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Is Apple readying a MacBook redesign?

Greg Woods

why no 12"?

"Still lie awake at night wondering why they dropped the 12-incher."

Brushing up on my pythagorus theorum...

12" has screen area of approx 69sq inches

13.3" has screen area of approx 75sq inches

very similar areas due to wider 16:9 radio of the 13.3" macbook

Now, an EeePC sized mac 8-10" screen. That'd be nice. As would an LCD behind the trackpad

Flash memory makers propose common card

Greg Woods

Just ban xD and MemoryStick

I HATE Olympus/Fuji and Sony for creating their own formats. i have even boycotted all Sony products for that single reason. (I'd like to say i'd boycotted Olympus as well, but the xD's have come down in price, and the Oly SP550 is an awesome camera - but the reality is, I have double standards).

Ban these 2 formats, and left on the battlefield are CF - huge capacities, and cheap; and SD (plus miniSD and microSD) which are small and cheap. (Maybe we need to ditch miniSD as well)