate, much more so as Nordstream gas was delivered to poland, switzerland and other countries albeit via germany. How a business opportunity translates into backstabbing "allies" is beyond me, much less as the aformentioned countries insist on continuous deliveries and said deliveries are one of the factors that the reserves have not been filled appropriately, leading to the panic stricken and price inflating actions on the gas market.

And, by the way, ukraine now threatens to destroy the "druschba" oil pipeline to blackmail hungary.


Gazprom "germania" (every part the russians "let go" voluntarily to prevent the widespread theft through invoice (russian companies foreclosed as they could no longer pay their dues through swift although they had the money)) is actually "unter Treuhandverwaltung" (in escrow) by the german government who now intends to rename it to something more pleasing. The "rubles scheme" was initiated to circumvent the cutoff from swift. While you are correct that gazprombank still had access, gazprom "company" was already out at sea. You need both to pay for deliverance.


When i mention Orwells warnings. that has not much to do with foreign countries but with tendencies and incidents happening in germany.




As well as the aforementioned new thoughtcrimes, defined as per page 112 and following here:



Re: Hexenjagd für Kleingeister

"Russian gas is only cheap because it's a geopolitical lever to force countries into doing Putins bidding."

So "Putin" can travel back in time, as the cheaper gas price became a fact decades before he rose to power. Interesting view on a current situation with total disregard to everything before that does not strengthen pro war narratives.BTW there were long term treaties with fixed supply prices which lead to "cheaper than market price" gas as market prices rose.

"This pushes them away from Germany and France, and towards people willing to defend them, which is the US which is halfway across the planet, or the UK in Europe"

Ok so destroying the economy is a sign of "protection" ? The USA have never defended anyone but their self interest, albeit with the marketing scam of "freedom and democracy", which is legitimate of course for every state (putting self interest above all else), but have no issues at all to throw presumed allies to the wolves. Try finding the US concept of "theatre europe" and try to explain to me how turning all of germany into a nuclear wasteland protects germans.

The UK, as a vassal state to the US must naturally follow suit and maybe in 1000 years or so the promised "bestest" trade agreement may materialize - or not.

So how would the puny Bundeswehr "protect" Europe from russia ? During the 2000s powerful systems like the FlAK Panzer "Gepard" were put out of service, conscription was suspended and most of the military training facilities closed or even sold off. The G3 was replaced with the (comparatively) pea shooter G36, a severe downgrading in performance and precision to appease NATO mandate for 5.56mm Ammo which was not used in germany before.

Back on topic, germany experiences a witch hunt for everyone with the "false" opinion in ministries and media alike. State secretaries visit media outlets regularly "to combat fake news" and Minister Faeser keeps declaring anyone who would demonstrate against the current self destruction as fascist right wing, "Reichsbürger" (people who dont accept the BRD/FRG), and likewise inclined since around 2 years and maybe even before but she was totally unheard and unimportant prior to her rise so i cannot say anything about that.

BTW the dislike of several EU countries when it comes to germany has much to do with its neoiliberal "beggar thy neighbour" policies since 1998 so no newsworthy change here...

" This meant that nobody was bothering to involve, invite or even consult the EU on important measures about supporting Ukraine and eastern EU nations."

A bit ungrateful as massive meddling and not really professionally hidden support from germanys now president Steinmeier made the 2014 incident possible. Might be due to the fact that Minsk I and II were not only completely ignored by the ukraine, the EU representatives including those you mentioned did nothing at all to react or try their "partner" to honour the treaty, as the russians did until it became obvious that the other side refused to abide.Or it might simply be that the german pawn has outlived its use and can now be discarded.


Hexenjagd für Kleingeister

And another one with real or made up "russian ties" gets into the crosshair, as Manuela Schwesig for supporting pipeline gas over ten times more expensive and unreliable freedom fracking gas. However the price hike is not exclusively due to "russia cutting off" (which is mostly due to cutting off russia from swift, meaning, gas delivery would be unpaid) - not even after the destruction of the pipelines by interested parties, but partly a failed initiative to buy gas at whatever prices through a now state owned company since august 2022, partially to a misguided "rather sell gas reserves to poland than fill up your backup reservoirs" and of course due to those self destructive "no more evil resources" politics before any other sources had been secured. France, in opposition to this foolishness, keeps buying russian evil LNG at an increased rate.

