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Microsoft warns it may ‘throttle’ its generative AI services for ‘excessive’ users

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Don't throttle it. Strangle it.

It is artificial.

It's not intelligent and it must not be allowed to kill employment

Garbage in leads to garbage out.

Trust this at our peril.

Rigorous dev courageously lied about exec's NSFW printouts – and survived long enough to quit with dignity

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The CFO obviously needed to get a grip on things...

Japan's ubiquitous convenience stores now serving up privacy breaches

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Re: Something something pun about Horizon

Yes, I think the case you refer to was when a woman was told there was no way she was the parent of her own child. I think they wanted to take her child away but it later turned out that she had her "sister's" ovaries. First time I'd ever heard of this condition.

Theranos founder Holmes ordered to jail after appeal snub

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Perhaps add in a little "I'm enjoying the money and fame. What else can I do to sustain this? I don't have any other ideas so I'd be broke and ridiculous."

Errors logged as 'nut loose on the keyboard' were – ahem – not a hardware problem

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Re: Yes

I was once on a (waterfall, ahem) project where some management bod decided that system test would be completed when we had reached 500 passing test cases.

This number became a fixation, despite protestations. We achieved this dubious milestone, proclaimed success...

...and unsurprisingly, we found tons of bugs during UAT. No heads rolled for this one...

The nodes have it in the Great DB debate: Reg readers pick graph

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Re: Excel ...

Excel (and MS Access) offer just enough power for non-devs to create something that appears to be useful, but then turns into a business-critical application.

One investment company I worked for used a spreadsheet to record share trades that were placed manually. This was done because an exec had 'flexed' policy to allow only one of his customers to place trades after the daily 11.30 deadline.

But the time it was placed also affected the price, so this created a whole downstream industry of reconciliation activities, which could only scale by throwing more people into this thankless task.

The excel sheet had a fixed range in place, but nobody remembered, so people merrily added more rows until someone noticed that nothing new was coming through.

They pasted directly into the sheet, but pasted pound signs were treated as text not numbers.

They had a numpty macro that generated direct bank transfer agreements from this garbage. Very large numbers. Often wrong.

When things went south on occasion, a senior manager would need to spend the best part of a week unpicking the fallout.

And all because someone who found part of their job tedious thought to ease their pain by creating a spreadsheet

IDC gets even more pessimistic about PC sales

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Re: November 2025

Quite likely this will be my route too. I've been using MS since Dos and thought Win7 their best effort. Win 10 annoys me in many ways, but I'm not even slightly tempted by Win11.

I love gaming however, so concerned that I'd lose out and kill half my library. I know Steam supports Linux, but not all my games are on Steam. Perhaps dual boot to start...

Virtual reality telemetry means you can virtually kiss goodbye to privacy

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Re: Is this "new" research?

Now now, no need for snark

Bill Gates' green investments to shift from tackling climate change to mitigating impacts

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"With no further human influence, natural processes would begin to slowly remove the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and global temperatures would gradually decline."

Unpopular view, but the temperature record of the Earth in the pre-human period has fluctuated wildly between extremes with no burning of fuel.

I dispute the casual assertion that with no human involvement the trend would be downwards. There are other factors.

Airline software super-bug: Flight loads miscalculated because women using 'Miss' were treated as children

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Re: 11 stone..

We're slightly taller than 6 inches (6") here in the UK.

Of course you meant feet ( 6' ), but it made me chuckle.

Reminds me of the Stonehenge joke from Spinal Tap