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Apple: We didn't take commission on 90% of App Store sales and billings


Re: Charm offensive

True. A vile and filthy business it is to, but still...

This is a biggie though for the future of the web and Apple lose whatever the result. U cant hide from web-apps Apple. They are here, we all use them daily and the walls of your 2000's-style walled garden crumble to the trumpeting sound of the next-gen telling you that ur bullshit post-hippie bollocks is out of date, Grandpa.

You are old tossers. We are the new tossers. Our toss is fresh and more suited to the next-gen.

"They’re selling Hippie wigs In Woolworths"

Apple to summon staff back to the office in September


get back to those offices you drones. You can't have that life so easily. They will want you back if just for the power that has over you.

China reveals plan to pump out positive news about itself. Let's see what happens when that lands with social media fact-checkers


Re: Let's be clear...

first half was right, but second bit not so for me. They big boys do sometimes know what they are doing. It does include some of the factors u mention but also getting Hong Kong back and knowing they were helped tons. They pretty much photocopied that.

Also, the work done by the Americans in Japan proved a simple template that Korea, Vietnam and almost all there have are copying. And finally, the USA/UK invention of the web. All these elements produce a sum greater than themselves - magic.


Re: Pushback against decades of propaganda might be futile



They aren't listening. They don't give a f-ing pooh about outsiders. Read that Terry Pratchett book he based on Asia. It is like that. Still. Robots.

The thing about China to me is that they are old hands at civilisations. They have been through the stages the West in going through and it didn't work. I have a lasting image of their ingrained 'coldness' that they can switch on to outsiders and it's powerfully passive aggressive and uniquely Chinese. Generally, I like 'em but not so much if I have to battle them over something especially on their home ground.

The list above of bad things they have done is small compared to the British Empire.

But worst of all was seeing how terrible the Jesus & Mary Chain look. OMG. And the interview with the responses like, "We make music for ourselves", and gushing Asian fans - not even crazy sexy Japanese ones that we men would all like have a picnic with - or 2gen J-Pop-style K-Poppers. No 3-gen C-Popper/Rockers "Cool" wannabes - bless them and why not enjoy? Was expecting Alan Partridge to pop out at anytime. JMC u've spolit my memory of Psychocandy. Now I see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJvGdOC6D1Y

Firefox 89: Can this redesign stem browser's decline?


Re: Please, Firefox, just go away already!

"How many years has it been since JavaScript performance was well and truly good enough? Many. Sure there are probably incremental gains to be had, and better performance translates to longer battery life, which is always a good thing, but the limitations to web performance these days aren't JavaScript performance, they're inherent network bandwidth/latency/protocol limitations and the cubic truckloads of pointless surveillance scripting that gets shoveled into pages to make sure that a real human looked at the ads."

Now and for the last few years JS speeds has been very good. And that is one of the key factors of the web: how fast is the JS engine. Makes a huge difference especially in complex webapps.

Network speed isn't a problem now (cache minified JS files aren't rocket science these days).

Agree about the tracking JS. That is legacy and will go very soon as it is too easily to defeat. How you going to avoid tracking when it's built into the device and doesn't require regular internet connection?


Re: Please, Firefox, just go away already!

"Chromium". Yes.

Firefox is still slow, clunky, unrefined, under-developed compared to competitors. It's just naff. 4% share - my god.

Plus as you say, Google are bank-rolling it. NO chance they are ever going to let it get better than Chrome and even with all the bits and bobs on, which I have in Chromium (uBlock Origin, etc), do you not think that the are others ways of tracking you apart from cookies, etc.

Yes, Google are 'evil', but it's too late now. Try Chromium and the sense of relief will wash over you. The sluggishness, treacle-like rendering of Firefox will go. Web Apps will become responsive and behave.

TOR Browser is best but also the worst.

It took 'over 80 different developers' to review and fix 'mess' made by students who sneaked bad code into Linux


Re: The only sane thing to do


that's why they ballsed it up. They had actors doing it instead of developers!

Put that the Agile book down, walk away from the desk... OK.

Beyond video to interactive, personalised content: BBC is experimenting with rebuilding its iPlayer in WebAssembly


Re: Disaster

"WebAssembly aims to execute at native speed by taking advantage of common hardware capabilities available on a wide range of platforms."

Legacy apps is a bonus feature really. Faster PWA's is the real point as we are using this tech at the moment in some areas.


Re: Disaster

""We're avid BBC viewers and have no doubt that we'll hate this".

It doesn't look promising from the efforts they have shown on their demo site - BBC3 x10 times as bad and behind the times.

Most disappointing again is that the BBC wannabe (who couldn't get a job at a proper internet company like Yahoo) seems to have been told something and not fully understood it.

WebAssembly is nice - in a few years, basically Web2.0 again as it was a nice name for a group of emerging tech) - but it's the WebAI bit that he has missed. The next-gen is the WEB (only) and it will be hyper-customisation, but not like he is doing it.

They are still thinking Web2.0 with multiple platform issues. That has mostly been solved. The next step is much greater automatic individual customisation and you need AI for that - not going to discuss merits or whatever, it's there, it works when used for the right things, it's getting better and fingers crossed it will get better than us at everything worth being best at.

The lag time is reducing between generations. Personal web will take much less time to reach mainstream than WWW or mobile.

We killed the vast majority of old media dead. Only the fittest, leanest and ones with the biggest begging bowels survive now. As is us.


Re: Fuck the BBC - fuck iPlayer

That's the spirit. Don't take no pooh from them


Re: This is all rather confusing

This is true throughout the old media - dumbed down, so much so that even I, with no journo experience got a job at the Indie back in 2002.