Paywalled and quite delayed current article: https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/energiekrise-nachlaessigkeit-beim-gaseinkauf-soll-preise-in-die-hoehe-getrieben-haben-a-75cee149-18c9-4658-b863-b52cf4597271

Non paywalled and closer (august 2022) to the date it started:https://www.nachdenkseiten.de/?p=86619

Not that Nancy Faeser would be in any way qualified to lead "findings" with predetermined outcome, much less if you read the "Verfassungsschutzbericht" from the official site, published after her inauguration, expecially pages 112 and following: https://www.verfassungsschutz.de/SharedDocs/publikationen/DE/verfassungsschutzberichte/2022-06-07-verfassungsschutzbericht-2021.html

Grab your popcorn, read "1984" again and take a look whats currently happening.

CEO told to die in a car crash after firing engineers who had two full-time jobs


Re: So what about the rules ?

As defined by Bundesurlaubsgesetz, (paid) vacation is meant solely for recovery, so you can work at full power again. Holiday jobs somewhat interfere with that intent so that can be a lever for the employer,too. Its not "paid for doing nothing" but paid to recharge the old battery.

Similar regulations apply when you are having sick leave. You must not engage in activities that prevent or interfere with ASAP regaining your health==ability to work 100%.

So while the employer may use the regulations to enforce his will, its basically a multitude of regulations giving leverage to do so. And once you are foolish enough to believe you have considered every factor in the equation, another regulation/organisation comes around the corner to say hello. ;)


Re: Most of those red flags are complete nonsense

This is actually a point that i dont understand completely, maybe because i dont use LinkedIn or similar.

Once you have a job and currently dont want to leave it, why not turn off things that may lead to recruiting spam ? Wouldnt turning off such things have to be interpreted by your current employer as the wish to continue the job where you are ?


Re: So what about the rules ?

The mentioned time limits come from "Arbeitszeitschutzgesetz"(work time protection law) and may be ONE of the factors of your employers decision but not necessarily the only one.

As soon as the employer presumes (without having to prove) that your desired second job might impact the performance owed in your main job, you´re out. Of course your employer cant directly prohibit juristically but once you dont follow the order, you can be sacked.

Details may vary but unless you are ready to fight on the Arbeitsgericht, good luck. There is a lot of historical ballast in german work laws coming from the dark period since 1933 and not many of those laws (nor their strict interpretation) have changed much.

Try doing a bit of woodcutting on your own time in your own forest to sell that wood and get sacked because you endanger your main job performance.

As for voluntary work, there are exemptions for "freiwillige Feuerwehr" (voluntary firefighters) and THW/technisches Hilfswerk (due to them being emergency services). Voluntary work will normally not be considered as any conflict here will directly trigger several non work associated laws (Vereinsfreiheit/Vereinigungsfreiheit, etc.).

If you really insist on including the minefield of safety regulations, thats just another factor for the employer and his possibilities to deny your wish for another endeavour. So, yes i simplified the matter but in the end of the day, just assume that your full time employer may dictate wether you can take a secondary job just to be on the safe side. For details, consult a lawyer.


So what about the rules ?

German labour and tax laws would not let mere worker bees do this. Your employer has to be asked and can dictate that you do not accept even a one hour part time job when employed as that might reduce your owed working output for the full time employer so you need his written permission, even for a weekend job. Tax laws are even weirder here, in any case you have to report your second job before doing it.

One time helps or help for neighbours or family members as well as a regular "Ehrenamt" (voluntary unpaid work for charities and suchlike) dont count if unpaid so if you want to reduce your productivity, that would be the way to go. ;)

Main issues with work from home really seem to be control issues of every kind, management incapable of defining and controlling goals, unclear tasks for the "homies", maybe lingering distrust that nothing will get done if the eye of wannebegod does not linger above the peons.

So basically, much of this mess is due to management incapable of or refusing to do their job.

