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Property slump hits Carphone Warehouse

Tim Donovan

@ Andrew Langhorn

Well, I assumed they both use different systems as I work for CPW Networks (the new name for Opal telcom) and have worked on some aspects of Talk Talk's network in my time.

Plus there is the fact that AOl use one supplier for their kit and CPWN use another supplier will also imply that they are different networks?

Tim Donovan

@ Andrew Langhorn


Talk Talk isn't used via AOL's LLU network.

They are both seperate networks. Talk Talk LLU is used via MPF and AOL's BB offering is via SMPF. These are 2 different connection methods. Plus both Networks are also run through different routers and utilise differnet eqpt.

I'd double check the facts before posting...

Welsh blogger fined over 'menacing' plod blog

Tim Donovan

@ JonB

To be fair I can't really compare your experience of police ot my own but when I was attacked (many, many years ago) they were pretty spot on although recently I have had another expereince of them and found them not as helpful as they could be so I suppose you do have a point.

Fair point on the generalisation thing, although i was referring to my mates, not the police force as a whole.

How can there be threatening behaviour without voilence looking likely? The very idea of a threat is surely to imply violence?

Tim Donovan


Of course people should have a right ot free speech, but not to threaten a new born (as this could've been taken)


You appear to ahve a real chip on youir shoulder with the country's police force and I'm not willing to go into the reasons as to why, however, I have a couple of mates who are officers and they're on the whole a good bunch who do their jobs just like the rest of us and I feel it's a bit generalist of you to lump all plods together.

And you say that a violent past is irrelevant to the charge? I disagree as that can affect the whole point in what someone says, from a comment to a threat...

And yes, I've seen the police react when someone has been threatened due to the fact that it is their job and also that their presence can cool a situation down.

Tim Donovan

Wait a minute

Ok, I've read through the replies and there are a lot of people getting all high and mighty about how we are losing our rights/the police are pigs (JonB - bad experience?) and so on.

Does anyone who has commented so far know the bloke in question? For all you know he could've used threatening language at the time of arrest or he could be known by the police (he's only been mentioned as having stolen on this one occasion)

What if he does have a violent past? Does that change the context of the quote?

And the apology? I've had a mate beat up in Liverpool before now and the attacker has told the bobbies that he was going over to apologise before having another go so I'm slightly sceptical of that bit.

So yes, I think he could have been justified and the real question is:

If you saw that posted somewhere with your name on it about a guy yould had to have a disagreement with, how would you react?

Dead wife contacts Lancs man via SMS

Tim Donovan

Text message

Perhaps the text actually said:

'I'm not quite dead yet'

Mine's the one with the proton pack...

Man webcams butt in Burnout Paradise prang rage

Tim Donovan
Paris Hilton

To be fair

I've played xbox live and they have different categories for different groups including ones such as family and also an underground one as well. I know this isn't foolproof but it at least allows some type of filtering of age (but it's totally voluntary so not great).

I've never played a PS 3 online but does this have the same functionality? If it doesn't then perhaps this is sometihng that Sony could take onboard?

Also would give the mooner a leg top stand on (slightly).

But yeah, he's totally out of line for doing that, you should take into account that there are people may not liek that sort of thing, and stick to it with mates only.

Paris cos she's already been online with her arse

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

Tim Donovan

Console/computer arguments

Let me think here,

It started with:


Then went to:

Amiga/Atari ST

Then we had

Master system/NES


Game Gear/Game Boy

And throw in some:

Mega Drive/SNES

Is there a pattern here?

Incidently, I stopped arguing about this sort of stuff when I left junior school so I suppose it;s a moot point, as stated above, you wnat sony exclusive games then get a PS3 you want Xbox exclusive games then buy a 360.

I chose the 360 for convenience (had an xbox before) and I've had 1 issue with it but other than that (touch wood) it;s been perfectly fine.

I'm also liking a lot of the games on it, oblivion, Bioshock, mass effect to name a few. If there were games on the PS 3 that i wanted I'd probably have held out for that.

So everyone, get out of the playground, people pick a console that suits their needs, if you don't agree with them then stop whining


BT tells staff to shape up in anti-cancer push

Tim Donovan

Big Whoop

WOW That must be really good of BT, concrentrating 6 weeks on employee fitness. I'm sure that will have a massive impact, surely a continuous campaign would have a far greater impact?

Florida uni cops taser shouty student

Tim Donovan


Having watched the video I noticed that the guy was tasered when on the ground and appeared to have at least one hand cuffed, plus 2 perhaps 3 people restraining him. I've done a bit of self defence training and the guy wasn't getting up with that kind of weight on him,then why did the rentacops need to use the taser if he was already restrained? The guy was mouthing off is all, nothing else, unless in the grand old US of A saying things that are not acceptable to those in authority is now a crime?

Also, people who are saying that the no one helped, did you not hear the girl screaming 'stop tasering him?' Of course people aren't going to wade in and start having a pop at someone who is wearing a uniform, especially in a university!

All in all this points to inadequate training on the behalf of the rentacops and perhaps a regretable lack of common sense from our friend Merril. I hope the guy (or girl) who did the tasering is disciplined and perhaps out of a job because they are obviously not fit to work in that type of environment.

Want a free iPod Shuffle? Ask Tesco

Tim Donovan


I am a new customer, only been to tesco for insurance in the past...

Tim Donovan

Are you sure?

Took a look on the tesco website and found absolutely no reference to a free ipod anywhere on the site!

Sure you;ve not been taken in by a cunning e-mail?


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