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Spam blocklist SORBS closed by its owner, Proofpoint

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Re: Personally, I've never had a problem

Yeah, luckily I've been able to set it to something linked to my DNS.

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Personally, I've never had a problem

Provided I either:

1) Use a static IP (not available from all domestic ISPs), and create rDNS, MX and SPF records for that IP; or

2) Use my ISP's mail service to send messages.

However, it is a world of pain to just set up a server using the IP assigned by the ISP - but I think that's fair, as that's how compromised PCs are used within spambot networks.

I didn't touch a thing – just some cables and a monitor – and my computer broke

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Don't forget

"Don't you know how important I am?" as a get-out-of-jail-free.

Fired-up Pat Gelsinger shoots from the lip at Qualcomm and Nvidia

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Dissing the competition

Always a sign of the under-dog?

Samsung workers treated for exposure to radiation in South Korea

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But machines would normally include safety interlocks to stop that happening.

One of my friends used to design industrial process machines and was often told that "the interlocks are impossible to defeat" - which he took as a compliment, even though it was a criticism as they were seen as hindering "maintenance".

iFixit divorces Samsung over lack of real commitment to DIY repair program

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I hate to throw a spanner in the works...

But iFixit did wrench the programme away from Samsung.

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Serial number

Surely all that is needed for that is the device's serial number?

Why do they need to know who I am, where I live or what my email address is?

The repairer is able to contact me, as needed.

Bad vibrations left techie shaken up during overnight database rebuild

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I guess this is one of the issue that will become a distant memory as hardware migrates away from spinning rust!

I stumbled upon LLM Kryptonite – and no one wants to fix this model-breaking bug

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"Somehow, it couldn't even stop babbling"

Sounds like the "magic prompt" is ideal for that use-case.

Starlink offers 'unusually hostile environment' to TCP

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2/3rds is over the ocean and not earning revenue

Unless you sell that capacity for maritime and aviation use.

Intel, AMD take a back seat as Qualcomm takes center stage in Microsoft's AI PC push

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Check the numbers...

I've seen reports else where that these new machines have cooling fans, so it would be more reasonable to compare the performance against the MacBook Pro (which is faster than the Air in sustained tests because it has a fan).

Another week, another leak for Boeing's Starliner crew capsule

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the leak is stable and "would not pose a risk at that level during the flight."

I'm assuming that is for the planned flight profile. What if something causes that to change, requiring a mission extension (e.g. bad weather pushing back the return flight)?

VMware giving away Workstation Pro, Fusion Pro free for personal use

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So, how do I register an account for personal use and then use it to download?

I can register, but I then have to "complete my profile" before I can download anything. Ok, I can live with that.

However. the "software" section of the profile (which seems the right bit to complete) requires a phone number (easy enough) and a site ID - which I don't have as this is for personal use!

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Terms and Conditions

I'm currently on Fusion 12 and was probably going to upgrade later this year, so I'm happy to take "free".

However, I'm not sure I can be bothered to read 29 pages of T&Cs! Anyone got a summary?

You OK, Apple? Seriously, your silicon lineup is … a mess

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missed the boat on this whole AI thing

Good, I'm fed up with hearing that "AI will save the world".

Hypothetical TSMC invasion 'absolutely devastating' says Raimondo

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Well, duh!

Have they really only just realised this is a risk? Kind of like the Europeans thinking that Putin wouldn't cut the energy supplies once the west was hooked.

Any half-baked analyst should have worked this out a long, long time ago.

Where's the ostrich-head-in-the-sand icon?

iFixit hails replaceable LPCAMM2 laptop memory as a 'big deal'

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Re: Laptops don't have upgradeable RAM? Since when?

Probably most of the average "consumer" types that don't just use their phone for "IT".

At least, most of the people I've help over the years when their Windows laptop slows down have only considered "get a new one" as a fix. They are surprised what a difference it makes replacing the spinning disk for an SSD (for example)...

Valve vexation: Boeing's Starliner grounded again

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Reason to scrub...

also needs to be considered - was it technical or operational (weather, intrusion into launch exclusion zone, ...)?