Oh, btw. CEOs, politicians and suchlike can have lots of full time jobs in germany, too.

Must be nice if you are the one who can approve of you taking unlimited "jobs", no matter of the quality of your "work" or wether you get anything done at all.

YouTube loves recommending conservative vids regardless of your beliefs


So basically bingewatchers get the binge ?

I confess to use yucktube but i also confess to ignore their generated play next lists, except for tech channels, DIY channels or "worst/best" lists whenever i feel the need for useless background noise.

Normal use case however is directly searching for something, then looking at the "results" and maybe hop one or two vids in the then generated list.

Yes, yucktube has developed some kind of weird "repeat until vomit bag full/switched off" in my case, which may or may not have to do with the fact that in the few cases i actually search for something political, i always try to find vids of the two major sides as well as some not too polarized (or much more disinterested) sources.

When that happens i also limit that activity to a maximum of three vids or 20 minutes per side, whatever limit is reached first so "the algorythm" might have some problems with my viewing behaviour.

Even more so as i tend to view political vids in very unregular intervals, usually every one or two months or so, with the other topics in no specific order in between.

I can understand that "the algorythm" tries to serve whats calculated to let the user stay online. Wether this is actually doing more or less harm may be up to debate, after all we are not (yet) living in a "max headroom" TV state where its illegal to switch off or even turn the volume below the state mandated level.

China dumps dud chips on Russia, Moscow media moans


Too many possibilities

While the story might be true, it might also be russian help for chinese buddies, giving china a "well we dont seem to achieve to prevent sanctions busting, but at least thats mostly trash the russians get" out of jail card.

This is definitely not unimportant as Bidens administration is at least as sanction and extortion trigger happy towards china as trumps was.

Second idea is false flag information, strengthening the western made (up) "washing machine chips in MilTech" fairytales to distort the image anyone trying to evaluate the situation needs.

All i could say since the censoring of russian channels began in the EU, much against any non censorship regulation we theoretically have is that all sides are friggin propagandist liars and the microscopic amounts of actual facts are not enough and must be post processed with logic and technical competence.

Just dont personalize the complex mess with too many participants, because even if "putin" dies today, the situation will not get better until everyone interested in a dragged out war on all sides (there are more than two since 1996) also dies or finds more interesting situations to profit from.


Re: It's just words

"Fuck them a thousand times, and then some more, for bringing the fear of nuclear escalation back.Fuck them a thousand times, and then some more, for bringing the fear of nuclear escalation back."

Who ? The russians or the "free west", trying to get pre-emptive nuclear strikes okayed at the last OSZE conference, where russians were not allowed to take part because their representatives were not let into the country ?

Who exactly developed RADAR dispersion ("stealth")planes and mini nukes to go with them ? Who exactly killed one anti nuclear weapons treaty after the other ?

I would assume the nuke-a-cola junkies on every side are having a field day and homecoming party at the current mad times.

Cisco asks shareholders to vote against global tax transparency


Now we will finally enforce..... Oh look, a squirrel

After the useless smoke candle called GDPR, lets welcome another direly needed regulation that seems to come against the resistance of the bad guys, only to probably be mostly lip service with neither bite nor will to bite.

As most people of the minority who read TOS, nonprivacy policies and other such license disagreements one might notice that GDPR did not help at all. The (dis)agreements were reworded but the general practice stays as onesided as ever, "accept" or "consent" to everything CulpritCorp desires or no software for you.

But hey, with all those bullshit jobs generated in yet another parasitic sect like ISO 9XXX, data "protection" whatevers are there to stay (useless).

I expect the very same of any initiative seemingly intended to do what the article says. Should anything happen at all, i expect pure lip service, another bunch of "certified" bullshit jobs generated, lots of red tape and paper waste and nothing at all in the presumed intent of the oncoming regulations.

If the farce called GDPR does not convince you, take a look at 30+ years of "Cum-Cum","Cum-Ex" or, as it was called in the beginning of one of the banking scandals around 1990 in germany "Dividendenstripping".( Olaf Scholz with his perfectly targeted amnesia might not like to remember that his friends in the Warburg bank were one of the main offenders from the start and still are today.)

