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The UK loves cybersecurity so much, it's going to regulate managed service providers' infosec practices in law

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Department of Justice Lions Operating System... More like Pussy Cats.

It's no doubt slowly working it's way through the legislation - that the reason Russia has VLIW CPU's & RISC & VLIW computing is because it's then combined to produce one of the worlds finest & hardest & highest secure rated classifications and military pieces of security hardware on the planet which is public software called the UNIX Specification. Worth thinking about when your busy slandering the Russians and the Chinese accusing them of being rotters. Yes that Open Source bumph is actually the social party & general public's intellectual property and serves only one purpose. Turning a persons computer literally into FORT KNOX because it's part of an advanced Missile Defence Platform & Industrial firewall, like the IRON DOME or the S-400 Triumph designed to withstand attack.

A great triumph as you can deduce for the US putting Intel Pentium chips in it I see, with little of no regard as to why programmers all use RISC & VLIW instructions to secure there machine and create what's called a BASTION HOST in the first place but certainly a wonderful Job at ticking everybody else all off in the process!

Enjoy looking at those pictures of Secure Computing & Elbrus Chips - because you'll be grovelling for them later & gushing with apology, wanting to distance yourself from American Technology!

Uncle Sam wants 'ethical hackers' to crack its planetary defenses, but don't expect a pay-day from this bug bounty


I'm sure the FSB will help with gleeful abandon.

I confess, that made me laugh till my sides hurt!

The FSB has an Owl with a big pair of eye's!


Re: What's not to Like for the LOVE of Global Operating Devices?

Pfft so Uncle Sam still hasn't figured it out that only two things came out of Berkeley - LSD & Unix and neither was an accident! Intellectual Hippies!

Chrome on Windows turns on Intel, AMD chip-level defenses against malicious websites


Stack Protector

Stack Protection - Something that Unix has had for decades and only now several decades later does it make it into Chrome & Windows (sarcasm)

GCHQ boss warns China can rewrite 'the global operating system' in its own authoritarian image


Utter Tosh & Codswallop

The "Global Operating System" my goodness well surely that would be "Plan 9" by Bell Labs - which last time I checked was written in Alef - which is the first language of the Hebrews not the Chinese.

OpenBSD then builds on that foundation and produces arguably what could probably be classed as "the best firewall in the world!" no surprises there!

So I guess it really does boil down to which "Global Operating System" he's referring too, maybe he means Microsoft Windows or Apple or Android - last time I checked those where the only ones that tolerated dictatorial relationships with the likes of "Republican Party" spies looking to fiddle there bosses bank balance.

Unless of course he means the Chinese wish to re-write Windows or Ubuntu Kylin with its closed source device drivers - then there entirely welcome to, as the way I see it, it would certainly be an improvement on what's on offer at the moment, which is all translated down the pipe as "America is Spying on you" to make the world a safer place and protect you all from those nasty nationalist socialist's from the GOP!

Yeah ok... We're all ears Mr Fleming!

'Millions' of Dell PCs will grant malware, rogue users admin-level access if asked nicely


Windows 10

All I saw was the words Windows 10 - Dell & Alienware Update - narrows down the vulnerable system and product in question considerably and really to be perfectly honest not surprised - not surprised at all...