Council claims database pain forced it to drop apostrophes from street names

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Database vs sign

The text on a sign does not have to be the same as an entry in a geographical database - similar to how a database of people can have entries for "Legal name" and "Known as"!

Clock is ticking for NASA to fix bucket of issues before next Artemis mission

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it was not known that the elevator 'blast doors' were not in fact blast doors

Did no one check for delivery against requirements, or was the requirement missing?

Space insurers make record-breaking loss as orbit gets cramped

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Re: Insure this

Their use would likely render LEO unusable for a long, long time.

Just the sort of thing a madman like Putin would consider "a reasonable outcome" if he doesn't get his way.

Google Search results polluted by buggy AI-written code frustrate coders

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Back in the day

I remember a large automotive OEM saying to me "we won't need you contract types much longer as Simulink* will replace you".

It took them 1.5 years to implement what "we contract types" did in 6 weeks - and they never did answer "does it do the low-level device drivers as well"?

* model driven, not AI.

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It's #2 for me with the same setup.

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This will mean "professionals" get more work* at better rates. Though I would want even more if the task was to sort out an AI-generated mess...

* Assuming they can be found.

Oracle Fusion rollout costs 15 times council's estimates in SAP rip-'n-replace

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I have just set up GUM

Give Us Money (trading as For Nothing).

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ten years late and massively over budget

You must be an optimist - you forgot to mention "cancelled", like a number of national NHS systems...

The chip that changed my world – and yours

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Don't forget devices from the STM32 family

I'm using an STM32G031 device at the moment for a small actuator in the "large" 8 pin SOIC package (I can't hand solder the smaller package with more pins) that costs virtually zero, is 32-bit, has on-board RAM and FLASH, loads of peripherals.

At the other end, for not much more, I've been using other members of the STM32 family for touch screen industrial control systems.

Though it's not really fair to compare a CPU with an MCU.

Samsung shows off battery tech it says will see you gone in nine minutes

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Thumbs down for what?

Reporting the facts?

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Re: Winter

This is a Hyundai Kona 64kWh. Range on the motorway in the winter is about 220 miles and 300+ round town in the summer.

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So you can have enough heating to take the coat and hat off and still get somewhere.

The range at higher speeds (70mph) in the winter is only good enough if you can get prompt access to fast chargers and don't drive for too long.

Great round town though, regardless of the temperatures.

Help! My mouse climbed a wall and now it doesn't work right

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It goes the wrong way!

Explained that the cable needed to head towards the back of the desk rather than the front.

US government reportedly ponders crimping China's use of RISC-V

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thought the internet was a series of tubes

Just don't tell them that Father Christmas isn't real.

Voyager 1 regains sanity after engineers patch around problematic memory

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Just think

The hours and miles you could have claimed for a "call out"...

Well done guys!

Your trainee just took down our business and has no idea how or why

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My most memorable mistake

Working on motor drives I accidentally typed < (less than) when I meant > "greater than" when I was working on braking software.

Testing involved spinning a "small" (1kW) motor up to speed in one direction and changing the direction - it was supposed to brake to a halt and then accelerate in the other direction.

The typo meant it thought the motor had stopped as soon as the direction was changed, so full power was applied in the other direction.

The motor leapt half a meter in the air at the same time as all the mosfets exited the controller at high speed.

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I always perform shutdowns and reboots from the command line

That didn't help a friend of mine who looked after CAD systems for a large automotive company.

End of the day he did "shutdown -h now".

His machine did not shut down and looking at the screen showed "ssh session terminated" - followed shortly after by all the support phones going off.

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Also fire alarms

I've not seen that with the emergency power, but I've seen loads of fire call buttons next to light switches near doors.

Reach round frame to turn lights on... oops...

Not so bad if they have Molly Guards.

Europe gives TikTok 24 hours to explain 'addictive and toxic' new app

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True, but...

My blind friend says that doesn't tell the full story as they use other senses to make up for the lack of sight.

YouTube now sabotages ad-blocking apps that stream its vids

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Paying for ad free

I my real problem with this is the amount of support information that is only available through tutorials on YouTube (e.g. ST's "how to use this chip" videos).