All that has changed is the name and some minor implementations, the malpractice itself began in the later 80ies and has stayed on until today, despite new toothless regulations and implementation of some "watchdogs".

Plus ca change, plus c´est la meme chose.

Loathsome eighties ladder-climber levelled by a custom DOS prompt


"At a time when the Amiga was doing true pre-emptivemulti-tasking in 512Kb"

Heard that rumour quite often but as far as i remember, the Amiga had semaphore multitasking. Still good enough not to choke everything while performing any kind of disc access, though so still better than Win"doze" (for nostalgia).

You can still go lower on memory, though with a bare and unaugmented A1000. ;)

Starlink, shot by both sides in Ukrainian fracas, lives to fight on


I tried to find any relevant info about the hardware and of course i began on the company site https://www.starlink.com/technology.

As you only need a standard microwave motion detector with around 10mW to jam a standard satellite TV receiver 20 meters away, the total energy need not be much. Considering the usual power of targeting or artillery RADAR, jamming is quite possible as the distortion of the downward signals prevents a continuous data stream. Anyone who tried full or half duplex RF transmission of digital data (no, cramming your mobile on the old acoustic coupler wont do) knows about the multitude of interfering factors that can arise.

Starlink claims that their antennae are self aligning, so you dont even need much of a signal interference, only enough that the antenna starts searching for the next legit signal stream. So all you need to do is keep the antennae searching often enough that a useable data stream cannot be established.

Before coming up with software hacking ideas, look at how fragile the hardware is. I did not find any information wether there are battery/DC operated terminals so if those things are mains only, take the energy supply as additional attack vector into account.

SpaceX reportedly fed up with providing free Starlink to Ukraine


Re: If only Starlink kew someone...

Depends on how Teslaboy perceives himself.

Would he consider the friendly words of ukraines top PR desaster as something typical and unimportant, as that guy keeps insulting countries and individuals needed by the ukrainian regime as donators and backers ?

Or will he now use the string of insults as a reason to stop any support until the ukrainians have learnt at least some basic manners ?

It does not seem to be too intelligent but insanely arrogant to spout insult after insult, demand after demand and undermine any effort of politicians to sell the "theatre europe" style proxy war thats so desperately wanted by profiteers as something like solidarity for our good democratic friends.

I am somewhat adverse to endure economic damage, loss of work and cold housing for the assumend benefit of someone who lacks even the most basic manners so i can relate when musk takes this escape route.


Re: Russian appeasement

"There really isn't a "washing machine chip""

Yes, i know. I also know that there is no single "turret control chip" (Gepard has about 4 major components for turret movement plus another three for gun elevation) or "missile guidance chip" although as far as i remember, one of the first playstations was prohibited to sell to iraq due to processor power big enough for ballistic calculations. (I believe that was prior to the iraqi mass murdering of 5000+ kurds with nerve gas rockets but thats a few decades too long ago to have precise memory).

Apart from the questions how any "washing machine chip" would be designed to stop the barrel at a precise position, it still begs the question why a washing machine should have any sensor apart "motor standstill" which basically equals "motor power cut off" so on the I/O side thats pretty bull manure. Much more so in 3D/Missile guidance/navigation, even when i take the absolute primitive tech in the "Roland" missiles or other primitive AA missiles like the SA 7 "Grail" (for russian tech) or the western counterpart "stinger" into account, no electronic i ever found in a washing machine could cope with the most basic requirements as it never needed to be designed to do so.

TL:DR most of the "russians are desperate enough to use improvised stuff" propaganda falls flat on its face as soon as you take a closer look and are not totally incompetent.


"With no Russian forces in Ukraine - and I include Crimea - there is no war. "

Not really the truth as economic warfare like the seppuku sanctions is also war.

Even if your wish came true, russia would soon be visiting again as one of the main reasons for destroying military airports in the first wave still prevails - the nuclear carrier F-35 , equalling NATO nukes directly at the russian border. Cuba crisis with inverted sides.


Re: Russian appeasement

"The world has pretty much drawn the line in the sand that Russia is not going to take Ukraine."

