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Not so fast: Italian boffins say neutrinos not faster than light

Paul Landon

@AC re:Speed Of Gravity

Exactly: No aberration ,no positional-retardation.


The direction of the vector of the attraction is in the direction of the instantaneous position of the other body (as accurately as has been measured).

Paul Landon

Speed Of Gravity

"it is also worth mentioning that gravity too travels (propagates) at the speed of light (C), and not a bit faster or slower."

Erm no actually.

Put simply, if the direction of the force of attraction was in the direction of where the 2nd body was a finite time ago orbits would describe a completely different behaviour. Orbits would be unstable.

Similarly if the magnitude of the force was a function of the distance d/c ago then it would be easily observable especially with highly eccentric orbits.

Highly accurate measures of this have been done on the Sun-Moon-Earth system and others.


World's first biz computer was British – and sold teacakes

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Paris Hilton

Ah a real computer

Oooooo that looks sexy!

US military debated hacking Libyan air defenses

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Paris Hilton

God forbid that that the Canadians might supply the pills.

Would you let your car insurer snoop on you for a better deal?

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Taken Down And Used Against You

This is an example of injustice where the slurped data would be used against you but rarely used in your favour.

It could be used as an excuse not to pay out. eg. "You were doing 71mph at the time of the accident!".

Insurance companies are like Bookmakers but welch on their bets more often.

Xbox Live patrols hit by ugly SWAT attacks

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You can get it expunged?

What from the internet? From archive or wayback of the local papers?

Windows 8 secure boot would 'exclude' Linux

Paul Landon

Make Linux Secure

To make Linux secure we could exclude Windoze -no?

Average sozzled Brit sinks 5,800 pints during life

Paul Landon

2nd Highest Tax in Europe

We have the second highest beer tax in Europe.

Second only to Finland.

8 times France

11 times Germany

CAMRA Briefing


Ofcom ignores radio in annual report

Paul Landon

Their Other Roles

Did the report mention how they are handling phone hacking or prosecuting spammers?

News of the World TO CLOSE

Paul Landon

Where's OFCOM

Where's OFCOM been?

Too busy prosecuting spammers or USA Corporate data thieves and privacy crims. No?

Feds shut down poker site

Paul Landon


What are the Yanks doing stopping me (a Brit) playing poker with British companies based in Alderney?

Why don't they just invade the place to "impose democracy" like they did in Grenada in 1983?

Businesses believe tribunal system favours employees

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"Sixty-six per cent of employers recognised that the fear of receiving a costly Tribunal claim impacted on their management decisions and the way they managed staff," the report said.

Good! That means it is working as a preventative measure.

Too many ill-trained inexperienced managers believe that they can unilaterally end the employment at their whim, deserved or not. Most employers who end up at the tribunals are banged to rights because they simply have not followed proper procedures.

When it comes to Wrongful Dismissal, the most an employee can get is the correct money owed to them plus a 25% bonus. That almost makes it worthwhile for the employer to try it on, with not a lot to lose, gambling on the fact that some employees will not pursue a claim.

The existence of tribunals prevent breach of contract cases etc ending up in even more costly courts.

Barclays computer says d'oh!

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Not 20 minutes

"The bank insisted the problem was fixed within 20 minutes - by about 1.50pm on Saturday"

Funny that it was happening to many people at 11:40 or before.

Uptime of 99.92% is acceptable in a single piece of equipment, but that is not good enough for the whole Dawkinsdamn system

Haven't banks heard of redundancy? IGMC

Steve Jobs denies Judas Phone antenna problems

Paul Landon

Apple to Patent Untruths

"Patently false," said Apple's iOS honcho, Scott Forstall

That means that Apple will apply to patent untruths!

Think of the royalties they can get from Microsoft.

'Russian spy' was MS software tester

Paul Landon

Spy Swap for McKinnon

Can't the British Govt arrange a spy swap for McKinnon?

I'll get my cape.

Apple bars radiation nanny from App Store

Paul Landon

Authoritarian Censorship

Whilst the banned app sounds like a load of mumbo jumbo,

what I feel most strongly about is the authoritarian censorship and anti-trade issues here.

Windows 7 Backup gets users' backs up

Paul Landon


MS Backup does not work at all on Vista,

not Home, Premium, Business nor Ultimate versions.

Be aware that whilst it appears to work and gives a "Backup Successful" message, when you need to Restore you discover that it hasn't backed up many files such as .cfg .ini and many other files necessary for your apps to run, your music to play, or to view your photos arranged and captioned in albums or to view past email msgs.

In the UK if a product is not "suitable for purpose" you can ask for your money back, and I recommend this step.

Bloody George's Budget: How bad is it really?