Why the hell should I pay to view this sort of content ad free? Maybe it's time for some of these companies to make their content available through other platforms. Or can they be published "ad free"?

CISA in a flap as Chirp smart door locks can be trivially unlocked remotely

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It's well beyond time that this sort of "error" resulted in prison time (behind a door secured with a different lock).

Konica Minolta and Fujifilm ponder JV to cut costs of printer businesses

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Konica was looking like a possibility when my Samsung prints its last page (now owned by HP, so I won't be getting another).

Will have to keep an eye on where this goes.

Microsoft hikes Dynamics 365 prices by around ten percent or more

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"each year, we release hundreds of new features and enhancements"

Oh, that "reason". What about those who don't want or need these "improvements"?

VMware's end-user compute products probably have a new brand: Omnissa

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Any positives in this?

For example, is Fusion going to get more development - it's dropping a long way behind Parallels these days...

Intel CEO suggests AI can help to create a one-person Unicorn

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"entire departments become AI automated solutions"

Sounds like it's time to develop a consumer-centric AI to deal with the AI "call centres" that we will end up being "serviced" by.

Vodafone and Three's UK merger hits regulatory roadblock

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"dropped him as a toddler"

Reminds me of when mine were young and I used to "drop" on of them deliberately - she used to sit on my knees facing me with me holding her hands, and then "fall off" backwards and land on her feet.

I was once bullied into going to a Sure Start centre "to meet other dads". I took her with me and she did the "falling off" thing - to screams of "catch the baby" from the mothers and health-care providers who were there. I was not invited back ;-)

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I've recently switched from Three to Vodafone:

1) Neither provide a useable service where I live (rural village with 200+ homes, with no working service from any of the providers).

2) Three service in the local towns is useless - you may get a signal, but often virtually no data over it.

3) Three service when travelling (North East) is virtually useless - lots of places with no signal at all, and others similar to 2.

4) Vodafone at least seems to provide a working services when I'm away from home.

5) Vodafone WiFi calling is much more robust - that from Three often dropped for hours at a time.

Three's billing is also "amusing" - since I left I have received monthly invoices (two copies by email) and SMS notifications for a sum of £0.00. These reminded me to cancel the DD, so I also then got a notification (2 x email, 2 x SMS) to say they will charge £5 a month for not being on DD (looking forward to the demand for £5 for not being able to collect £0).

Outlook.com trips over Google's spam blocking rules

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Or sending the request from a gmail account.

Simulation reveals all Japanese will have the same surname by 2531

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Probably just down to a faulty ekyborad.

Good news: HMRC offers a Linux version of Basic PAYE Tools. Bad news: It broke

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Re: Locally installed tax software?

A pity they took away the part that allowed you to enter VAT return data every quarter.

Truck-to-truck worm could infect – and disrupt – entire US commercial fleet

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abandoned in favour of (for example) Ethernet

CAN has a lot of advantages that mean it cannot always be replaced by other interfaces - hard real-time control systems, for example.

It has also evolved since the first version was released in the early 2000's - it now supports more than 1 Mbps (including switching bitrate to higher speeds when transmitting the payload), more than 8 bytes of data, and new variants (e.g. CAN XL) are on the way.

Work is also being done on "zero overhead" security improvements. One of the big issues is that it is very easy to "spoof" a message - all a hacker with access to the bus needs to do is send a message with the desired identifier*. This can be guarded against by the node that is permitted to send that identifier monitoring the bus and invalidating any message (by sending an error frame) it sees that is sent on the bus by another node (there is at least one CAN implementation out there that supports this in hardware).

* A CAN bus can be though of as a virtual table, with the identifier of a message selecting a row in the table. Any node can read any row, but only one (should) write to a row.

Mishak Silver badge

Re: There's a very simple fix that can't be bypassed

I should have explained myself better - I was talking about the transmit signal between the microcontroller and the transceiver (which drives the differential bus).

I have deployed a number of receive only CAN devices over the years, so it does work (assuming a gateway doesn't need to be triggered).