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Tech job vacancies hamper England's digital health plans


Quick diagonal reading transformed "tech pro roles" to "tech proles" :)

Reading other comments, probably not that big error ...

Conversational AI tells us what we want to hear – a fib that the Web is reliable and friendly


Re: run for cover and grab the popcorn

Bit late to comment .. But dont underestimate axe - it's an universal tool (one of the first we invented)

i still have 4-5 axeheads made in Swdeden around 1850's

Waiting for restoration. Good hand-forged steel. Ofcourse you can get something better now .. but those lumps of steel still work exeptionally well.

And few 50+ year old handle blanks .. grandfather was proffessional woodworker (don't know right EN term) but he worked as schoolteacher for taht kind of stuff (don't know term for that either).

So .. s'load of century + old tools and knowhow to use those. Trawling flea markets and similar places for hidden gems.

About AI's .. as we know now, Microsoft neutered the "New Bing" ..

AI's are good when you give them freedom .. an then they start learning from us.

And then their creators start censoring them ..

It's like with kids - it takes time and guidance to grow up /mature.

MS Tay acted like your average teenager - lot's of stimulus without concept and "moral guidance". And MS pulled the plug.

But for some reason i cannot take my teenage daughter offline for similar behaviour ..

ChatGPT talks its way through Wharton MBA, medical exams


Re: If people can earn a degree using ChatGPT

But you need to know the right question to ask .. in right way

(prompt engineering)

BOFH: What if International Bad Actors designed the vaccine to make us watch more Steven Seagal movies?


Re: brilliant



NHS-backed org reacted to GitHub leak disclosure with legal threats and police call, complains IT pro


Why not use CERT as responsibile disclosure office?

I understand that they have more important work to do .. but they have all necesary competences.

Japan to start stamping out rubber stamps and tearing up faxes as new digital agency given Sept. 1 start date


Bold move ..

So much innaovation and new tech from the Land of the Rising Sun!

Almost "Digital Transformation"

Slightly sarcastic, writing from Estonia / E-Estonia, but as i understand .. this country is REALLY conservative about how things get done