Sorry but the world is a lot bigger than USA and EU. Not many other countries are playing in that sandpit and about 80% of the worlds population has governments that dont care at all about ukraine.

As to the claims of russians out of ammo, washing machine chips in missile guidance systems and turret controls, all i have heard so far gives me the idea that i cannot ascertain anything about the situation as everybody involved keeps spouting absolute nonsense and much of the current propaganda is along the lines of what i heard when NATO attacked yugoslavia.

But rest assured, once the iraqi army digs out their weapons of mass destruction and starts playing, too, we can rest assured that every western "free" media outlet has spoken the full truth.


Re: Nice one, Zelensky and Putin. Well Played, Sirs. We thank you for your Service

Similar "buy weapons now, pay a decade later" happened with the greek military dictatorship and leopard tanks delivered in the 1980ies. This is one of the higher debt packages that crippled greece even more after the "solidarity" of the EU somehow transformed into the solidarity of a piranha infested toilet bowl. The EU was a sneering and insulting bystander as the IMF moved in for the economical kill.


"See also, for example, Bill Gates - funds charity projects with enormous amounts of money, and gets a lot of flak either because they are not the "right" projects, or because he still has enormous amounts of money yet, or because it's perceived to be just a PR stunt."

The "charity" foundation is still going the usual bill gates way, extend, embrace, extinguish and manipulate the market. Above all, as any "charity" foundation belonging to one of the one percenters its primarily a tax evasion and PR scheme, see also Bertelsmann Stiftung which is juristically also seen as not charitable but "gemeinnützig" (not really translateable, something along the line of "good for society") and gets the respective tax cuts for this presumed status.

After the german red cross killed off any cheaper blood donation services in germany, even the "Blutspendedienst der Bundeswehr" and now monopolizes the market with hefty prices, no more cash for donators and a lot of "unneeded" blood conserves not donated to medical projects but sold on to the cosmetic industry i started looking behind the "charity" label and have not found a single organisation that doesnt primarily feed the "administration" with only a pittance of the money actually going where it should.

Banks face their 'darkest hour' as malware steps up, maker of antivirus says



Considering all the obviously false assumptions and incompetence coming from EX perts, i would rather talk to the perts who obviously tossed the EX perts out.

Then again, "expert" has really lost its value as a title during the CoViD hysterics so whenever i hear someone proclaimed an expert in whatever field, i dont expect such individuals to spout anything worth listening to.

Sad to see that whatever title was meant for competent individuals is abused so often that its transformed into a warning sign to not expect anything useful, coherent or competent whenever such title bearers open their biological or technical media outlets.

Senior engineer reported to management for failing to fix a stapler


Re: But I DO want to know!

Badger.badger,badger,badger, mushroom,mushroom !


Or a bit more in the happy go lucky direction: YATTA !


Just $10 to create an AI chatbot of a dead loved one


Good for Aunt ELIZA.BAS

I am not too sure that this idea is in any way something for the broader public or even a single individual, not even after i experienced less inspired preachers at several funerals.

Orson Scott Cards "Ender"/"speaker for the dead" seems like a much better therapeutic idea to me than a virtual simulator of a deceased person, much more so as i highly doubt the glorified sorting algorythms called "AI" nowadays.

But go for it, add a hug-o-matic, a cry-with-you-bot and many other things to render even the most personal emotions to some app-experience to pay for. I personally dont like this direction at all.

If someone weaponizes our robots, we'll be really, really sad, says Boston Dynamics


How will they prevent piggyback murders ?

So lets say the integrity of those robots stays intact. No harm done in sending them to some place, right ?

But what about a completely independant payload strapped to their chassis ? Something like a bomb, a nerve gas dispenser, anything incindiery that can be triggered without the robots hardware being connected to it ?

Add any trigger you want to that payload weapon, be it facial precognition or other insecure measures, be it GPS/location triggers, the traditional time bomb, temperature or motion detection triggers or a mix of everything able to pull the pin.

I believe its pretty much impossible to avoid such scenarios, that is if anyone (including the robot corporations) cares at all.