Also abroad too. In Japan and HOng Kong pretty much the same - still talented people there but also an awful lot of 'cheaper' weakly linked professions - like mine (ex-mobile internet designer but a newspaper job was a big step down cause I fancied putting my feet up for a few years and doing an easy job), but worse like ESOL teachers.

Defo at Sky. Worked at their HO for a few weeks and felt like I was in 'The CarphoneWarehouse' of the internet surrounded by booted and suited chavs! LOL.

BBC pretty much the same, loads of wannabes thinking old media is cool, thinking they are they internet, when the are bit a tiny tiny bit of it and we, yes, we folks, we are the internet. On your knees!

Kiss my face!

1Password unsheathes Rusty key, hopes to unlock Linux Desktop world


Re: Not a fan

Post of the month. Your job is done,.

Apple's expert witness grilled by Epic over 'frictionless' spending outside the app


Re: Hitt's hit

It's rarely like the movies in my experience of suing. Expert witnesses mostly don't care. Theirs is a numbers game. Most cases, most solicitors, most barristers will do a little as they can get away with and as such are not really Sherlock Holmes-like but more admin-like.

I knew one expert who used to deliberately add small mistakes/misinterpretations to see if the other side picks them up. If not, then he knows it's an easy near cut-and-dried case going through the motions.

Some experts really are - they transcend the pull of money, client-pressure etc. I even seen the other side's expert destroy their own case.

Anyway, hoping Epic win and really enjoy this battle. If they win, then it's a PWA future for all!

Day 3 of the Apple vs Epic trial: What actually is an iPhone anyway?


Re: Don't buy an iPhone Maybe?

"Not even on your own house?"

OK, 1998 has called asking for its AOL back. Walled gardens are useful at the beginning. Apple's mobile App Store was a revelation in mobile internet of the time. It built the foundations of non-HTML mobile internet. But like AOL, that model's time has passed from being the only and dominant one.

If you are happy, that's all that matters. Turn aside those sniggering forum posters with their inverted snobbery - they're just jealous! It makes no difference, really, except to your bank balance.

As mentioned above - Mr Bean used an iPad. It's over... walk away. Even the "i" in their naming they nicked from iMode.

Yeah, the are great. But thank goodness there are those who can see through the marketing and demystify the self-created aura of oneness obtainable only through selected outlet channels, and yours for just £1000 - or that's just $60 a month for x years on tick-style. Techies are not really blaming the non-techies as those non-techies have - like us all - a soft spot for shiny shiny new! We are worse than non-techies!

Your money - ur spend as u choose. But, please, remember, it cost you 30% more than it should of done and that has mostly paid for the marketing department's latte skinny puke-inducing foul soy-milk based hot beverage at $10 a sot - $0.90 to cover overhead costs etc, and the rest buys you faux smugness.

My GREATEST fear for my future money making is that Apple release a properly cheap device.


Re: Don't buy an iPhone Maybe?

"Apple's iDevices are restricted, and some people, myself included, are quite happy about that."

Oh, that sent a shiver down my spine as Aldous Huxley's spirit rose from the grave.

Never, never be happy with a walled garden. It's a prison. Have you stopped trying to look over the walls yet to see the big world? What walls?

The early days of the internet were full of those - I worked for the biggest - AOL for a SHORT time.

30% on apps. 43.5% on ipad. Lordy lord. Come on, wake up and smell that $10 Starbucks. Ah, but you do get to buy a little slice of misguided snobbery though. Looking down your noses at us! I can feel it through T'internet now as I type.

Here's the Apple rule: If I'm not paying, I'll have it.


43.5% on iPad (approx). Sits well with a $10 coffee.

Googler demolishes one of Apple's monopoly defenses – that web apps are just as good as native iOS software


Re: PWA is a strategy for privatizing the Web

What about Firefox? That supports PWA well.

PWA's are in-use by a great number of users without even knowing it. And those PWA's sometimes behaviour better than the identical native apps. Simple things like text copy-paste is easier on web apps.

I agree that it has taken a long time to reach this near-app, and sometimes better, level. I think in 2009/10 was the beginning. And, of course, we copied the apps developers as best as possible, but like many above have said, it was naff; unreliable, ugly and near-PowerPoint levels of tacky. And then abandoned mostly - the <BLINK> of that era.

From then, after ape-ing, poorly, PWA's had to re-invent that which had influenced it - native apps.

Your opening sentence did set a few alarms off though. There are quite a few PWA's on the Play Store. PWA's are not like web-apps of the past that wrapped a site and caused a ton of extra nonsense work to get on the app store. Twitter is PWA,so is Facebook Lite or whatever it's called.

"I applaud Apple for keeping Google's malevolence in check."

Umm... umm. hmmm. well. Ah, how can i put this without sounding patronising? ... They are pretty much all as bad as anyone. Really. Apple are evil. What about their prices? Come off, sunshine, That's rule 1 in the book: Greed, What could be more evil than their breathtaking mark up!

IMO, Google are pushing this because it breaks Apple's App Store model quite a bit. Native apps will fall as the duplication of the process on web is a very tiresome and difficult to manage tasks - I've did it in 2000 with web and WAP sites. Be honest, a large number of native apps can be ported and whilst their might be differences. It's like pre-internet/early internet where we copied the then-native Windows or Mac apps and put them on the web. Same here. Take the functionality, the Powerpoint-style transitions and fades etc and add them to the Web.

PWA are much faster than before too.


Re: Most apps are dire

Developers and cost-costing, but most theme builders now how the ability to customise elements in the page for the 3 groups of devices.

It is a valid complaint and I too have had it annoying me. I think given most people general tendency towards laziness -me too - that it could be solved using adaptive Web Ai to hyper-customise you visit.