Paul Landon

Capital Gains Tax

Thanks to Tim Worstall for declaring his interest by confessing to being part of the Adam Smith Institute. The most uncontentious adjective applicable to the ASI is "Thatcherite", with their slavish belief in total privatisation, a flat rate tax and a state as small as possible.

If you look at the cited table it does NOT show a reduction in CGT income for "a decade and a half".

Why the hell should someone who makes their money from capital or who has liquid capital pay less tax than me or anyone who makes their living from their labour?!

One of the reasons why CGT income may drop if the rate is increased to Income Tax levels is that CGT is often an avoidance mechanism for those with capital, and if the taxation rates are equal we would see a drop in that mechanism; god forbid the effect on growth if directors paid themselves a simple salary.

Anyone with 3 years liquid capital and a flexibility with how one is paid (think rich beggars and directors of other people's companies) could effectively take some of their income as a capital investment (shares? share options?) and invest it in a 3 year buffer. 3 years later they take the capital gain on the investment as their income and reinvest some more for 3 years. This gives them a tax threshold and a much lower rate.

A lower rate CGT is basically saying that £1000 made from investing capital is worth more than £1000 earnt from your labour.

It is shameful that Blair/Brown spent 13 years pandering after Daily Mail readers rather than Labour's principals.

DNSSEC: the internet's International Criminal Court?

Paul Landon

Any others

First "the Internet’s root, with an expansion out to dot-edu, then dot-net and finally to the dot-com registry".

Are there any other registries? ;)

Apple, the iPhone 4G, the cops and the click-tart

Paul Landon


Whatever the law or ethics of it, clearly there has been an overreaction.

Could not the police (or Apple) have contacted him asking him to return it to a police station?

Sending in loads of tooled up special forced rozzers to kick the door in is not the way to handle it.

Mines the one with the phone in the pocket, ...phone, has anybody seen my phone?

Bank security guru: Sue your bank for refund

Paul Landon
Paris Hilton

Banks are Paris-sites

I find that enclosing a photocopy of the filled in Small Claims Court papers with the second letter shows that you are sincere and your case will be treated as if there were a court case pending rather than just one of thousands of complaints for that day.

I recommend adding £30 per letter and £6 per day whilst their account is "overdrawn" compared with your version. Fair's fair, they do to you.

On changing banks: It is not always that easy, cancelling all your cards and direct debits.Many years ago, after a dispute with Royal Bank of Scotland about service, I was moving my personal and business accounts to another bank. After 3 weeks, the new manager phoned me to come into the bank. "I'm sorry sir, we don't want your accounts, how would you like the contents?". It turns out that they had just received a reference from my old bank saying "Mr Blah has banked with us satisfactorily for many years, however we would not recommend facilities such as a £500 overdraft"!!! Codified bankspeak for BAD_CUSTOMER! Even though I wasn't asking for any overdraft, and my old bank had provided a £500 overdraft limit (which was used correctly and paid off) and at the time of the move I was thousands in credit!

This left me right in the shite at the time I had just moved down south and started a new job.

Paris: because banks are Paris-sites.

Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats

Paul Landon


"136 people said they had used file-sharing software"

That does not make them pirates.

I legally share files and I believe that most other file sharers do too.

The Times kills off blogger anonymity

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Well done lads

"The blogger is Richard Horton a 45-year old detective constable with Lancashire Constabulary."

Well done lads.

erm, I have done the same

Extreme porn law goes live - are you ready?

Paul Landon


"the copper offering you a cigarette"

OMG! Isn't that criminal nowadays?

Heathrow 777 crash: Siberian cold to blame?

Paul Landon

It's not logical

"Has William Shatner been interviewed yet?"

The engines cannae take it Jim.

ICANN dukes it out with the USSR in cold war rematch smackdown

Paul Landon

Rewriting History

"The US invented the internet" LOL

Other countries such as France & Britain had active networks to end users, including military and academic interconnected nets long before the word was invented.

If one person was to be named as The Father of the web (there are many claims to paternity, international slut that she is), it would be Sir Bernard-Lee.

If you are rewriting history you could even repeat the claim that the Yanks invented or built the first computer too.

BOFH: Building changes

Paul Landon

Where Has Episode 30 Gone?

Where has episode 30 gone?

We have jumped from episode 29 to 31.

Was this jump trans-dimensional hyperspatial?

Or was episode 30 there, but has now disappeared into The Twilight Zone and is living with Elvis Presley and Princess Di in Saudi Arabia?

Maybe the counting is some strange numerical base?

Maybe they have used a Microsoft sorting algorithm and episode 30 will be after episode 31 (but before episode 33)?

If anyone has spotted episode 30 in Area 51 or on Google Earth we want to know about it.


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