Left-wing campaign group throws weight behind BT strikes


"Covid suppressed consumption and we overproduced causing prices to crash."

"Covid" did nothing except making people sick. If you take a look at misguided politics like lockdowns and other invasive and economically damaging measures, theres your cause for unemployment, less money earnt and less money spent.


"Because 6 months ago Mr Putin decided to declare war start a Special Military Operation to invade and subjugate liberate Ukraine in a short victorious war that would only last 3 days."

As many other countries have played the invasion/intervention game for decades, this incident cannot be the trigger. Try taking a look at the seppuku sanctions which include cutting off "putin" from s.w.i.f.t. which would basically mean the evil russians have to keep up the exports without being paid. Cut off from western banking system equals no more trade with western countries who only accept payments and financial transactions through s.w.i.f.t..

No worries for "putin" though, as "he" now exports the evil russian oil to china and india and while german refineries dry out because "our friends" in poland want to extort a handsome bakshish for letting their un-evil oil imports through. To get a bit of diesel, germany pays our "indian friends" to send some over, too bad the "good" indian diesel is largely refined from "evil"russian oil.

Meanwhile, la grande nation (france) imports evil russian LNG instead of freedom fracking gas at an increased rate.

Look a bit into the mess made by "western morale" politics and the negative aspects of the economic fallout of the seppuku sanctions dont bother "putin" too much - they just increase the incentive to push the already planned pipelines to china a bit higher on the agenda while europe dries out on the barren anthill of "morale" high ground.

But then again, there are still individuals believing in "putin" blowing up the pipelines and cutting off his last diplomatic leg and there are even dumber individuals believing in the fairytales of weapons grade washing machine chips in missile guidance systems and battle tank turret controls.

Meanwhile, "our always supported friends" in the ukraine pay the price of western "morale" with their lives in a needlessly prolonged mass slaughtering. Well done.

People are coming out of retirement due to cost-of-living crisis


Re: Not great news for youngsters

"The problem with post Covid workers in France is probably universal or Europe wide however. I was in Portugal a couple of months ago and the guys in the restaurants I've been going to for years were saying they couldn't get staff for love nor money."

If this is as some friends and a family member told me (restaurant and hotel employees) this is mainly due to employers refusing to pay more than pre CoVid/pre-ukraine hysterics as well as the insecure situation how long the job will last as german government is hell bent on never ending the pandemic state and still plays around with the political redefinition of "vaccinated" status (4 jabs of the mRNA snake oil at the moment, real vaccines are not accepted for the status).

Take into account that giving tips is not really as ingrained in germany as in england so this expected "income" is quite likely to drop to around zero as even those who endure the panicdemic rituals to go to a restaurant will definitely not have as much money to spare as before the current situation(s).

So low pay plus politically enforced job insecurity plus the inflation due to the seppuku sanctions and here we are.

Isnt it astonishing that people dislike to take underpaid and insecure jobs ?


Re: Not great news for youngsters

"They didn't release COVID or invade Ukraine."

So you fell for the "not me" propaganda most political individuals abuse to avoid being held responsible for their poor performance with both ?

The amount of corruption, negating basic citizens rights and doing unspeakable harm both personally and economically is not "because of CoViD" but the direct result of someones individual decision.

Not "CoViD" is responsible but the individuals deciding the anusive nonsense we all had to endure.

Same with the conflict in the ukraine. Sanction seppuku was not decided by "putin" or "the invasion" but by political individuals in the USA, in the EU and not many more countries elsewhere.

Eu wise, thats not even a pyrrhic victory as the self destruction doesnt seem to lead to any of the proclaimed goals that were told to the citizens as to why commiting collective economical suicide is a great idea.

Please note that i will not mention any political parties, because the full responsibility for each and every destructive and false decision must stay with the individual who decided and no one (and nothing)else.

Amazon halts work on ‘Scout’ delivery-bot that delivered parcels no faster than humans


Re: The Real Reason that the Scout Walked Slowly

"What the heck is Amazon going to do with the 250 midgets who were inside those coolers?"

Create a new StarWars movie, either another Ewok story or hundreds of R2 units doing some robo high school dance movie.